Chapter 689 - How About A Boyfriend Like Me?

Novel:Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don't Mess Around!|Author:Straight to the Blue Skies|Genre:Action
Chapter 689: How About A Boyfriend Like Me?

He needed to win this. Similarly, he wanted to be closer to her, to be able to meet her from time to time and talk.

“I don’t believe in fate. I only believe in ability. Captain Xia, this is the final sprint. I will not give in just because you’re Captain Xia.” Ye Jian heard the rustling sounds and her bright eyes flashed. She sprinted off too.

Both of them didn’t want to admit defeat. They were sweating so much, and their heads were covered with leaf litter. Having stayed in the forest for at least two hours, they sprinted towards the exit which was less than two hundred meters away.

One hundred meters, fifty meters, thirty meters… After avoiding two cameras, Ye Jian saw a tall mountain-like figure, standing in the pale moonlight.

Ye Jian’s pupils narrowed. She was just five minutes behind him just now, but in an instant, it became a ten-minute gap.

At that moment, Ye Jian understood that he had deliberately slowed down just now.

Instead of being angry, Ye Jian chuckled. She knew why he slowed down, and why he sprinted suddenly. Because she understood, she wasn’t angry with him for deliberately being slow.

“Little Fox, you lost.” Xia Jinyuan, who had already been waiting for her for the past ten minutes, stood there in the moonlight and smiled. His figure was lean and tall. Even if you didn’t see his face, you could feel that he was an exemplary man.

His low voice was so gentle that it blended with the moonlight as it followed the wind and made Ye Jian smile.

“That might not be true. Captain Xia is comparing speeds now. How many cameras are there in the forest? We are still comparing the number of cameras.” Ye Jian was calm and wasn’t worried at all.

Since she had already placed her bet, even if she lost, she would prefer to be upright and polite about it.

This version of Ye Jian was the one that was the most beautiful in Xia Jinyuan’s eyes. He liked her character, and he liked the way she treated people even more.

“We’ll say it together and see who’s right.” He smiled. He was determined and had the full confidence that he would win.

They said it out loud, and Ye Jian counted three less than Xia Jinyuan.

Three cameras determined the victor, and it was because of these three that the soldiers from the chemical defense regiment discovered Ye Jian. Under the gesture of Xia Jinyuan, it was reported to Commander Guo, to allow the bet to continue.

Ye Jian frowned, “I’m wrong?”

“Of course, we can talk about it while we walk.” Xia Jinyuan smiled. “I worked so hard to win this bet. If I lost, I would be looked down by my comrades.”

It wasn’t glorious for a member of the Xueyu unit to lose to a senior high student.

After Xia Jinyuan pointed out her mistakes, Ye Jian understood. Before she even asked how he knew that, she heard his solemn voice, “What I want to say now is that I like a senior high student called Ye Jian. I wanted to wait till she’s in university before I confess. But then I found out a little boy did what I wanted to do!”

“I’m anxious, and I don’t want to hide it anymore. Even if Ye Jian is still a senior high student, I have to let her know that someone likes her very much, and tell her that if she wants a boyfriend, she should consider a soldier called Xia Jinyuan.”