Chapter 220 - Brother Ming


Although Lili was smiling, envy and hatred plainly showed in her eyes.

How could Lin Hai miss that? He grabbed Lili’s chin coldly, as though the pair of gloomy eyes had seen through her heart. “Although I spoil you, you better know your place. There are some people you can’t ever touch.”

He swung his hand away ferociously and left without a second glance.

Lying by the side of the brick bed, her chin red, Lili’s cunning face appeared malevolent, her eyes red as she tore the bedsheets apart. Her voice full of poison, she cursed out, “Chuchu you sl*t…”

Lin Hai left Lili’s room with indifference in his eyes, walking over to Yu Pavilion. Although it was called a pavilion, it was just another clay house, but much bigger than Lili’s.

Lin Hai did not bother knocking on the door and walked in directly. He walked over to Chuchu, who was sound asleep in bed, his eyes becoming much gentler.

He stripped himself of his clothing and dove into the beauty’s blankets. The instant he got on top of her, she woke up.

There was no running electricity in the stronghold, but the faint candlelight illuminated Chuchu’s features. She was truly an ice-cold belle.

Her slender eyebrows, beautiful red phoenix eyes, delicate features, and ice-cold aura made men want to conquer her.

Seeing the man pinning her down, Chuchu’s eyes turned cold. The smell of sex on him caused her to frown with disgust and hatred, asking, “Why are you here? Aren’t you supposed to be at Lili’s tonight?”

Although she was disgusted, Chuchu remained indifferent. Her sweet, cold voice caused Lin Hai’s heart to pound even harder.

He eagerly ripped Chuchu’s clothes away and turned her upwards as he kissed her lips and spoke vaguely, “I missed you, so I came here.”

Chuchu sneered within her heart but her face continued to show compliance as she held onto Lin Hai’s waist and allowed the man to perform an act on her that she found very disgusting.

It was a cold night and seeing Qin Yi’s tattered and torn clothes, Wei Liao took pity on her, taking off his own jacket and giving it to her, “Jiaojiao, take it. Don’t catch a cold.”

Qin Yi glanced at Wei Liao, her phoenix eyes carrying a hint of profundity, causing Wei Liao to be stunned. When he prepared himself for another look, he only saw a face full of tenderness and innocent eyes.

“Thank you, older brother,” her soft voice holding a hint of naiveness.

Wei Liao chuckled, thinking he must have been mistaken.

Qin Yi followed the two endlessly, only seeing a thick mud wall after an unknown period of time. At the entrance of the mud wall stood two sentries.

Upon seeing the three of them, the two sentries approached them. One of the hooligans looked at Xu Ning with eyes full of envy, “Yo, isn’t this Xu Ning? What errand did Brother Ming give you this time, let’s hear it.”

Xu Ning glanced at the hooligan, Du Yi, and immediately saw the envy in his eyes. “Sigh, what other errands can there be. Brother Ming gives everyone the same thing. Why does it sound like Brother Ming favors me? What’s coming out of your mouth, Du Yi.”

Although Xu Ning said those words, anyone could see the joy in his eyes, causing Du Yi to fume in silence.

He and Xu Ning were both 8th rank citizens but Xu Ning seemed to have great luck. Being noticed by Brother Ming. This caused even 5th and 6th rank citizens to give way to him.

Qin Yi’s eyes gleamed as she received yet another important information: the man in front of her was respectful towards a man called Brother Ming, whoever he was.