Chapter 1023 - The Celebratory Dinner

Wen Xinya’s results had caused an uproar that was still going on. Yan Shaoqing, Li Mengjie, Qiu Yifan, Cheng Ziyi and Zheng Yifan all called her to congratulate her.

Old Mr. Wen happily called Soaring Public Relations company and informed them to book the entire Han Palace for the end of August and also discussed the banquet with them in detail.

Wen Xinya was reminded of the time when Old Mr. Wen said that he would be throwing a banquet at Han Palace to celebrate her stellar achievement after her results were released. She initially thought that he was just joking, but it turns out that he actually meant it.

However, isn’t it a little too early to discuss the details of the banquet now?

There are still two months to go until the end of August.

Grandpa, everyone knows that you just want to show off.

Wen Xinya arrived at Ninth-Heaven at 6 PM sharp.

Wen Xinya pushed the door open, after which everyone began applauding enthusiastically while colorful disco lights shone on her body, making her feel a little shy.

“Xinya, congratulations on obtaining such a high score.”

“Sis, you’re really impressive. It’s no wonder that the netizens support you.”

“Xinya, well done! I’m so proud of you!”

“Your Highness, please allow us to bask in the light that you cast down onto the earth!”

Wen Xinya then removed the colorful confetti on her face.

Zhou Tianyu turned around and exclaimed, “Hey! Where’s that Mr. Perfect of yours? Why isn’t he here? Didn’t you bring him along?”

She remembered reminding Wen Xinya to bring Si Yiyan along.

Xu Tongxuan could not help but lament. “You must be kidding me… today is an occasion worth celebrating and yet, you didn’t bring him here. Wen Xinya, you’re such a bad friend. We were hoping to get up close to him today.”

Du Ruo puffed her cheeks up and exclaimed, “Xinya, you guys have already reached home run. Why didn’t you take him out to meet your friends? Any later… and the cows would have come home!”


Wen Xinya turned red and almost choked on her saliva.

She strongly believed that she had turned red because she had choked and not because of what Du Ruo said, though she really wanted to tell Du Ruo, “Sis, the cows have already come home.”

Zhou Tianyu and the rest looked at each other while the crowd fell silent.

How is this girl so shrewd?

Gu Junling and Ling Qingxuan crossed one leg over the other while watching the show.

Waiting to see a good show, Han Mofeng jested. “Xinya, why are you hiding him? Could it be that he has some hidden ailment or something is wrong with him?”

Fine! He may have been brainwashed by Gu Junling and Ling Qingxuan into accepting the fact that Wen Xinya was in a relationship with someone else and wouldn’t put her in a spot, but… that did not mean that he couldn’t detest the rascal who stole Wen Xinya away!

Oh no, Xu-er… I’ve let you down. As your future commissar, I’ve failed to complete the first mission that you gave me.

Glaring at Han Mofeng, Wen Xinya said coldly, “Are you hoping for my boyfriend to be stricken with a terminal illness?”

Han Mofeng was practically asking for a beating, just like Xu Zhenyu.

As Xu Zhenyu’s best buddy, he obviously hoped that Wen Xinya’s boyfriend would be seriously ill, so that Xu Zhenyu would stand a chance with Wen Xinya. However, he wouldn’t reveal his intentions.

He was still stuck in a dilemma and was wondering how he should break the news of Wen Xinya’s relationship to Xu Zhenyu, who was having a hard time in Northwest Main Military Camp.

Gu Junling put an arm around Han Mofeng’s neck and said, “Hey Loony, come here. Let’s have a good chat about life and our dreams for the future.”

Ling Qingxuan stuffed a glass of alcohol into his hand and said, “Down this if you’re my buddy. Otherwise, I’ll look down on you.”

Gu Junling and Ling Qingxuan then changed the subject.

Apart from the slow-witted Wen Xinya and the naive Du Ruo, the girls, Xu Tongxuan and Zhou Tianyu were both clear-headed. Zhou Tianyu put her arm around Wen Xinya’s neck and said, “Xinya, you’d better come clean with us. What are your intentions for hiding him from us?”

Xu Tongxuan chimed in. “Are you still guarding against us because it’s a trend to be wary of your best friends nowadays?”

Du Ruo pouted in displeasure. “Xinya, you’re being overboard! We may want to get up close and personal with Mr. Perfect, but we understand that we shouldn’t harbor designs on our friend’s boyfriend.”

Wen Xinya frantically said, “It’s not that I didn’t want to bring him here. It’s just that he’s overseas at the moment. There has been some issues with his business in Russia, so he didn’t come back with me. Once he’s back, I’ll definitely get him to treat you guys to a meal.”

Zhou Tianyu and the rest were in disbelief. “Really?”

Wen Xinya raised both arms to signify that she had surrendered. “Of course.”

Xu Tongxuan patted Wen Xinya’s shoulder forcefully and said, “That’s more like it.”

Wen Xinya heaved a sigh of relief and wiped the sweat on her forehead.

Du Ruo held onto Wen Xinya’s arm and said, “Let’s go get some champagne.”

The few of them walked towards the table where several wine glasses were stacked and placed below the large chandelier. The numerous champagne bottles had already been opened and placed on the coffee table, and the aroma of champagne wafted up into their noses.

Zhou Tianyu placed a bottle of champagne in Wen Xinya’s hand and exclaimed, “C’mon, pour some champagne!”

Wen Xinya grabbed the bottle and poured some champagne into the first glass, after which the gemlike liquid overflowed into the other glasses below it.

The few boys flailed their arms while cheering and applauding.

Everyone clapped their hands together happily after the first bottle of champagne was emptied.

It took ten whole minutes to fill all the glasses.

Zhou Tianyu picked up the microphone and tested it before clearing her voice. “I hereby announce that Wen Xinya’s celebratory dinner shall begin now.”

Xu Tongxuan picked up the first glass of the champagne tower and placed it in Wen Xinya’s hand. “You’re the star for tonight. Sis… cheers!”

Everyone began cheering her on.

Holding the glass in her hand, Wen Xinya said, “Thank you guys for holding this celebratory dinner for me. In order to express my gratitude, I shall down this glass of champagne.”

As soon as Wen Xinya finished speaking, she chugged the entire glass of alcohol.

The atmosphere became livelier.