Chapter 1773 - Sky Ascension Stairs (3)

Novel:Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith|Author:Shui Qingqing|Genre:Action
This kind of arduous cliff, just looking from afar made one feel fearful so no wonder Luo Jiyun felt uneasy.

He gazed towards Huang Yueli anxiously hoping to obtain a negative answer.

Whoever knew that the minute Huang Yueli opened her mouth, it almost made him faint.

“Sustaining a serious injury from the fall? If it was really only a serious injury, that would be great!” Huang Yueli replied indifferently, “Somewhere near the cliff, there is an array boundary which amplifies the effect and it would suppress the practitioner’s Profound Energy. The higher one ascended, the stronger the suppression of the practitioner and the minute one climbed to mid mountain, the intensity of the Profound Energy within the body would be left with less than ten percent. Under such circumstances, there was no way to maintain one’s own protection profound energy. In this way…”

She paused and met Luo Jiyun’s terrified gaze.

“…. Once they fall from mid mountain or above position, basically there is no difference from an ordinary person falling down from the cliff. It is a definite death for practitioners who are in seventh stage realm and below whereas for practitioners who are in seventh stage realm and above, they would probably be half dead from the fall and whether they can be saved or not will depend on their luck…..”

Luo Jiyun shivered all over coldly as the words he said also started to stutter.

“Why…. Why is this… this so dangerous?”

Huang Yueli said, “I told you this earlier right? The Sky Ascension Stairs assessment towards ordinary disciples in Blue Profound Sect is the best chance for one to rise to stardom and at the same time, it is also one of the most dangerous assessments. Every year there would be at least hundreds of disciples who died here!”

“But… but, isn’t this a little too dangerous? Isn’t the Sect’s aim to filter all the outstanding talents so why must they make it so dangerous? Can’t they just use the array to protect the surroundings, at least for those practitioners who fell down to restore their protection profound energy, and not fall too badly?”

Luo Jiyun’s words blurted out like that and Huang Yueli had not been able to answer in time when someone by the side started laughing.

“I saw… this Junior Brother, this is your first time taking part in the assessment as a new disciple?”

“Ughh, right.” Luo Jiyun nodded his head.

The person who said that was a twenty over year old young practitioner who was dressed in a direct disciple uniform. He was fair and plump, someone who looked like he had a good temper.

This Junior Brother, there’s something that you don’t know. This Sky Ascension Stairs is not built by our Blue Profound Sect but a historical remain which was left behind by the Ancient God Clan. Not only could it filter out the outstanding disciples, moreover even if you had not obtained the top few ranks, as long as you are able to climb up the Sky Ascension Stairs at least once, after you come down from it, you will also reap huge rewards.”

“Practitioners on the cliff suffer from the pressure of Profound Energy and this is the effect caused by the ancient array which is set up around the surroundings of the Sky Ascension Stairs. Our Sect’s Guardian Yu is Soaring Heavens Continent’s Number One Array Master and I heard that twenty over years ago, he had once spent several months with the Number One Armament Master Huang Yueli to attempt to set up an array near the cliff to protect the practitioners who had fallen off. But eventually they did not succeed.”

Luo Jiyun knew about Huang Yueli’s real identity and when he heard that, he shot an astonished gaze at the young lady beside him.

In his heart, his lil Sister-in-law had such outstanding talent and there didn’t seem to be anything which she could not settle.

There was actually a mechanism array which even she, was not able to do…..

Luo Jiyun frowned and asked, “Then in this case… if I were to climb until mid-mountain and unable to ascend to the top, what happens if I were stuck half-way? Could it mean that it’s the end for me?”