Chapter 1682 - The truth back then (5)

Novel:Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith|Author:Shui Qingqing|Genre:Action
Li Moying thought that he had successfully muddled through this so he had not expected Huang Yueli to suddenly pop this sentence out.

His face instantly turned pale, apparently cutting a sorry state.

Having an extremely intelligent fiancée was usually something which made one feel proud but when it came to the time when one was doing something bad, if a woman was too intelligent, the man would get into trouble, for example like what he was going through right now…..

When he really wanted to tell a lie, he was resolutely exposed right there and then.

However Li Moying still refused to admit and persisted in his explanation, “Li’er, you… you’re really framing me! Don’t you believe me at all? Since when have I lied to you?”

His expression of looking wronged did not make Huang Yueli’s heart soften.

Huang Yueli raised her chin up slightly as she immodestly exposed him, “You’ve lied to me so many times! Every time you’re injured or encountered some danger, since when have you not lied to me? Did you really thought that I’m so retarded??”

Li Moying’s face was filled with sweat, why was this little fox so difficult to lie to! This time round what was he supposed to do?

This matter…. he indeed didn’t want Huang Yueli to find out.

After all, there was no use even if she found out. It would only… make her feel upset over nothing.

While Li Moying was still racking his brains, Huang Yueli gave a chilly smile, “Why? Why aren’t you saying a single word? Thinking of how to lie to me later? Have you planned your story already?”

“Ughh…..” Li Moying’s sweat on his forehead was about to drip down!

Li’er was really the woman who knew him the best. Whatever he was thinking, it totally could not escape her eyes.

Meeting Huang Yueli’s eyes which were raging with fury, Li Moying totally couldn’t think of a way out so he could only…. start to act shamelessly!

“Anyway I just forgot about it! I really can’t remember at all! Even if you beat me to death, I also can’t remember so what else do you want me to do? I can’t do anything if you don’t believe in me!”

These words were similar to the kind of explanation that a two timer would use when he had been caught while having an affair. But when it came out of Li Moying’s mouth, it made Huang Yueli not believe him as her eyes turned wide.

Moreover in order to intensify the effect of what he just said, Li Moying directly crossed his arms as he shifted his sight, putting on an uncooperative look.

“Alright, stop being unreasonable! No matter how you argue it’s no use, up to you to believe or not!”

“You…..” Huang Yueli almost threw up blood from anger! She had not expected Li Moying to use such a lowly trick!

Where was the Continent’s number one top expert, cold and merciless, overbearing and resolute? What was the difference between this behaviour and those small young boys who laid on the ground throwing a tantrum to ask for sweets?

He actually threw the target back at her and said she was being unreasonable??

Huang Yueli gave him a ferocious stare, “Alright, you’re really difficult to deal with! Don’t you dare to regret using this kind of attitude on me! The matter that happened that year, I’m sure you’re not the only one who knows about it! If I want to know, I will definitely be able to find it out! I want to see how you are going to keep it from me for my entire lifetime!”

Huang Yueli finished up and turned around walking away angrily!

Li Moying watched her departing figure and his expression slowly sunk down. Who was it who tried to expose the secret which he had tried ways and means to hide it? Could it be that trying to keep it from Huang Yueli was really impossible?

Now, Li’er had already said this so what should he do so that she could stop pursuing this topic…..

The night breeze grazed past that sea of Vermilion Cinnabar flowers causing undulated billowing.

Li Moying looked at the beautiful scenery in front of him but he had no heart to admire it as his brows were tightly knitted together.