Chapter 527 - Born Enemy

Novel:My Secretary is a Little Sweet|Author:Xia Qingshan|Genre:Romance
Even if Lu was emotionally slow, she knew what being in a relationship meant.

She had never been with anyone before, yet she had a general idea about what would happen when a woman and a man were in a relationship. She looked up at Jing Yiran’s face and asked with uncertainty, “You want to sleep with me?”

Jing Yiran suddenly felt that the bullet in his head had started aching more!

God damn it! It was the first time for him after so many years that he wanted to be in a pure relationship with a woman where feelings matter more than the physical needs yet this damned girl misunderstood him.

Were you the person sent by the gods to punish me?!

She was his enemy who was born to bring him trouble at every second.

Jing Yiran pinched Lu’s white chin with his large hand and said through teeth clenched, “Do you think that I am such a sexually deprived person?”

Lu blinked her eyes innocently. “Isn’t that what a relationship is about? Otherwise why would you want to have a relationship with a woman?”

“Ha, you know that, don’t you? Who told you that I have a relationship with a woman only because I want to sleep with her? I may only want to hold her hands!” Jing Yiran continued speaking with teeth tightly clenched.

He was suddenly reminded of the time when Lu, without feeling any sense of shame, had gripped his manhood and tried to turn him into an eunuch.

This girl was apparently more open than him!

Suddenly, Jing Yiran was not happy any longer. This girl did not care much about the difference between women and men. Could she also have the same feeling towards other men?

No, this was not going to work. She won’t be allowed to do any such thing in the future.

Lu thought about what Jing Yiran did before and said seriously, “As far as I remember, what you did with your old girlfriends was more than holding hands. You kissed them, touched their breasts, danced naked and you… oooh…”

Before she finished her words, Jing Yiran gagged her mouth with his hands.

Jing Yiran was slayed by her words.

Alright, he might have behaved indecently earlier, but could she not say it so openly?

God was way too unfair. He was passionate and serious, and incomparably experienced in love making. Why was he forced to confront such a woman who had such radical ideas about relationships, that his flirting did not work upon her.

Never mind! He was experienced, after all, and older than Lu.

She needed taming, and he firmly believed that with his amazing appearance and gentle way of courting, even a stone could be melted, let alone Lu!

One could not be forced into a love relationship, and Lu had to understand what it meant before she could accept it.

She was slow, but that was not her fault. It was because of her life’s experience and unique physical conditions.

As a matter of fact, Jing Yiran was not sure if what he felt towards Lu was love as well.

He remembered that when he was interested in Shangguan Ning back then, he missed her a great deal and was constantly reminded of her smiling face and felt tempted to irritate her.

But it was not the same with Lu.

When he was with Lu, he felt very comfortable yet he had no sexual desire or temptation to irritate Lu. All he wanted to do was to keep her safe against the danger out there.

He had been with many women before, but none had moved his heart.

Maybe Shangguan Ning could be counted as one of them.

Could Lu, though?

Jing Yiran finally realized that he was also quite confused.

He kissed her soft hair gently, squatted down in front of her again and said, “Come, let me carry you on my back.”

Lu had become used to Jing Yiran’s kiss by now. She lived with her parents in the USA when she was young, and considered kissing as a way of expressing friendliness.

Although deep inside she felt that Jing Yiran’s kisses were somehow different, but she was not able to figure out what made them different.

All she knew was that she liked it when he kissed her, because that made her feel as if she had gone back to the carefree life.

But that did not mean that she needed Jing Yiran to carry her on his back.

This was something that annoyingly, fragile women needed.

Without moving an inch, she said calmly, “No need, I can walk by myself.”

Jing Yiran pampered her and said gently, “Your wound is not fully cured yet. It will hurt less if I carry you on my back. Please, let me carry you, I want to. Trust me!”

Lu wanted to turn him down, but Jing Yiran placed his hands on her butt, parted her legs and put them on each side of his waist. Then he stood up.

Lu’s body was stiff in the beginning, for she had no idea how to face this situation. She had never been carried by any man before and found it extremely weird.

But after a while, she relaxed and leaned against his back.

His back was broad and strong, making Lu feel safe.

She had a special physical condition because of which her wound healed better and faster than ordinary beings. Even her scars looked lighter and her body could function well, so she did not care much about bleeding.

She found Jing Yiran making a big fuss about taking care of her wounds.

But she also felt happy, somehow.

Lu did not understand the situation well, but she found it extremely pleasing when someone cared about her.

She leaned against Jing Yiran’s shoulders and subconsciously wrapped her arms around his neck. They forged ahead slowly in the silent, dark night.

As the sea wind brushed over the sea surface, the white waves came ashore and wiped the footprints which had been left behind on the clean beach.

The small figure leaned against the big one under the moonlight, with a long shadow following them.

It seemed that they were seeking their way back to home in darkness, slow and determined.

Jing Yichen stood next to the study’s french window, watching the two blurry figures and frowned.

Could Jing Yiran have returned really for the sake of Lu?

“Master, they have left.”

Tiger walked into the study and reported to Jing Yichen.

“Second Master carried Lu on his back and they seemed very close. I feel that they may… be together.”

Tiger hesitated for a second, but still said what he felt.

Master would have his own judgement about their relationship. What he needed to do was to share his opinion.

Unexpectedly, however, Jing Yichen felt a bit surprised as he said, “You felt the same? I thought that I had a wrong hunch.”