Chapter 1772 - Sky Ascension Stairs (2)

Novel:Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith|Author:Shui Qingqing|Genre:Action
“Junior Brother Luo, where are you going so early in the morning?” Huang Yueli asked curiously.

Luo Jiyun halted in his footsteps as he turned around, “Lil Sister-in-law, you’re up so early! Weren’t you the one who told me that Blue Profound Sect has a mountain climbing Sky Ascension Stairs assessment in the rear mountain and the disciples who gain a rank in the top few places, would be able to gain a chance to refine their bodies in the Swordbath pool?”

Huang Yueli suddenly realized that, “Right, that day Guardian Jun told me, these few days will be the time for assessment! How about it, today should be your turn?”

Luo Jiyun shook his head and said, “Tomorrow is the assessment date for direct disciples and today is the last day for inner disciples. Brother Mo Yi and the others will be making their move today and I intend to go over and take a look there now.”

Huang Yueli’s interest was piqued from hearing about that as she said, “I’ll go along with you!”

When they were in South Sky Region, Mo Yi and the others helped her quite a lot and she had always wanted to raise their cultivation and aptitude to thank them. But unfortunately, although the few of them had joined Blue Profound Sect, due to their innate talent, their advancement was limited hence she wasn’t able to help at all.

Today was the Sky Ascension Stairs assessment and that was the best chance for ordinary Blue Profound Sect disciples to leap over the gateway to raise to turn their lives around so she must personally head over to take a look.

The rear mountain behind Blue Profound Sect was part of their turf and was extremely safe so Li Moying naturally wouldn’t object to it.

Huang Yueli made someone pass a message to him and then followed Luo Jiyun speedily towards the rear mountain.

At this point of time, the foot of Blue Profound Sect’s rear mountain had already gathered a large number of practitioners.

Although the crowd was massive, but under Cang Po Jun and the other’s organisation and arrangements, the scenario was orderly without any chaotic situation occurring.

The crowd had been split into several groups and the practitioners who were taking part in today’s assessment had been assigned a number and everyone followed their own number tag and queued up from the designated entrance as they waited for the assessment to start.

Whereas those disciples who were here purely to watch were all blocked by an array in the outer zone, which was at least five hundred meters away from the rear mountain.

Luo Jiyun took a look at the cliff from afar and was a little dazed from it, “Heavens, the rear mountain is practically shrouded in the fog and from such a far distance, we can’t see anything clearly at all! Couldn’t they allow us to stand a little nearer to take a look?”

Huang Yueli smiled and said, “You think that you’re not able to see clearly just because you’re standing too far? That’s not the case alright? Even if you’re above the Sky Ascension Stairs, the scenario you see will still be fog, which is impossible to be any clearer than what you’re seeing now!”

“Oh? Why is this so?”

“This is part of the assessment. Every year there will be different practitioners who fall down from the cliff because they can’t see the stairs carefully…..”

“F, F, Fall….fall down?” Luo Jiyun was stunned, “Are you sure? Falling down from such a tall cliff, even if it was a seventh stage realm practitioner, there was a possibility to become seriously injured right?”

Blue Profound Sect’s rear mountain was the top ten ranking tall mountain in Soaring Heavens Continent and it was several thousand meters tall. Standing at the foot of the mountain looking up, it looked majestic as it was tall and erect, reaching through the clouds. Whereas this mountain was southern facing as though it had been chopped by an invisible huge axe, forming a flat and tidy cliff wall.

This cliff looked extremely tidy and every few meters, there would be a palm sized stone piece, intermittently from the foot of the mountain all the way to the top of the mountain, forming a flight stairs leading to the sky.

Other than this, there didn’t seem to be any place for them to rest their feet anywhere.