Chapter 1161 - The Melancholic Parting

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Wen Xinya had prepared to perform a song named “Battling The Eastern Wind” on the zither, which was a war song that was rather emotional. In ancient times, there would be musicians playing war songs on their instruments during wartimes as a form of encouragement and support for the soldiers in war. The entire song gave off a menacing vibe that emulated that of a war, while still remaining a little melancholic and mellow.

Wen Xinya rapidly plucked, pulled, pressed and slid her slender fingers on the strings of the zither. The seven white-colored strings of the zither moved gracefully together with her fingers.

Whenever she got to the climax of the song, the soldiers would yell and roar at the top of their lungs. Whenever she played the sadder bits of the song, they would shriek in muffled voices. All of the murderous vibes of war seemed to fill the air alongside the screaming.

Everyone was taken by storm after listening to the emotional piece.

After that night, Wen Xinya was known to the students of Capital University as a talented girl.

The music ceased.

The atmosphere began to get a little tense as everyone got ready to part ways.

They had spent an entire month facing each other every day and shared good and bad times together. Even though they even got into conflicts during the program, they suddenly felt sad about having to leave each other.

Some of the girls even began crying on the spot, making everyone feel sorrowful.

In the future… it’d be hard for them to meet each other again!

That was how they all felt.

Even Wen Xinya had sunk into the melancholy of farewell.

Ye Feiyu asked, “Hey, where’s Commander Xu?”

Ye Feiyu’s words made everyone snap back to reality as they frantically scanned their surroundings in search of their commander, only to be disappointed.

“Is Commander Xu not going to come and send us off? The commanders of the other teams are all here to hug their students and bid them goodbye!”

“Could Commander Xu be tied up with something? The military training program is already over and we probably won’t get to meet again in the future. Why wouldn’t he come and send us off?”

“The vehicles are already here, Commander Xu probably won’t be sending us off!”

Everyone exchanged opinions as their spirits dampened.

Throughout the entire month of training, they had all lamented and complained about Xu Zhenyu. In fact, they even badmouthed him behind his back. However, now that they were actually going to part ways, the freshmen could not help but feel miserable.

Seeing how sad her peers were, Wen Xinya stealthily whipped out her mobile phone to give Xu Zhenyu a call. However, he had already switched off his mobile phone and there was no way she could reach him.

Just as she found it a pity, Wen Xinya caught sight of Xu Zhenyu’s subordinate Xiao Huang, who was dressed in a military uniform. He was pacing quickly and seemed to have something important to attend to.

Wen Xinya hurriedly yelled to stop him in his tracks. “Vice Battalion Commander Huang.”

Xiao Huang stopped in his tracks and said, “Wen Xinya, you guys are leaving the base camp soon, aren’t you?”

Seeing that they were all dressed in the camo uniform with their camo backpacks on their backs, he reckoned that they must be leaving soon.

Wen Xinya nodded and looked around. “The vehicle is here and we’ll be returning to school soon. By the way… where’s the battalion commander?”

Surely Xu Zhenyu wouldn’t leave without sending us off! After all, we’ve trained under him for a month.

Xiao Huang answered, “Battalion Commander has gone out for a mission. He left 15 minutes ago and I’m going to go meet him now.”

Fifteen minutes ago… Wasn’t that when I just finished performing? Feeling a little disappointed, Wen Xinya asked, “What mission is he on? He’s in such a hurry that he didn’t even finish watching the performances.”

Xiao Huang said, “This is our army’s secret. I can’t tell you.”

Actually, even Xiao Huang did not expect that Xu Zhenyu would be assigned to a mission so soon. Back when they were in the Northwest base camp, they would spend at least 300 days a year out on missions. They thought that they would have a more relaxed regime in Capital city but… they were assigned to a new task within less than a month.

He began to wonder if Xu Zhenyu had gotten addicted to taking on missions.

However, he vaguely knew that Xu Zhenyu’s eagerness to carry out missions had something to do with Wen Xinya. He reckoned that Xu Zhenyu may have been rejected by Wen Xinya after confessing his love to her, though… he dared not talk about it.

“Oh, I see!” After hearing Xiao Huang’s words, Wen Xinya knew that she had been too nosy and hence, did not probe any further. Previously, she heard from Xu Zhenyu that he had been back in Capital city for quite some time and would not be assigned to any tasks for the time being. To her surprise… he was put on one as soon as their military training program ended.

Wen Xinya naturally wouldn’t think that Xu Zhenyu requested to be assigned a new mission simply because he had found out about her relationship with Si Yiyan. Since he had returned to Capital city because of Wen Xinya, there was no need for him to stay anymore now that she belonged to someone else.

Hence… ever since then, Xu Zhenyu occupied most of his time with carrying out missions. He then went on to become the youngest admiral, then lieutenant general, followed by general…

Xiao Huang said, “By the way, congratulations on surviving the month of military training. You’re finally free.”

This kid had it the worst! I wonder how she offended Battalion Commander so much that he put her through such harsh training, he thought.

After Xiao Huang left, Wen Xinya returned to the crowd to see that the freshmen of the other teams were all bidding goodbye to their respective commanders. Her team was isolated from the rest and standing in a lonely corner, all feeling distraught.

“What’s wrong with Commander Xu? Is he leaving us alone just because we’re done with training?”

“He didn’t even send us off. It’s as if he can’t wait for us to leave.”

Wen Xinya frantically said, “Don’t make wild guesses, guys. Commander Xu has already left the base camp because of an urgent mission. Look… the Vice Battalion Commander is leaving too.”

Everyone looked in the direction that Wen Xinya was pointing at, only to see that Xiao Huang was indeed getting into the car and leaving the base camp.

Hence, everyone felt much less uncomfortable, and instead took pity on Xu Zhenyu.

“Commander Xu really has a tough time. We just finished training and yet, he’s already on a mission.”

“It’s probably because he’s capable and competent. Commander Xu is only twenty years old and yet, he’s already a Major.”

“It’s such a shame that we couldn’t get to see him for the last time. I wonder if we’ll ever meet him again.”

Wen Xinya felt a little less melancholic after listening to their discussion.

The vehicles left the base camp one after another and the youthful vibes seemed to have vanished as well. Silence and peace resumed instantly. One of them said with a sigh, “These kids are such a pain in the neck when they’re pampered and spoiled. However, I really can’t bear to leave them now that they’re going back.”

The senior officer said, “There are quite a few outstanding ones in this batch of kids. That kid Wen Xinya who played the zither has great explosive power. It’d be wonderful if she could join us.”

Everyone was speechless. Throughout all these years, he had been observing the batches of freshmen and picking out those whom he felt were competent.