Chapter 1680 - The truth back then (3)

Novel:Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith|Author:Shui Qingqing|Genre:Action
“This…. Li’er, why do you…..”

Li Moying was racking his brains on how to reply.

However, Huang Yueli didn’t wait for him to finish talking as she broke him off once again.

“Ha, actually you don’t need to tell me and I also know the answer. Since you’re reborn, that obviously means you’re dead! Continuing from here, there’s the third question, how on earth did you die? Who is able to kill the invincible Sovereign Mu? Or could it be that… you committed suicide?”

“Fourth question, how could you get in touch with Blue Profound Sect so simply? What agreement did you set with the Four Great Guardians? Why do they trust you? This must have something to do with what you did before you died in your past life? What is it exactly??”

Huang Yueli threw out a long chain of questions and her interrogative tone turned more and more flustered.

These questions were something which instinctively popped up in her mind ever since Li Moying regained a portion of his memories and she had been extremely puzzled over it.

But every single time this thread of thought popped up in her mind, Li Moying would try ways and means using mostly his charismatic charm to divert her attention, obviously not intending to tell her about it.

Moreover she felt that the two of them being able to reunite and even falling in love with each other with interconnecting minds was the luckiest thing that had happened. Some things weren’t that urgent to pursue after the truth endlessly as she would finally find out the truth one fine day.

Hence when Li Moying didn’t want to say, she just let it slide.

But this time round, Cang Ning Yue’s words were like a bucket of cold water pouring onto her.

Some fine details which had been skipped and those suspicious pointers which she had never thought about before, upon delving into it deeply, made her heart felt shocked as she thought more and more on this!

That’s right, how would there possibly be such a coincidence in this world. She was ‘coincidentally’ reborn after her soul and spirit dispersed and Mu Chengying ‘coincidentally’ also was reborn after an accident and the two of them were ‘coincidentally’ born in the same country and even engaged?

How would there be so many coincidences under this heavens? If every matter were so coincidental, that would only meant that it was being pre-arranged.

But…Huang Yueli still didn’t get how this man actually managed to do it??

Li Moying looked at the young lady in front of him with great sentiments and that sweet tempting little face was rightly wound as her usually clear bright eyes were filled with worry and heartache for him.

He couldn’t help but give a light sigh, “Li’er, don’t worry…..”

He wanted to hug his fiancée but Huang Yueli immediately took a step backwards.

“How do you expect me not to worry?? Quickly tell me clearly!”

She put on a straight face as her eyes lifted to look at him, obviously meaning that this time round, she would absolutely not give in easily.

Li Moying said, “Li’er, you cannot be like this…..”

However, Huang Yueli was not moved at all.

Li Moying’s heart turned melancholic and at the same time he was certain that Huang Yueli would absolutely not start a fight with him for no reason. Someone had definitely said something to her behind his back!

No matter who it was, causing him to end up in this state where he was unable to explain himself, he would absolutely not allow that person to end up well!

But luckily, though Huang Yueli’s questions were extremely tricky and very difficult to answer, but he had already thought of a plan to deal with this and even prepared a set of model answers. He had just not expected to use it so quickly.

As Li Moying was pondering over this, he headed up once again as he held Huang Yueli’s shoulders.

“Li’er, don’t be too agitated. I’ve never said that I don’t wish to tell you the truth right?”