Chapter 335 - Slapping Himself Hard

Novel:Newlyweds 1001 Nights: Mr. Bo's Love Life|Author:A Bit of Mountains and Rivers|Genre:Romance
In the dream, Xi Mubai looked at himself, and felt a strong urge to slap himself!

However, it was just a dream and the only thing he could do was watch.

Upon returning to the Xi Family home, he decided to go to the Luo Family to propose to Luo Zheng.

Luo Zheng was in extreme disbelief and she scurried around him gleefully. “Brother Mubai, is it true? Do you really want to marry me… ”

He couldn’t tell her what he was feeling and simply said calmly, “I said, that I’d take responsibility for you.”

Upon hearing his words, the glow in her eyes seemed to have become dim and he asked in frustration, “Think about it yourself. Do you want such a marriage?”

“I do, I do, but… I want to know if you’re willing to do this out of your own accord. Or is someone forcing you?” Luo Zheng asked, clearly extremely worried.

All of a sudden, he glanced at her.

He thought to himself that she wasn’t… that detestable!

Hence, he answered truthfully, “No one forced me, I’m willing to marry you.”

At the next moment, she smiled widely and seemed to want to hug him, but was worried about something and hence she didn’t do so.

That was the first time that he took the initiative to hug Luo Zheng. He whispered softly, “Luo Zheng, you know that I won’t love you, but likewise, I won’t let you down either. Let’s just stay like this… we’ll be married in name for the rest of our lives!”

The news of the engagement was spread to their family.

His younger sister, parents and friends could not understand his decision at all.

In their opinions, Luo Zheng had sacrificed herself out of her own good will and accord. In a way, she was holding herself cheap and was asking for it… He could thank her in other ways and didn’t have to sacrifice himself. Xi Mubai knew that clearly too.

However, all he could think of was… she loves me deeply, and marrying her would be the best repayment for her kindness!

In the blink of an eye, it was the night of their engagement.

Before they went on stage, Xi Mubai received a text message from Mu Nianqing who congratulated him on getting engaged.

Mu Nianqing was his life savior whom he had once felt an inexplicable affection for. She only turned him down because she was in love with someone else!

Just as he was about to give up and just be friends with her to repay her kindness, she suddenly left and disappeared without a trace.

He was pleasantly surprised by the text message this time.

However, during the conversation, he found out that Mu Nianqing left because of Luo Zheng’s compulsion!

The two of them were half-sisters who shared the same father.

It was because Luo Zheng fancied him but he carried a torch for Mu Nianqing.

Hence, Luo Zheng forced Mu Nianqing to leave Beijing for Britain, and forbade her from ever returning.

Mu Nianqing persuaded him not to blame Luo Zheng because she simply loved him too much.

He couldn’t accept it and Luo Zheng’s selfishness ruined his slightly-pleasant feelings for Luo Zheng.

When they were backstage, he looked at Luo Zheng coldly and said, “I didn’t expect you to have such a filthy heart! Luo Zheng, just as you wish, I will be with you but… you can forget about me ever touching you in this life!”

“Brother Mubai… it’s not what you think… let me explain… ”

He ignored Luo Zheng’s anxious face, and turned around to leave.

Clad in the wedding gown, Luo Zheng stepped forward to grab him, only to have him fling her away, causing her to fall onto the ground in embarrassment.

The scene in the dream came to an abrupt end, and seemed to have frozen.

On the night of their engagement, he abandoned her and left the engagement venue.

She sat on the ground and wailed miserably, appearing extremely pitiful.

What happened next? What happened next!?!

Xi Mubai wanted to take a look again but the scene suddenly became blurry and a voice could be heard coming from his surroundings.

All of a sudden, he opened his eyes and was greeted with the sight of a white wall.

Xi Mubai sat up abruptly and clutched his chest, only to feel a dull pain!

Thinking about the scenes in the dream, he raised his hand immediately.


He gave himself a hard slap