Chapter 336 - He Saw Her Stark Naked…

Novel:Newlyweds 1001 Nights: Mr. Bo's Love Life|Author:A Bit of Mountains and Rivers|Genre:Romance
Regardless of whether it was true or false, he was an absolute jerk in the dream!

“Mubai, what are you doing?”

Mrs. Xi was shocked to see him slap himself when she entered the room.

She then stepped forward and rubbed his face while chiding, “Mubai, you almost scared me to death! Previously, you slipped into a coma because of that little bitch Luo Zheng, I didn’t expect… that it would be here again this time! Two days ago, Miss Gu Sisi told me personally that it was Luo Zheng who drugged you. I’m not sure if you slipped into a coma again because of an allergic reaction to the drug! I definitely can’t let that little bitch off again this time. She shall wait for me to teach her a lesson… ”

“Who are you calling a little bitch!?!”

Before Mrs. Xi could finish speaking, Xi Mubai suddenly cocked his head towards the side and interjected fiercely.

Mrs. Xi got a great shock and shivered immediately.

Xi Mubai then ignored Mrs. Xi and began to feel more and more troubled.

“Luo Zheng… I want to see her… I must see her… ”

All of a sudden, he murmured incessantly and got out of bed to stumble out of the ward.

“Mubai… Mubai! Where are you going… ”

Mrs. Xi called out and her voice began to fade.

She felt a slight headache.

She was feeling extremely feeble and she slowly opened her eyes while her eyelashes trembled.

The atmosphere was dim and she felt like she was in a foreign place.

What’s going on?

The only thing she could remember was when she left the examination hall during the critical moment of the relapse and she couldn’t help herself. She was about to inject the drug into her bloodstream but she ended up… running into Bo Hancheng!

Yes, she ran into Bo Hancheng !

He even saw her in such an unbearable state and her heart began to feel stuffy.

Luo Zheng was about to get up, only to realize that there was something being pressed on her waist and she cocked her head towards the side to take a look.

She got a great shock that almost made her heart jump out of her chest.

He was supporting his head in his hand beside the bed and was resting with his eyes closed. As for his other hand… he was pressing it on the duvet.

Luo Zheng quickly raised her hand to cover her mouth, so as not to make a sound.

However, as soon as she raised her arm, she discovered a terrifying truth.

She actually… actually… actually… wasn’t wearing any clothes!

Indeed, she was almost naked beneath the duvet and she was wearing nothing but an undergarment… but she was completely topless!

So, what exactly happened?

No matter what may have happened, Luo Zheng still felt gloomy.

She decided to stay away from Bo Hancheng in the future because he was not Mr. Bodyguard from the previous life who loved and protected her, but was instead, a cruel man who abandoned her!

That was not all. The more ridiculous thing was… he admitted that Mu Nianqing was his woman!

So, is he going to defend Mu Nianqing when I deal with her in the future?

In other words, Mr. Bodyguard from her past life is going to become my enemy. What… a joke!

With a dull ache in her heart, Luo Zheng carefully turned over, and looked at the spot that was not too far away from her, only to see that there was a man’s shirt.

She took a careful glance at Bo Hancheng to see that his eyes were still closed and he looked extremely exhausted.

For some reason, Luo Zheng didn’t want to wake him up or face him.

Hence, she gritted her teeth and carefully got out of bed.

All of a sudden, her body turned cold and she shuddered while crawling on the bed and reaching out to grab her shirt.

She had no idea that he had already opened his eyes at the instant that she got up.

Seemingly rather interested, he stared at her as she knelt on the bed stark naked, with her fair, round and supple breasts sagging a little. Her waist was slender and taut, and her hips were slightly raised.

She was exuding a puerile and alluring vibe, which seemed to be a little inviting too!