Chapter 30 - How Magnificent the Shennong Hall Is

Novel:My Rebellious Vicious Concubine|Author:萱草|Genre:Gender Bender
Proofread by Meng Shunde


Nangong Ning is anxious to wait for Mr. Zong to come back. Soon someone comes, but it is not Mr. Zong but Wen Wan, followed by a group of maids.

They are dispatched to come to dress and make Nangong Ning up.

Nangong Ning’s heart is beating fast. When she is helped by Wen Wan and some of the maids to be seated in front of the mirror, she asks cautiously, “Are you all here by the order of the Regent?”

“Of course not.” Wen Wan replies while combing Miss Nangong’s hair.

Nangong Ning takes a deep breath.

“It is the steward who asked us maids to come here. He says that Miss Nangong is to go out of the Mansion and asks us to dress and make her up, in order not to lose the face of the Regent’s Mansion.

Nangong Ning is shocked to learn that the steward knows she is to go out of the Mansion. She just told Mr. Zong, who reported to Jun Qianye. That is to say, it is Jun Qianye who orders them to come.

But why is it so easy for Jun Qianye to permit her requirement?

It’s a little strange to think about it.

It’s not because Nangong Ning is suspicious of Jun Qianye. She has come to the conclusion after what happened these days that she has to pay ten times more attention to Jun Qianye when she is dealing with him.

It will make one exhausted to think about it.

Soon, Wen Wan is satisfied to look at the pretty little face in the mirror and says, “All right, Miss Nangong. What do you think of the make-up?”

In fact, Nangong Ning is not in the mood to care too much about her own appearance. She is surprised when she casually glances at herself in the mirror. However, she quickly returns to her normal mood and says in a faint voice: “OK, thanks.”

“Oh, Miss Nangong. I am so flattered. As a maid-servant, I do not deserve to be thanked.” It is clear that she is scared.

Nangong Ning says nothing. It is a common social language to say “thank you” in modern times. Nangong Ning is aware of the necessity to change her habit of saying it in this dynasty.

As soon as she dresses up, Mr. Zong comes and says that the carriage is ready and he is to go with her.

When they get on the carriage, Nangong Ning asks cautiously, “Fat Old Man, does the Regent really permit me to go out? Didn’t he say anything?”

“No.” Mr, Zong looks at her strangely. “Miss Nangong, why are you so doubtful? You are not a prisoner of our Lord but his Princess to be. If you want to go out of the Mansion, our Lord has no reason to stop you.”

What he says is reasonable. But Nangong Ning feels she cannot reason with Jun Qianye, for he is unreasonable.


While thinking, Nangong Ning leans against window, opens its curtain, and looks out of it.

The carriage is running on a long and wide street, with rows of shops on each side. It is a busy street, both sides of which are bustling with people.

It is a little bit surprising for her to see so many lively people since she travelled through time to come to this dynasty. Those people she meets in the Regent’s Mansion are …, just forget them.

Those people she meets in the Regent’s Mansion are icy faces, for their Lord always wears an icy face.

But the fat old man in front of her is an exception.

Thinking of this, Nangong Ning cannot help looking at Mr. Zong.

Mr. Zong says with a smile, “The biggest drugstore and apothecary are all in this street. Miss Nangong, which one shall we go to first?”

Nangong Ning thinks for a while. For the ancient shops, she thinks she is more accurate about the concept of a drugstore, so she says simply, “Drugstore.”

The carriage soon stops, and the driver says they are arriving at the drugstore.

Mr. Zong gets off first and Nangong Ning follows. When she lifts the curtain of the carriage door, she feels the prosperous atmosphere of the ancient times, which makes her stunned for a while.

She looks up and finds, not far ahead, there is a huge two-story drugstore with a magnificent horizontal inscribed board above the door, on which inscribed “Shennong Hall”.

“The name of this drugstore is very impressive.” Nangong Ning couldn’t help saying, for Shennong is the Chinese agriculture god.

“Yes, it is,” says Mr. Zong, stroking his beard. “Shennong Hall is the biggest drugstore in the State of Dongli. It has many chain drugstores. I often come here for medical herbs. It’s expensive, but it’s real. It’s top grade.”

“Expensive?” Nangong Ning seems to grab the key point and asks, “Do you have any money on you? I don’t seem to have any. ”

Mr. Zong rolls his eyes at her and says angrily, “Miss Nangong, people from the Regent’s Mansion don’t have to pay cash to collect herbs here. They always settle accounts together at the end of the month.”

Nangong Ning is so embarrassed that she sticks her tongue out. She’s a real bumpkin! The name of the Regent’s Mansion probably can shake the earth. How should she worry about the money they have not had on their own.

Anyway, she is now in the name of the Regent’s Mansion. She should make full use of the name. Before she enters the Hall, she has sensed through her poison-detecting bracelet on her wrist that there are really excellent medical herbs here.

When they get in, Nangong Ning suddenly finds that the Shennong Hall is really a big drugstore. It is bigger than what she sees outside. The medicine cabinets are so tall that they even touch the roof. At this time of the day, there are many people coming to take the medicine in the drugstore, as well as the doctors sitting in the clinic, who are examining some patients. It could be said that it is very busy here.

When one of the shop assistants sees the two coming, he warmly welcomes them up and says respectfully, “Mr. Zong, it is our honor to see you here again. This way, please. Our manager will be right here.”

Led to quiet tea seats on the other side, they are seated. Nangong Ning, tasting the tea, smelling the strong fragrance of medicine, could not help feeling like a fairy walking on the clouds.

The name of the Regent’s mansion is really useful. While others stand, she can be seated and has tea to drink.