Chapter 1278

Novel:President, I love being a father!|Author:Ji Chi|Genre:Romance

Chapter 1277: are you shameless?

At 10: 30 pm, gu kuangen and his group checked into the dragon and phoenix inn.

Next, they would wait for the mysterious person’s order.

Gu kuangen and lan yu were together, while gu xiaoying was protected by zhang guo and two female police officers.

No one knew whether that person was the one who took fang quyu away or whether fang quyu was still alive…

Monday morning.

Xiang yi arrived at school early in the morning. she met tai ruo lan at the entrance.

Everyone would celebrate ruo lan’s birthday at night, but she was really happy today.

“ruo lan, happy birthday!” xiang yi smiled as she held tai ruo lan’s hand.

Tai ruo lan burst into laughter. her large eyes with one eyelid seemed to be full of vigor.

“got it. i received your wish!” tai ruo lan’s face flushed red. she glanced at bai lingze who had walked in from behind.

Bai lingze and xu pan walked together. when they saw xiangyi, they did not come over to greet him.

Gu xiangyi snorted lightly while tai ruo lan ran over. “good morning, brother lingze.”

“mm!” bai lingze replied coldly.

Xu pan looked at tai ruo lan and then at him. he patted his shoulder. “sure, kid, you like this girl, right?”

“don’t talk nonsense!” bai lingze glared at xu pan and replied coldly.

Tai ruo lan’s face turned red. she quickly lowered her head and returned to xiangyi’s side.

Xiangyi looked at bai lingze’s retreating figure and felt very unhappy.

“haha, you really want to eat swan meat! so what if you were childhood sweethearts? didn’t i not even look at you?” a sarcastic laugh sounded behind her. xiangyi turned her head coldly and glanced at the girl who had appeared.

The girl wore a blue and white school dress and looked young and cute. however, her face was sharp and she looked really mean.

Her name was ye xuexiang, and she was also a classmate of xiangyi.

Xiangyi didn’t know where she had offended her. this ye xuexiang always mocked her and went against her.

“toad lai is talking about you, right? you look like a rat. it’s too insulting to describe you as a toad lai!” xiangyi chuckled. her mouth wasn’t any worse than anyone else’s.

“gu xiangyi! are you shameless? i don’t care about you. hurry up and stick your warm face on me! i’m dying of laughter. you keep saying that you and ling ze were childhood friends. i think you two are enemies!” ye xuexiang sneered and laughed smugly.

“xiangyi, don’t argue with me!” tai ruo lan frowned, “people like this are like dogs. they’re everywhere, and there’s no end to them.”

Xiangyi nodded, “my little beauty ruo lan is still sensible!”

Ye xuexiang noticed that there were more and more students, so she did not continue to argue. she sneered and strode towards the teaching building.

Gu xiangyi raised her eyebrows and suddenly felt that someone was watching her from upstairs.

She raised her head and met a pair of eyes on the second floor.

Those eyes were filled with a faint gloominess. gu xiangyi could not help but quickly withdraw her gaze from the fierce-looking boy.

It was the boy she had met in the classroom the last time!

Gu xiangyi and tai ruo lan walked up to the teaching building together.

That gloomy-looking boy was still standing at the guardrail. when he saw xiangyi walking up, his gaze was like 502 glue that forcefully stuck onto her body.

Gu xiangyi only felt disgusted for no reason.

What kind of boy was this? he did not know how to be polite at all. even if she was pretty, there was no need for her to stare straight at others, right? and it was not just for a few seconds.