Chapter 334 - So Filthy! When I Go Back, I Must Shower A Few Times…

Novel:Newlyweds 1001 Nights: Mr. Bo's Love Life|Author:A Bit of Mountains and Rivers|Genre:Romance
Chapter 334: So Filthy! When I Go Back, I Must Shower A Few Times…

Although he really wanted to be selfish for once, the Xi Family had nothing to do with Luo Zheng at the end of the day, and hence, she shouldn’t be making the sacrifice!

She was smiling foolishly and saying that it didn’t matter because Gu Changye was sexually impotent and hence, he wouldn’t really take advantage of her… As long as Xi Mubai stopped ignoring her, she would be willing to sacrifice herself.

For the first time, he looked at Luo Zheng seriously in bewilderment.

Why? Why is she so obsessed with me!?!

Does she really fancy me that much?

He was still hesitating when Xi Qianqian dashed out of the ward and surrounded Luo Zheng together with their parents.

Xi Qianqian said, “Sister Zheng, I’m so grateful to you. Thank you so much!”

His father said, “Zheng, you are a good child. The Xi Family will remember your kindness forever!”

His mother said, “Zheng, I knew you wouldn’t leave us in the lurch! Rest assured, we will compensate you in the future for the sacrifice you have made for Qianqian!”

He suddenly found the scene to be a huge eyesore.

They clearly knew that Gu Changye was angsty, violent and abusive although he was sexually impotent… In the past two years, outsiders had begun to speculate and spread rumors about him being maniacal. At the worst, he would probably kill someone!

Indeed, his younger sister would undoubtedly lose half her life if she were to go there. Luo Zheng was a girl too. How could she escape unscathed?

However, his selfishness made him decide not to decline Luo Zheng’s suggestion in the end.

The only thing he said was a cold thank you. “Luo Zheng, thank you.”

On the following day, he stood at the same place in the heavy rain and watched as Luo Zheng stepped forward to stop Gu Changye’s car.

Gu Changye then got out of the car and carried Luo Zheng into the car.

Xi Mubai tailed Gu Changye all the way up the mountain and watched as he carried Luo Zheng into the mansion. The door closed slowly, blocking everyone’s vision.

At that moment, his heart sank and he thumped himself down onto the ground while muttering the words “I’m sorry” incessantly.

For three months, or 99 days, there was no more news about Luo Zheng.

He simply heard that Gu Changye had found a new lover whom he kept by his side all day, and would humiliate, torture and abuse.

During this period, the Mu Family and Luo Family went to Gu Changye to bring Luo Zheng home, but to no avail. As a result, Old Mr. Luo was so exasperated that he got a heart attack and had to be admitted to the hospital.

At last, Luo Shuyuan walked towards him and punched him several times with all his might.

Before leaving, Luo Shuyuan reprimanded, “It’s inevitable for the Xi Family to fall. It’s a trend and the fate that even the Luo Family… can’t escape! Zheng is innocent. She loves you too much and is willing to suffer for your sake. You must be responsible for her… ”

He was extremely disheveled and after being punched, he said softly, “Okay, I’ll take responsibility. ”

Being responsible meant that he had to accept Luo Zheng even though he didn’t love her, because she had undoubtedly sacrificed herself for him.

Perhaps, he would never be able to fall in love with Luo Zheng in this life.

However, she was his indispensable responsibility!

The next time he saw Luo Zheng again was on an afternoon in the early autumn. There were maple leaves scattered across the ground, forming a patch of red.

She walked out of the Gu Family’s home slowly and Gu Changye was the one who walked her to the door.

Gu Changye noticed him from afar and he chuckled in disdain with an eye-catching smile.

Gu Changye then kissed Luo Zheng’s cheek right in front of him, like she was his pet.

Somehow, he felt extremely uncomfortable.

Watching as Luo Zheng walked towards him smilingly and called him “Brother Mubai”… he realized that she had lost a lot of weight and had become a little haggard over the past three months, which was very distressing.

He restrained the urge to hold her in his arms and gibed coldly, “You’re so filthy! You must shower plenty of times when you go back.”

He regretted his words a little when he sensed that she had turned pale.

That was clearly not what he meant. He just wanted to wash away Gu Changye’s scent because he had touched her… However, he didn’t want to explain, and felt that there was nothing worth explaining.