Chapter 1681 - The truth back then (4)

This time, Huang Yueli still wanted to evade his touches but Li Moying didn’t allow her to push him aside as what she wished, but instead pulled her emphatically into his arms, with a posture which didn’t allow her to reject him.

Li Moying’s cultivation was right there and if he really wanted to force himself onto her, there was nothing that Huang Yueli could do about it.

But she remained restless in Li Moying’s arms as she wriggled around.

Li Moying held on tightly as he said, “Actually, it’s not that I really don’t want to say, but…. there are many things that I really can’t totally recall!”

Huang Yueli’s action took a pause, “Can’t remember?”

Li Moying nodded his head and continued, “That’s right, have you forgotten? When we first met, all the matters that had happened in my past life, I totally couldn’t recall it at all! Later on as my interaction with you deepened and with my cultivation increasing continuously, it was when I started to slowly recall what happened then…..”

“But this is a very long process and my memories didn’t come back to me all in one day, but slowly accumulated during each full moon’s night. So the memories in my mind still remain very confused till today. Especially the things which happened after you self-exploded, the amount that I can recall is even lesser….”

“So it’s not that I’m not willing to tell you but those questions that you asked, many of which are something which I’m puzzled as well but no matter how I tried, I just can’t recall them all.”

As Li Moying was saying these, he kept a watchful eye while observing Huang Yueli’s expression.

Seeing his little fiancée frowning slightly with a pensive look and he hurriedly added more.

“But every time I regain my memories, it was always during full moon’s night when my illness acted up. The longer the acting up timing, the more things I will recall. Since we’re already back in Blue Profound Sect, then in future when my illness acts up, you can wait a little longer before you save me, so test if I can remember something faster…..”

“Not allowed!”

Before Li Moying could even finish what he was saying, Huang Yueli jumped right up and shouted out strictly.


Huang Yueli was so exasperated which made Li Moying jump with shock.

Huang Yueli stretched out his hand to pinch his face as she retorted angrily, “Have you forgotten that whenever your illness acts up, each and every single time it is so dangerous?! There are many times whenever it acts up and drags on for a slightly longer time and you’ve almost lost your life! Do you really want to scare me to death? No way, what silly ideas are those! Anyway when your illness acts up, you must tell me immediately and treat it immediately, not even sparing any time to waste!”

“But, my memories…..” Li Moying looked like a little wife who had suffered domestic violence as his tone sounded weak and timid.

Huang Yueli stared at him ferociously, “I don’t believe that you can’t remember a single bit of it! Moreover speaking, if you really can’t recall, there must be other ways to regain your memories! You’re not allowed to take this risk, do you hear me??”

“But I also want to know what happened that year…..”

Huang Yueli gritted her teeth as she hissed, “Anyway, you’re just not allowed to!”

“Then… then I’ll think of other ideas, don’t squabble with me alright?” Li Moying’s eyes flashed past a crafty glint as he intended to work it up and dupe Huang Yueli over this issue.

Whoever knew, Huang Yueli stared at him for a moment and the frustrated expression on her face suddenly became peaceful.

“No way, this matter is just too important, we can’t just let it pass like this! I don’t believe that you really can’t recall anything at all!”