Chapter 713 - How Maddening!

Novel:Priceless Baby: 101 Bedside Stories|Author:An Zhixiao|Genre:Romance
Second Old Master Gu took a deep breath. He felt a mix of emotions.

“Do you love him that much?”

“Yes,” Shen Qianshu said. “I love him more than anything else in the world.”

Including myself.

Tong Hua and Ye Ling meant everything to her in this world.

Anyone else and anything else would rank after them.

She was determined to go with this one person for the rest of her life.

“Can you promise me?”

Second Old Master Gu did not give an answer. Shen Qianshu knew that there were conflicts going on between Ghost City and Ye Ling. There was also some unresolved hatred. Now that there was Fang Hongxiu, it was even harder to smoothen things out. Luckily, there was her.

“I know that I am making things difficult for you. You do not have to give me an answer anytime soon,” Shen Qianshu said and smiled. “To you, Ye Ling is a devil. To me, he is an angel. An angel who brings me joy.”

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

He’s my honey boo boo.

In this world, no one but Ye Ling could make her smile just by the thought of him.

Shen Qianshu went upstairs, and Ye Ling was just waiting for him. She fell into his arms and looked up at him. “Master, let’s go home.”

“Mmh!” Ye Ling did not speak much. He had been waiting for this. He was also afraid that Second Old Master Gu would make Shen Qianshu stay at the Gu Manor. If it was so, he could not handle it, and neither could the extreme sense of possessiveness that stayed in his heart.

He had an evil thought deep down in his heart that he could not control.

He did not wish that Shen Qianshu had parents.

He could love her, and that was enough.

If she had parents, that might divert her love away from him.

Deep down, he had this crazy sense of over-possessiveness.

Second Old Master Gu sent them out.

Ah Xi went beside him. “Second Old Master, why didn’t you leave Mistress behind?”

“I can’t.” Second Old Master Gu sounded sad. “She has grown up, and she’s living well. This is more important than anything else. If I keep her around, I’m afraid she might become my enemy. After all, I have so many enemies. How could I make my own daughter into an enemy?”

“Mistress wouldn’t hate you,” Ah Xi said. “Second Old Master, life has been hard for you and Madam. If Mistress could stay, your life would be happier.”

“That doesn’t matter,” Second Old Master Gu said. “Her happiness matters most.”

Ah Xi took a deep breath. She was his flesh and blood. Why must they be separated?

Second Old Master Gu went upstairs, and Ah Xi thought of Gu Yuanli. “Second Old Master Gu, where is Second Master?”

“Let him kneel and reflect on his actions!”He exclaimed. He can get up when he is willing to tell the truth.

After busying themselves for a day, everything went well, but they did not benefit from anything. Mu Yuan made all the special forces agents keep the secret and dealt with the consequences of the failed mission all alone. He even wrote a reflection letter. Then, Jack phoned.

“All that big deal and y’all didn’t catch Black Rose?”

“Nope.” Mu Yuan was feeling down.


Mu Yuan explained everything and felt a sense of helplessness deep in his heart. If he dared to continue the mission, Ye Ling would kill him.

Jack said calmly, “Alright, just hand it over to me.”

Mu Yuan replied. “… D*mn!”

That’s a domineering CEO.

Oh, no. I mean, domineering official!

“What’s wrong?” Jack raised his brows.

Mu Yuan bit his lip, and he was angry.

Someone has actually just said so easily to “Just hand it over to me” for something that he had so much difficulty with?

Does he even care about my feelings?

He doesn’t even care about my sense of dignity.


Why would I leave someone like this around?

Jack seemed to have finally reacted. He asked calmly, “Xiao Yuan, do you need my help?”

Mu Yuan was speechless…!!!