Chapter 780

Novel:Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don't Mess Around!|Author:Straight to the Blue Skies|Genre:Action
This way, Ye Jian’s days will get harder! She can forget about having a good life!

In school, there was Luo Ran. Outside, she had Grandma and Aunt… What do you call this?

This is called being besieged on all sides! Let’s see how she’s able to pass her time in senior high smoothly!

Ye Ying’s entire mind was on Ye Jian so she didn’t see the coldness on Ye Zhifan’s face. She didn’t notice the icy smile on the tips of Ye Zhixiang’s lips as well as the scheming in Grandma Ye’s eyes.

After Ye Zhifan and his family left, Ye Zhixiang poured some tea for Grandma Ye. She smiled and said, “Mom, you’re still the best. This way, we don’t have to fight against Third Master Hou. Second Brother will do the rest for us.”

“It’s more convenient for men to handle outside affairs. We just need to move our mouths in the family. Tell Yaozu to stay inside these few days if he doesn’t have any business outside. We need to find out what gave your second brother his confidence first.”

“As for that wicked girl Ye Jian, she’s indeed ruined by your second sister-in-law. If we don’t bring her back, she might become like her short-lived mother. It’s better to fetch her back. I’ll feel more at ease if we fetch her back.”

Grandma Ye sighed softly. Her voice was low. There was an aura of lethargy in it that belonged distinctly to the elderly. There was also a tinge of amiability that came with age.

People that weren’t familiar with her wouldn’t think that this was a vicious old lady if they just listened to what she said.

The Ye family was living in a suite of the hotel. There was a living room outside and the bedroom was inside.

At this time, no one was sleepy. Everyone sat in the living room and chatted with one another.

Grandpa Ye, who was playing mahjong in the neighboring room, finally came back after Sun Yaozu went to get him. Grandpa Ye never cared about anything. He was portly because he had a good life and was a smart person too. However, in front of Grandma Ye, he could never straighten his back.

Now, he didn’t need to care about anything inside or outside the family. He ate well every day and then played his mahjong. His life was exceptionally free and casual.

“If you ask me, I don’t think that you should have gone to look for her today. Do you know what is beating the grass and frightening the snake? If you want to look for her again the next time, it will be more difficult.” Grandpa Ye yawned as he walked into the room with dull eyes. His hair was grey and he was already 68 years old this year. His back was stooping and although he was portly, the wrinkles on his face were deeper than Grandma Ye’s.

From his looks, you could tell that this was an old man that was nearing his end.

He walked to the coffee table and poured himself a cup of tea. Then, he sat on the other end of the sofa and said in a lethargic and weak voice, “You won’t get friendly with her. No matter how you raise her, you won’t get friendly.”

“Our son-in-law’s eye has been injured for so many years. We should end this matter but do you think that this is a good chance for us?”

Grandpa Ye was more direct than Grandma Ye. This made him seem to have less substance.

He came from a farmer’s family. Even after living a good life for so many years, he still didn’t cultivate any noble aura in him.

He was wearing a cotton linen coat and loose pants, the kind you would wear to do Tai Chi. He didn’t look like a sage. Instead, he looked like a performer.

As he spoke, he closed his eyes slowly and seemed to have fallen asleep.

Grandma Ye glanced at him. Grandpa Ye was very straightforward but he reminded her of something.

She told Sun Yaozu, “When the rain gets smaller, leave the Southern Province as soon as possible. Ye Jian is smarter than your second brother’s Ye Ying.”

“I’m worried about her and worried about Third Master Hou too. You will leave the Southern Province tonight and fly to Harbour City. It’s best if you can leave the country for a short holiday.”