Chapter 333 - Zheng Commits Suicide

Novel:Newlyweds 1001 Nights: Mr. Bo's Love Life|Author:A Bit of Mountains and Rivers|Genre:Romance
At last, she covered her face with her hands and wailed in sorrow.

Bo Hancheng was extremely confused after hearing her words. What does she mean by “you’re only Bo Hancheng” and “this life” !?!

“I should be the one who died… why am I still alive… I should be dead… ”

Luo Zheng sounded extremely hopeless like she was in huge despair.

All of a sudden, she reached out to choke herself, as if she were trying to strangle herself while Bo Hancheng watched.

“Luo Zheng… ”

Bo Hancheng frantically grabbed her arm to stop her from harming herself.

He felt an intense heartache and was distressed for her.

It’s my fault. It’s all my fault. I clearly know that she’s already been injected with the drug. Why didn’t I show up earlier to guard her?

Was she deeply tormented by the blue poison when I was trying to touch Mu Nianqing?

“Let me go… let me die… let me die… I’m going to accompany him… Mr. Bodyguard is all alone by himself… He’s definitely going to be lonely…”

Luo Zheng was murmuring incoherently and her words were like daggers that were piercing through his heart.

Does she care about him that much?

Does she care so much to the extent of wanting to kill herself to accompany him? In that case, Luo Zheng… what about me?

You were the one who provoked me first and claimed to care about me. Yet, in the blink of an eye… you just abandoned me like this!?!

Seeing the way that she was behaving, Bo Hancheng couldn’t remain calm at all.


All of a sudden, she twitched and bent over to vomit.

At the next moment, her warm blood dripped all over his arm.

“Luo Zheng… ” said a clear male voice that came from behind her.

Bo Hancheng’s pupil constricted and for the first time in his life, his heart wrenched up tightly.

During the banquet previously, he did notice the blood coming from her mouth… but back then, he simply thought that she had bitten her lip and tongue, and caused them to bleed!

But why… is she bleeding so much from her mouth?

“Luo Zheng, how dare you… ”

Bo Hancheng’s heart sank and his eyes turned bloodshot as he frantically pried her mouth open.

He initially thought that she was trying to kill herself by biting her tongue, but he soon realized that it wasn’t the case. Instead, the blood was coming out of her throat.

“Mr. Bodyguard… you’re not him… you’re not him… you’re not him… ”

She muttered to herself, repeating those words again and again with a stubborn gaze.

At last, she closed her eyes slowly and slipped into darkness.

“Luo Zheng… ” said a clear male voice that came from behind her.

Bo Hancheng hugged Luo Zheng tightly with his hands trembling slightly.

He had never been afraid of anything.

However, at this moment, he actually felt fear.

It turned out that he was afraid… of losing her!

Everything seemed surreal.

It was the second time that Xi Mubai saw another form of himself and the various events that happened to him, in his dream.

He deduced from his current age that the scenes probably happened two or three years later.

The Xi family was in trouble, and the company was in jeopardy. There were numerous people who were staring at him.

However, the Chu Family refused to help, and it seemed that they were also facing problems. Meanwhile, the Luo Family, which they had a good relationship with, surprisingly left them in the lurch and never once gave them a helping hand.

The Gu Family was the only one left. They were the wealthiest family in Beijing and had a strong foundation.

However, Gu Changye requested for the Gu Family to send Xi Qianqian to wait on him, claiming that he would only help the Xi Family if she managed to please him.

He definitely wouldn’t agree since she was his beloved little sister!

Xi Qianqian was wailing loudly and even fell into shock, which caused her to be hospitalized.

However, even then, her parents still heartlessly insisted on sending her to Gu Changye.

They claimed that sacrificing Xi Qianqian would protect the Gu Family.

After all, the Xi family had already offended a lot of people in the world of business. Once their business winds up, they would definitely face a huge disaster!

Xi Mubai stared at his haggard self who could not think of a solution.

At the critical moment, Luo Zheng suddenly appeared in front of him like a bright ray of hope.

Luo Zheng said that she wanted to replace Xi Qianqian and go to the Gu Family to wait on Gu Changye.

He glanced at Luo Zheng who seemed to be about 20 years old and had grown prettier over the years.

She had been wooing him since high school, all the way to university and she had put in painstaking efforts… in his eyes, she was just like a man-obsessed idiot and dimwit!

Now, she had just become a beautiful vase for others to gawk at.

“This is the Xi Family’s matters. It has nothing to do with you! Luo Zheng, leave… ”