Fan nine

Novel:My Sassy "Crown Princess"|Author:ye yi luo|Genre:Gay Romance
"Your Royal Highness." As soon as longjinghua returned to the Dragon nationality, he met several elders of the Dragon nationality.

"What can I do for you elders?" Long Jinghua looked at some elders and asked.

An elder came out and said respectfully, "prince, have you and Lord long ever found the whereabouts of the eldest prince?"

Long Jinghua nodded and said, "I found it."

"Your Highness, would you like to give up the pregnancy? Your Highness Prince, pregnant fruit is dispensable for the great prince, but it is very important for our dragon family. " An elder's tone was a little eager.

Speaking of a silver dragon elder of the dragon family, the silver dragon is second only to the gold dragon in terms of its value. Long Jinghua knows that this man has always wanted to have children.

"It's impossible to get pregnant." Long Jinghua sighed and shook his head helplessly.

"Why?" An elder couldn't help asking.

Long Jinghua took a deep breath and said, "because two pregnant fruits were eaten by the little black phoenix of the Phoenix family."

Several elders suddenly changed color, "what does the Phoenix eat pregnant fruit?" An elder, full of perplexity, asked.

Long Jinghua said helplessly, "he just came up and didn't understand anything. He thought the fruit was delicious, so he ate it."

"Your Highness, why don't you stop?" An elder couldn't help saying.

Long Jinghua reluctantly smiled and said, "I guess I didn't pay attention." Stop it? The pregnant fruit is what my elder brother fooled the little Phoenix to eat.

Long Jinghua got rid of the crowd and found the Dragon King.

The Dragon Emperor stood in the Dragon hall with his hands on his back, closed his eyes tightly and sighed from time to time.

"Father." Long Jinghua called out and walked into the hall.

The emperor turned his head and looked at long Jinghua. He was confused and said, "Jinghua, did you say I did something wrong?"

Long Jinghua frowned and said, "the little phoenix of the Phoenix family is a disaster. It's right for you, father. He will understand your pain." {it's a pity that we didn't shoot the little Phoenix. It's a mutant destroying Phoenix. Although it's harmless for human beings and animals now, it may become a monster in the future. It's said that destroying Phoenix is extremely poisonous and the evil spirit is very tight. I don't know why his brother wants to protect the little Phoenix.

The Dragon Emperor smiled bitterly and said, "he regards me as an enemy. It's not easy for him to understand my pains."

Long Jinghua frowned and said, "father, brother, he will always want to open up."

…… &……

In the divine world, three mysterious rumors spread at the speed of light.

"The Dragon Emperor is going to be related to his predecessor, Fengli."

"Long Jingtian, the great prince of the Dragon nationality, and Cangqian, the illegitimate son of Fengli, the king of Phoenix, have got married."

"King Feng gave birth to an illegitimate child. The child was born. I don't know if it's a dragon or a Phoenix."


Fengli stood on Fengshan mountain and looked at the distance. With a gloomy face, he said, "how did the news get out?"

"It's said that Hu QIANJIAO, the fox king of the fox nationality, lost her tongue and was accidentally passed on by the people of the fox nationality." A young man of Fengzu is careful.

Fengli's face changed, and he clapped a giant on his hand, "Hu QIANJIAO, the stinky woman."

"Don't be angry, Lord Feng." Fengzu youth carefully tunnel.

"Uncle." Feng Ming comes over.

"Ming'er, it's you! Have you heard from long Jingtian? " Feng Li's face eased a little.

Feng Ming shook his head and said, "No."

Feng Li narrowed her eyes and said, "let that guy run away. It's hard to find him again." Long Jingtian was expelled from the dragon family when he was young. He has been fighting for tens of thousands of years in the divine Kingdom, like a loach.

"Is uncle worried about Cang Qian's younger brother? In fact, longjingtian will block the Dragon Emperor's hand for Cangqian's younger brother. I don't think it will do to Cangqian's younger brother. " Feng Ming Road.

Feng Li's face was blue and white.

"Do you know that the Dragon startled the sky and blocked the sky from diving?" Fengli asked, why does longjingtian stop Cang Qian? He cheated Cang Qian to eat the pregnant fruit! What's the purpose of his doing this? It's the heart of Sima Zhao.

Feng Ming smiled awkwardly, explaining, "the news from the fox clan." The news is so hot, I'm afraid it's already known by everyone. {when Feng Ming heard the news, he was shocked. Long Jing was cruel and ruthless. He would stop Cang Qian. It was just incredible.

Feng Li's face was overcast for a while. Hu QIANJIAO was the king of the beast family. Of course, the qualification of the people of the beast family was not as good as that of the dragon and Phoenix families. However, there were always one or two amazing people who could make a living and had more members. The overall strength could not be underestimated.


Longshan of the Dragon nationality.

"That's what the news is like." The Dragon Emperor's face was overcast, and he was not angry.

Long Jinghua sighed and said, "the news is from the fox clan."

"Hu QIANJIAO, the stinky woman who is afraid of no chaos in the world, I will kill her sooner or later." The face of the Dragon Emperor is ferocious.

"Father, what shall we do now?" Asked long Jinghua. {the Dragon Emperor sighed and said, "go find someone first, find someone out, then you can determine what to do next. Otherwise, more ideas are just empty talk."

Long Jinghua nodded and said, "OK."

"Keep an eye on the movements of the Fengs. They can't take the lead." In the eyes of the Dragon Emperor, there was some haze.

"I understand." Long Jinghua nodded his head.

The Dragon Emperor sighed and said, "I don't know what's the injury like?"

The emperor shook his head helplessly. He knew that it would take a while for long Jingtian to recover from this injury. Jingtian had prejudices about him. Now, his opinion is even bigger.


"Hahaha, hahaha..." Cang Qian is holding a bucket of fried crispy meat, laughing all the time.

Looking at Cang Qian, the Dragon leader said, "what are you laughing at? I choked with laughter. "

Cang Qian patted her chest and said, "I laugh at those people. They say I'm pregnant. They say I'm pregnant."

The Dragon leader tilted his head and looked at Cang Qian with some evil spirit. He said, "you are pregnant. Is that funny?"

Cang Qian looked at the dragon's face and timidly stepped back. "What do you want to do?"

The Dragon eldest brother smiled lightly and said, "what do I want to do? Don't you know?"

Cang Qian held the fried crispy meat tightly to his chest and said: "don't mess with me! You are still a wounded man! You're a wounded man. How can you imagine that? "

"Don't worry, even if I'm a wounded man, I still have the ability to deal with you."

Cang Qian's eyes widened and said, "don't mess with me! Both the dragon and Phoenix are looking for us. We are deserters now. Do you understand

The Dragon eldest brother doesn't agree to say: "what are you afraid of? Those fools can't find us."

What else did Cang Qian want to say? Dragon leader dragged Cang Qian into the cave.

Cang Qian was full of anger: "let go, let go, I tell you, I'm here to bubble my sister in the kingdom of God." It's not about getting soaked.

"Bubble sister? Just a little white face like you? Dreaming. " The Dragon chief sneered.


"Hey, don't mess around! How heavy you are! How dare you weigh on me? Do you want to die? "

"I'll tell you! I am poisonous. I am poisoned all over. You will be poisoned by me. "

"I'll tell you! You will be punished. You will be punished. "


Dragon looked at Cang Qian and kissed him heavily.

Cang Qian's mouth is blocked by the Dragon boss. He can only open his eyes and kiss for the first time! His first kiss is gone.

No matter how Cang Qian resisted, they still came to that step. Cang Qian's face was black, and he said to himself, "why do you laugh? It's troublesome to laugh.".

The longyuguo medicine, which was still in the body of the Dragon boss, was suddenly aroused. {both the dragon and the Phoenix think that the effect of taking the whole longhuangguo is the best. In fact, the effect is the best when the longhuangguo is taken by both the dragon and the Phoenix, and then integrated with each other.

Long feels his injury is getting better quickly.

Cang Qian feels that a gentle divine power has penetrated his body, and his strength has risen rapidly. Cang Qian secretly says: if he is pressed once, his strength can make a leap. If he is pressed once, there is nothing. Only, the technology of the Dragon leader is poor.


"Lord longhuang, the divine tree has changed. A new member of the dragon family has been born, but..." The elder in charge of the sacred tree burst in.

"But what?" Asked the emperor coldly.

"However, the image of dragon body and Phoenix wing displayed by the divine tree is really weird." Chang Lao Dao.

The Dragon Emperor sat down dispirited, "I thought he was just joking, but I didn't expect that he actually came to this step."

Long Jinghua frowned, and saw a haze in his eyes. His brother was really very naughty.

"That's all. Let him go!" Long Huang has been worried that things will come to this step, but when things really come to this step, long Huang calms down instead.

"Father, the God tree has a vision. I'm afraid that there should be a response from the Phoenix family." Long Jinghua said.

The emperor nodded and said, "yes! I'm afraid Fengli will have a headache. "

The emperor sighed a little and thought: Fengli should be more anxious than him now. After all, no matter what, his son is the one who is oppressed, and Fengli's son is the one who is oppressed. In terms of humiliation, he should be Fengli's son, even more humiliating.