Chapter 781 - If We Don’t Act In Time, I’m Afraid The Situation Would Change

Novel:Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don't Mess Around!|Author:Straight to the Blue Skies|Genre:Action
“Do you mean that that wicked girl might guess some things?” Sun Yaozu always listened to his mother-in-law but he still felt a little unwilling to give up. “Damn it, I thought that I would be able to take revenge this time but who knew that Second Brother would raise such a wicked girl!”

“From what you said, we can’t do anything to her this time?”

“Since we can’t get friendly with her, you will have to put in more effort.” Grandpa Ye, who had his eyes closed, suddenly opened his mouth as if he was speaking in his sleep. After that, he went silent again.

Ye Zhixiang’s heart pounded loudly. She couldn’t help but look at Grandma Ye in confusion.

“Your father knows everything but he acts silly. He’s one foot in the grave but he still has to act silly even when he knows everything,” Grandma Ye said calmly. It was easy to understand the individual words she was saying but when the words combined into a sentence, people that didn’t know the truth could not make sense of it.

Why did he need to act silly? Only they themselves know..

Ye Zhixiang nodded. “That’s right. Father can only rely on me now.”

“We will take revenge. Yaozu’s eye keeps reminding me of the stupidest thing I did in my entire life. Since she’s just a child now, let’s get rid of her before she turns into an adult.” Grandma Ye seemed a little tired. After she finished speaking, her expression turned a little weary. Even the wrinkles on her face became deeper too.

She was already more than 60 years old. No matter how much she maintained her skin, there would still be wrinkles.

“Zhixiang, take note of the weather outside. Go back to your room and help Yaozu pack up. Once the rain gets lighter, leave immediately. If it’s still so heavy, he needs to leave too.” She raised her eyelids. Her gaze turned sharp for an instant. She sighed and said, “If we don’t act in time, I’m afraid the situation will change.”

“Okay. Return to your rooms. I need to recite my scriptures.”

That wicked girl was just like her mother. When she looked over with her eyes, it felt as though no evil spirits were able to get close to her. It felt as though nothing could bring her down.

In the past, her mother would still respect her as her mother-in-law. However, that wicked girl didn’t.

There was calmness and disdain in Ye Jian’s eyes whenever this grandma of hers was mentioned. The indifference in Ye Jian’s gaze caused her to feel frightened even though she had lived for more than 60 years.

This wasn’t an easy person to deal with. She was even harder to deal with than her mother.

If she wanted to protect her daughter’s family, she needed to be careful. She needed to be very careful.

Grandma Ye reminded her daughter to be careful of Ye Jian but she didn’t mention anything to Ye Zhifan and his family. She even asked them to bring Ye Jian to her no matter what. Her attitude towards the two families was really different.

She was still the same after so many years. Ye Zhifan was used to it.

“It’s obvious that the old lady came back for that wicked girl. What do you think she’s scheming this time?” After returning to their rooms, Sun Dongqing asked Ye Zhifan immediately. She didn’t even check the amount of money there was inside the bank card that Ye Zhixiang gave her as a present.

Ye Zhifan glanced at Ye Ying who hadn’t left. He said, “Yingying, go back to your room and rest. A child shouldn’t interfere in the affairs of the adults. You performed well in front of your grandma. Go to your room and see what your aunt gave you as your present.”

He was able to tell Ye Ying how to get what she wanted but he didn’t plan to tell a child about all the dark affairs in his family. He might harm the entire family if he told her about them.