Chapter 108 - Fighting For Coins

Novel:Oh My God! Earthlings are Insane|Author:The Enlightened Master Crouching Cow|Genre:Fantasy

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The countdown timer started in the field ahead of them. 30.00 seconds, 29.59 seconds, 29.58 seconds…

The new students slowly walked to the center from both sides of the field.

They walked toward each other, like two armies that were about to start fighting.

Some of the boys still did not understand what was going on and were thinking about showing some mercy to the girls. They were thinking about getting into a romantic relationship worthy of the title of the greatest love story in history during university and were hesitating about whether they should attack the girls.

When they trained their bodies as normal humans, the boys had a slight advantage compared to the girls.

Hence, the admission score for the national college examination was a little biased toward the girls.

But that was not the case when they started cultivating their spirit energy.

The person who walked right in front of the boy army was a tall boy. It was clear that he had not fully adjusted his mindset yet. When he saw the petite girl across from him gradually increasing her speed, he put on an honest, boyish smile and said, “My apologies, please—”

Before he could say “give me your guidance”, the petite girl, who was only around 1.5 meters tall, charged him like a high-speed train. She dealt an incredibly fierce knee attack, and it hit the tall boy right in the stomach. Even if he had a biochemical fighting suit, he still grunted in great pain.

The tall boy cried out and curled up into a ball, and the petite girl went under him to throw him into the air. The monster coins on his helmet then fell down with loud clanging sounds.

The petite girl grabbed the twenty monster coins. Before the tall boy could land on the ground, she crashed into him with her shoulder like a cannonball and sent him flying almost thirty meters away. He crashed into the stunned boys and started foaming at the mouth.

The petite girl sized up the twenty monster coins in her hands and tossed them into the cup on her head as she said mercilessly, “The match has already started, idiot.”

“Big Sis Sun Ya, you’re awesome!”

The girls were shocked. After a moment, a girl with a cunning look in her eyes cheered.

By the looks of it, she had decided to ride on Sun Ya’s coattails, since she was the top scorer in the martial arts course.

Sun Ya did not turn around. Suddenly, she delivered a knifehand strike from an unbelievable angle and cut the girl’s neck like a phantom.

While the girl froze up as if she had been struck by lightning, Sun Ya grabbed all of her monster coins.

“You can’t get monster coins just by flattering someone,” Sun Ya said faintly.

Meng Chao laughed.

The best of the Four Great Kings was rather interesting.

When superhumans cleared their spirit meridians, they mainly fought with their spirit energy, not their physical bodies, so the difference in sex could be ignored.

In truth, since girls had greater patience and could focus better to make use of their advantages, they were usually harder to deal with compared to boys.

The eyes of the dean and the ace lecturers on the rostrum lit up.

“This Sun Ya is pretty good. She has a calm temperament and is vicious when she attacks. She’s very suited to take in the souls of python-type superbeasts.” Jiang Ming smiled. “Ms. Li, if I had someone like this, in less than a year, we might be able to produce a second you. Then, the martial arts course would see hope once more, hahahaha!”

Jiang Ming had prestige due to his years of teaching. He had even taught Li Yingzi a few classes in the past, so Li Yingzi would not fight him for temporary gains. She smiled.

“Sun Ya will need to get twenty thousand monster coins before she can ask for you to be her tutor. Let’s continue watching, with the rules of the game this year, no matter how good they are, they’re going to end up in a very disheveled state.”

Sun Ya’s lightning-fast strike crushed many new students’ beautiful illusions regarding university.

It also allowed them to gain a new concept toward what Jiang Ming meant when he said that universities were military camps, steel refinement factories, and meat grinders.

The competition had started, and they would decide their future with each fight, each punch they threw, and every time they blinked their eyes!

Everyone tensed their muscles. Killing intent shone in their eyes, and they prepared for an intense fight.

The tall boy who was sent flying by Sun Ya got to his feet while swaying.

He was an outstanding boy who had managed to get into Agricultural University’s martial arts course, which meant that he had a shocking physique that was almost like a monster’s. Since he had the defense provided by the biochemical fighting suit as well, he just gasped for breath for a while before he recovered.

He had embarrassed himself in public. His face was red, but he did not look for Sun Ya to take revenge. At the very least, he would not think about it before Sun Ya’s head was full of monster coins.

“I’m sorry about this, friend!”

The tall boy was still quite the gentleman. He looked around himself and found someone who was almost the same as him in terms of size but had stubble covering his face despite his young age. He wrapped his fist in his palm as a warning to that boy and threw a vicious punch.

The stubble-covered boy was slightly stunned, but across from them, Sun Ya and the girls had already started fighting against each other without showing mercy. He did not intend to retreat either. Immediately, he started fighting against the tall boy.

In truth, their strength was about the same. They were both at the level where they were unskilled and attacked unconventionally.

But the tall boy had no monster coins on his head. He was broke, so he had no need to fear someone who had coins. He could use skills that had a lot of movement as much as he liked.

Meanwhile, the stubble-covered boy had twenty monster coins on his head. While he moved around, his neck was a little stiff. Soon, he was beaten up by the tall boy, and his monster coins flew out.

Before the tall boy could snatch them, seven or eight hands reached out toward them. The sleazy criminals who were waiting to take advantage of the situation looked at each other and immediately understood each other’s thoughts. Someone shouted, and they attacked at the same time, entangling themselves in a fight.

Just like that, hundreds of new martial arts course students were engaged in a chaotic fight, like hundreds of hungry loaches that were shocked by electricity. It would be very difficult to separate them.

No one thought about forming parties as such, but many of the new students came from First High School, Second High School, and Construction High, so they already knew each other. They had also performed drills to set up certain battle formations, so they formed three parties naturally.

But as they started gathering more monster coins on their heads, it became more difficult for them to continue.

The cups were transparent, so the monster coins shone brilliantly under the sun. The students could tell very easily just how many monster coins any person had gathered.

The people who decided to help each other and had gathered nearly one hundred monster coins naturally became targets. Dozens of students roared and charged at them from all directions, and the formation the parties had managed to set up after much difficulty were instantly shattered. The monster coins they had gathered after a lot of effort spilled all over the floor.

The Four Great Kings were in the same situation.

Sun Ya was agile and moved like a phantom. Even if she was attacking someone in their faces, she could make them feel prickles down their spines, as if there was someone aiming at them from behind.

Duan Lian was a born tank. He fought with the principle of an eye for an eye and with the mindset of ending a fight with both parties severely injured. But usually, he remained fine even when someone hit him three times. And when he brushed someone with his fist, that person often just fell to the ground.

Jiang Rui’s legs were full of power and firmness. When they hit someone, he usually sent them more than ten meters away. He was incredibly fast, and the new students he targeted could only lower their heads obediently. They had no other choice against him.

Xie Feng was no longer as chatty as when he was with Meng Chao. He became aloof and arrogant. As if he had specifically trained his bones and joints, his arms grew to reach his knees with loud cracking sounds. When he swung them, they moved like a monster’s tentacles or morningstars that weighed tons. It was as expected of someone who had more than ninety percent of the main meridians in his arms cleared.

Each of the kings had their own specialty, and soon, they sent over twenty students sprawling on the ground, which earned them more than one hundred monster coins.

But the real fight had just begun.

The wicked cup had to have been designed by an immortal lecturer. When it only had just above twenty monster coins in it, they would be stuck in the cup, and the students would have to beat down their opponent before they could make the monster coins pour out. But the cup’s mouth was really big, so when anyone had more than one hundred monster coins, even if they swung their heads just a little, ten or even more monster coins would spill out.

The monster coins themselves were semi-transparent items with a crystalline quality. After a student accumulated a lot of them, the monster coins shone with a beautiful seven-colored light due to the reflection and refraction of light, so the Four Great Kings basically had four huge arrows telling the other new students that they had treasures on their side!

Even though they were the Four Great Kings, the other students were not easy to deal with either.

Many of the students with only an average income in their families had not become superhumans. Most of them by then had removed themselves from the battlefield and were gasping for breath by the side of the field with empty cups.

But there were also plenty of students whose families were just slightly less powerful than those of Sun Ya and the others. They had only cleared around thirty main meridians, but that was enough.

If they fought against the Four Great Kings one on one, they would definitely not be their opponents, but if they just moved around, harassed, and tried to get a few monster coins from the Four Great Kings, they were likely to achieve their goal.

Sun Ya and the other three became four raging lions that faced a clan of hungry hyenas.

And further away from the jackals were a lot of hunters who were panting and waiting for their chance.

They confronted each other and restrained each other. Hence, they sank into an awkward situation.

Meng Chao was one of the hunters surveying the area.

A total of five minutes had passed, but he still had his hands placed behind his back as he strolled about the field to observe the students’ strengths and to figure out a way to clear the game.

The rules stated that they would only calculate the monster coins half an hour later. So, the most important thing was to secure the most monster coins right before then. It was not important how many monster coins he had on top of his head right now.

That was why he had not attacked even once. He stayed with his twenty monster coins on his head.

Of course, since he was the third highest scorer in the martial arts course and the hero who killed the Bloody Moon Wolf King, many of the new students knew him.

Even if they did not admire his character, they were wary of the spirit tattoos around his right arm. They knew that he was a difficult character to deal with and would not be able to offer them much, anyway, so they did not bother him.

It gave him ample time to observe the situation and consider it calmly.

‘Among the hundreds of new martial arts course students, a third have cleared dozens of main meridians and have stepped on the path to become superhumans.

‘These two hundred one-star superhumans aren’t really that much different in terms of strength. Even the Four Great Kings won’t be able to fight against ten people alone. At the very least, they won’t be able to fight against ten people with more than one hundred monster coins on their heads.

‘It’s really hard to gather twenty thousand monster coins!’

While Meng Chao was thinking, he felt a shadow fall into his field of vision.

When he looked up, a boy with a built body and a face covered in acne blocked his path.

“I’m sorry, friend.”

The acne-covered boy wrapped his fist in his palm and took up his fighting stance.

Meng Chao was a little stunned. “You want to fight me? But I only have twenty monster coins!”

“I’ve been watching you for half a day, but you never attacked. You just hide at the perimeter sneakily, so I guess you’re not really that skilled. If we want to target someone, we have to target the weak!” the acne-covered boy said carelessly. “Would I be able to win against someone with more than one hundred monster coins?”

“Then, are you certain that you’ll be able to defeat me?” Meng Chao had a strange look on his face. “Do you know who I am?”

“Do I need to know?” The acne-covered boy sized him up. “It’s not as if you’re very famous, anyway!

“That hurts. My pride, that is,” Meng Chao said very sincerely. “Friend, let’s settle this peacefully, alright? If we fight like this, it won’t be good. Besides, I’m a superhuman, you might not be able to win against me.”

“Rubbish!” The acne-covered boy took up a strange stance. He shouted, “Everyone’s a superhuman!”

Meng Chao found himself speechless.

As he looked at the acne-covered boy’s stance, he found that he was creating a spirit energy magnetic field in his body and accumulating strength to release a big move.

So… why should he wait? Meng Chao strode forward and raised his right arm. He used his hand in place of a saber and chose the starting stance of the One Hundred Saber Techniques, the incredibly fierce Forward Wind Cutter to cut at the boy’s face.

Ultimate Level, activate!