Chapter 804 - What Have You Guys Done to My Child

Novel:Priceless Baby: 101 Bedside Stories|Author:An Zhixiao|Genre:Romance
Shen Qianshu could not calm down at all. She thought for a moment and still dialed Yang Lihua’s number. It rang a few times before Yang Lihua finally picked up.

“Let’s meet up,” Shen Qianshu said.

“Qianshu, just treat it as you have never met me, alright?”

“Sister, let’s just meet up, alright?” Shen Qianshu said softly. “Let’s have a talk for the sake of Tong Hua. I have some things that I need to ask you about, and you will want to know everything that has happened to Tong Hua for the past years too, right?”

Yang Lihua fell silent.

Shen Qianshu then said, “I will meet you alone. I won’t bring anyone with me and won’t tell anyone about this. You can decide the timing and location.”

“Aren’t you scared that I’ll harm you?”

“What benefits will you get from harming me? Tong Hua hating you for his whole life? You will not.”

Yang Lihua laughed and sighed. “Let’s meet at Lago Cafe on Gu Ning Road then.”


Shen Qianshu came according to the appointment.

It was a cafe in a bustling district. When Shen Qianshu arrived, Yang Lihua was already waiting for her. She was seated in a corner with a look of slight loneliness on her face. There were not many people in the cafe in the morning. It felt very cold and empty; there were only a few customers seated here and there.

When Shen Qianshu saw her, she felt like Yang Lihua was living in her world.


“I’m not worthy of you calling me sister, Miss!” Yang Lihua said softly. “I’ve let you down.”

“You knew long ago that I am Ghost City’s little princess?”

“Yes, Second Master didn’t say. Back then, he only asked us to protect you up until you give birth safely, and then we’ll pass him the child. After that, I knew of your real identity. I finally understood everything, and it was no wonder that…” Yang Lihua looked at her and continued. “When I first met you, I felt really close to you.”

“Didn’t you already die?”

“I… escaped secretly. If I didn’t die back then, Second Master would not have let me off too. Thus, I decided to play according to his plan. I escaped secretly and left Ghost City to lead a peaceful life.”

“What about Doctor Shen?”

“He died to protect me.” Yang Lihua had some tears in her eyes. “Actually, the one who’s supposed to be dead was me. It was not supposed to be him. He only died because of protecting me. I have let him down and also let you down.”

“Why do you keep saying that you’ve let me down?”

Yang Lihua pursed her lips and gently shook her head. Shen Qianshu did not go on pressing further too. “You’re still alive, so why did you not come to find us? Don’t you miss Tong Hua?”

“Qianshu, I just woke up,” Yang Lihua said. “The car accident did take away my life, and I managed to escape secretly too. Just that, I… was unconscious for many years and only woke up recently. Everything has changed. It’s not that I don’t wish to look for Tong Hua.”

“When I entrusted him to you back then, I was also very sincere. I thought that even if I was not able to survive, Tong Hua would at least still have someone to take care of him.”

Shen Qianshu could understand how she felt. “You… Tong Hua has always remembered you.”


“It’s not your fault,” Shen Qianshu said. “Do you wish to meet him?”

Yang Lihua fell silent. “You should raise him up, Qianshu. Being with you is so much better than being with me. I am homeless and also someone in hiding. I will not be a good mother.”

“I will discuss with Second Brother. He will not hunt you down anymore.”

“No, this has nothing to do with Second Master,” Yang Lihua said and smiled at her. “Qianshu, this had nothing to do with Second Master.”

“Doctor Yang, there’s something that has always been in my heart. I can’t get over it. After I was pregnant, my body had always been in great condition, and my child had always been very energetic. I could also feel the fetal movements. Yet why… why did I give birth to a stillborn? Doctor Shen was my attending doctor. Can you tell me… what exactly have you guys done to my child?”