Chapter 29 - Take the First Step

Novel:My Rebellious Vicious Concubine|Author:萱草|Genre:Gender Bender
Proofread by Meng Shunde


It is known to all that Weichu is the first confidant of the regent. Therefore, his attitude is generally equivalent to that of Jun Qianye.

He receives instructions from Jun Qianye that the attitude to Nangong Ning is to “wait and see,” so everyone of the Mansion takes this attitude to Nangong Ning.

However, the servants of the Mansion have some deviation in their understanding and abilities. They think that since the regent does not do anything to Miss Nangong, and he also has the imperial edict to marry her, Miss Nangong is now the regent’s princess to be; therefore, they treat their future princess to be according to this principle.

Nangong Ning doesn’t know these things. With the “help” from Mr. Zong, she has been confined to bed to recover her health.

During this period, except for Mr. Zong, who comes to give her medical treatment, the people coming here are only Wen Wan and other servants, who serve her food and clothing meticulously. Jun Qianye does not come to see her again.

Of course, this is what Nangong Ning wants, but after lying in bed for three days, she thinks it would be too much for her to continue staying here.

Besides, someone has been bothering her.

“Miss Nangong, now that you have had a good rest, can you tell me something about detoxification?” asks Mr. Zong eagerly with a smile, after taking the pulse of Nangong Ning.

Nangong Ning looks at Mr. Zong.

Mr. Zong strokes his beard and says with a smile, “Although I’m called a medical sage, I don’t think I am a self-righteous man. I know that there is always someone who is better than me. So, whenever I meet someone who is superior, I do not feel ashamed to ask and learn from him.”

“Fat Old Man, don’t you think the idiom you used in this context is not appropriate?” Nangong Ning rolls her eyes at him. Does the fat old man have problems in his head when he asks her for advice by using the idiom“do not feel ashamed to ask”?

Mr. Zong laughs, saying, “This is not important.”

“What is important?” Nangong Ning rolls her eyes at him again.

Mr. Zong says seriously, “It is the prescription you wrote for your own treatment the other day. I really don’t understand why you use scorpion venom. It is common knowledge that scorpion venom is extremely poisonous. If anyone takes it, he or she will be poisoned immediately. But when you use it in your prescription, it is to detoxify the toxin in your body. Why is that? ”

Nangong Ning spreads out her hands, saying, “It’s very simple. Scorpion venom is a kind of poison, but it’s also medicine. And with some other medicines mixed, the chemical ….” She pauses and takes a careful look at Mr. Zong, who is listening to her with all his attention, and then, Nangong Ning changes her words, continuing, “And with some other medicines mixed, the medical property will be changed. Is that clear?”

“Yes, it is clear, but I still do not understand,” Mr. Zong says helplessly.“Youth are to be regarded with respect. Although I’m called a medical sage, I can’t compare with such a little girl as you, alas.”

Nangong Ning sees that he is serious and says, “You don’t need to be so modest. I just know something about detoxification, but I am not good at medicine as you are.”

“It’s also true that one should be specialized in one area, and your specialty is different from mine. Anyway, you are so young and so good at your specialty, which, if considered carefully, makes others daunting,” says Mr.Zong seriously.

Nangong Ning is sure again that the fat old man is not good at verbalization at all.

She thinks of another thing. She takes a look at Mr. Zong and asks tentatively, “Fat Old Man, what’s the weather like outside today?”

“Miss Nangong, do you want to know whether the regent is coming today?” Mr. Zong reacts quickly, with a suspicious smile on his face.

Nangong Ning twists her eyebrows, thinks for a while, and nods her head calmly.

“Don’t worry, my Lord is very busy,” Mr. Zong says with a smile.

Nangong Ning immediately understands that being busy means he has no time to come to see her.

She thinks for a moment and says, “Then can I go out?”

Mr. Zong nods, “Of course, you have almost recovered.”

Nangong Ning pauses for a moment and says cautiously, “I mean, out of the Mansion.”

Though it is safe here for the time being, she feels that she could not go on staying here, for she knows very well that Jun Qianye certainly doesn’t allow her to stay here all the time.

She has to do something, although she has no idea what to do at present. If she doesn’t take the first step, she will never know how to take the second step.

“Miss Nangong, you want to go out of the Mansion. What are you going to do?” asks Mr. Zong in surprise.

Nangong Ning thinks for a moment and makes up a story, “Don’t you want to know about detoxification? I want to go out and buy some herbs.”

Hearing this, Mr. Zong’s eyes light up and says excitedly, “May I accompany you to go out?”

“You?” Miss Nangong is hesitant for the moment.

Mr. Zong looks at her with strange eyes and says persuasively, “Miss Nangong, if no one accompanies you, I’m afraid, you won’t get out of the Mansion.”

Her little face changes when Nangong Ning hears what Mr. Zong says. It’s true. It is impossible for her to go out of the Mansion alone. It is better to have this fat old man as her company than any others.

“Well, it is good to have you accompany me in case I’ll faint while we are on the way.”

Mr. Zong is very happy to hear what she says. He rises up and says, “Wait for me here, and I’ll report to my Lord.”

With his words, Mr. Zong rushes out of the room with his fat body deftly out of sight. Nangong Ning’s face is blue. She stretches her hand out to stop him, but her hand is immediately frozen there. She doesn’t know that he has to report to Jun Qianye before she is going out!