Chapter 1692

Novel:Refining the Mountains and Rivers|Author:hyorinmaru|Genre:Fantasy
Jin Geng's Kendo didn't reach the level of cutting the world, but unfortunately, Qin Huan's small world also had to be labeled as "fake".

Everyone is half a dozen.

It's true that Jin Geng's sword is stronger, so after receiving the first sword, Qin Huan knew what he had to do.

Before that, I installed a lot in front of the meat. I turned my head and was pressed on the ground to explode the hammer, not to mention the face Cough, the plan is in vain.

Will there be any sequelae in the plan of the bad meat, or the plan jointly formulated by the meat and niudingtian? Qin Huan thought that this was probably a matter that didn't need much thought.

We must take it seriously, for the sake of face No, for the plan!

When my mind moved, there was a huge power in the small world. It came from all directions, just like invisible hills, pressing on the top of Jin Geng's head.

This is the privilege of God in the small world. Even after this title, it is still very powerful and unreasonable to put a parenthesis in it.

But it's a pity that the magic skill doesn't work for Jin Geng. It's not the kid of Jin family. What's the special immunity method? It's that they are strong enough. The whole body is full of invisible sword breath. The violence is as fierce as fire. When the mountain comes over, I will break the mountain.

If Qin Huan could not get close to him, he would not be able to exert any influence on him.

At the same time, Jin Geng did not stop attacking. His goal was still to cut off the weak points of the small world. It is also a sword cut out, bright golden sword, which makes the space of distortion and concussion more intense.

Among them, there are many people who have good eyes. Of course, they can read the information of the current situation. The power of Kaitian sword sect in the small world has been "learned" by Zhang Xiashan before. Jin Geng has carried the first pass and cut off two swords in succession, which is considered to have the upper hand.

After all, the small world can't do anything about it, but Jin Geng can keep coming out of the sword. The power and efficiency of Jin Geng's sword formula is not a secret. In the meantime, unless Qin Huan could show his cards, he would only lose in the end.

According to the rules of Yanran mountain sword clan, the successor of Kaitian sword clan, who was asked about the failure of sword, means the failure of reopening the mountain gate.

And the loser, not only is not worthy of sympathy, but also will be killed. The world of practitioners has always been one of survival and elimination of the weak.

My heart is looking forward to it, and it is expected to become a reality. Deep in the eyes of all people, there are threads of excitement. Sympathy No, not at all. We should all be responsible for our actions. Since we want to reopen the mountain gate, we must be prepared to bear the consequences.

The second sword is followed by the third sword, and the third sword is followed by the fourth sword. This is not nonsense, but a very clear and straightforward indication that Jin Geng shows his strength. He didn't have one, two, three Weak, on the contrary, more fighting and bravery, and the whole body's sword is steaming. Instead of waiting for the mountain to fall and then cutting it to pieces, it's going to attack on its own initiative and strangle the space where it's located. It's really fierce!

Qin Huan didn't show the bottom card. Of course, it might be that he was hiding his own clumsiness But the probability is small. It's all like this. It's unreasonable to hide a fart.

All the people unanimously judged that the successor of Kaitian sword clan was afraid of planting this time. Although he is very excellent and powerful, it's a pity to meet Jin Geng, who is obviously stronger than him.

The so-called strong has a strong hand, a mountain higher than a mountain, the same principle, who is really invincible in the world? Even if there is, it will not appear here. It's inevitable to encounter the stronger. It's just the people of Kaitian sword sect. Their luck is even worse.

What we lost this time is not only a asking sword, but also our own life. There is also Kaitian sword sect, which continues to this day, with only the last bit of luck left. The destruction is doomed.

Compared with the sword peaks outside the gate, those real swordsmen in Yanran mountain are disappointed.

A powerful Kaitian sword sect, of course, may damage the current situation and touch their interests, but they still hope to see a former fellow traveler return to the team. Because, perhaps many years later, their younger generation's children also need to embark on this difficult road of return.

Time is merciless. Even if today is the prosperity of burning oil, I don't know what the future will be like. It can probably be interpreted whether the rabbit dies or the fox grieves or worries about the future.

It's just the first hurdle. We can't get through it. What's more, the real question of sword hasn't started yet? It's disappointing to open tianjianzong.

This ancient sword sect will die out completely in the future, and the sword clan site will really usher in a new master.

Jianzong opened the mountain and set up the brand. He chose the location of the mountain gate. It's not easy to see where he'd like to go. It's a lot to do. It's even more exquisite than the common gate. Especially in Yanran mountain, it's the most important thing.

Kaitian sword clan, as one of the ten sword clans, even occupied the position of the first leader in a period of time. The site selection is natural. Over the years, I don't know how many sword masters have attracted saliva, but the spirit of the sword is still full of Qi. This place still has its own place.After today, we can find a way to plan.

The disappointment and emotion in my heart soon disappeared, and what was recovered was Yanran mountain big man's strategy and interest pursuit. Everyone is no longer alone. Naturally, we need to find a way to feed the children below.

Is there a gate? This is not a problem. To support an affiliated sword clan, as long as it is well controlled, it is also a new operation in Yanran mountain. In the worst case, you can sell at a high price even if you get it and wait for it.

You know, there is a sword spirit in the ruins of the Mountain Gate of Kaitian sword school, which can be called priceless. It's best to be able to use it for your own use. Otherwise, the gold family is a good trading partner.

As for why Jin Geng did it, the role played by Zhou tianjianzong in it, they did not know the details, but it was not difficult to guess. Before Huff's projection came, he could hide it from ordinary people, but he couldn't stop the eyes of the big guys.

As for how to explain and what kind of concussion will be caused by Zhou tianjianzong after cutting the Hu, that is their business. How dare they come to Yanran mountain? Those who have the courage to cut off the beard and cut in one hand naturally have the courage to be fearless of the Jin family. The sword clan of Zhou is not a problem.

People's hearts are floating. Everyone is already thinking about the division of interests after the fall of Kaitian sword sect. Big guys are no exception. Because of the development of the situation, as they imagined, Qin Huan is now facing a situation that is getting worse and worse.

The small world was shaking, and it was almost there, reaching the limit of endurance. Once the small world is broken, God suffers backfire and falls into the mud. Now we can imagine the end of the situation.

So, if he didn't want to die and fight, now was Qin Huan's last chance. If he wanted to fight, he could only do it as soon as possible. Is there really no card, or superb acting, it depends on the next.

Boom -

the seventeenth sword.

To be honest, Qin Huan's strength in summoning the small world exceeded Jin Geng's expectation, but it was only like this. It was only a matter of time before he broke up. Deep in his eyes, he was calm and deep, not because he was in the absolute upper hand, even if he won the victory, he had no complacency.

In the world, at the last moment, who can say exactly? Many things happened when the gutter capsized and people were killed in desperate circumstances. Of course, when such a thing happens, the party is stupid enough to give the other party a chance.

Jin Geng was not a fool. He would not give Qin Huan any chance.

At this time, Jin Geng's eyes, suddenly burst open a group of fine awns.

Here we are!

Qin Huan suddenly took a step and disappeared in a flash.

The small world, which was in chaos, suddenly burst out with a strong and incomparable impact, tearing a crack in Jin Geng's sword.

Qin Huan appears inside. Raise your hand and point out.

Highlighting the changes, people outside the mountain gate and in front of the projection light curtain shouted and their eyes were shaking. It was obvious that Qin Huan had such a sharp hand until now.

Suddenly, I broke the barrier of sword and breath. How could it be really ordinary? Everything happens in a blink of an eye. It's too fast for people to react. Maybe if this finger falls, it will reverse today's ending.

Kaitian sword sect is really powerful Before an idea is completed, the situation has changed again.

Jin Geng laughed happily. Although he didn't speak, the laughter showed everything - I had been waiting for a long time.

He also has a card!

An idea passed through everyone's mind.

Only to see, Jin Geng step forward, he not only did not avoid, but took the initiative to meet Qin Huan. The whole body boils with sword breath. The moment turns from violence like fire to ice cold like ice. It condenses into a golden sword shadow.

If the shadow in the water is vague, but from the shadow of the sword, people feel that it is enough to destroy all the terror.

Hum -

the golden sword shadow stabbed out!

The hearts of all the people are full of excitement and even more frightened by the fighting. The insidious and cunning of these two young people is true Very, very insidious!

Fight to the last moment, see the end is doomed, just show their cards. If they are replaced, I'm afraid they will be beheaded unprepared.

But there is no doubt that sword clan still lost at the beginning of this game.

The horror of the golden sword shadow can still be clearly felt even though it is not pointed at them or separated by a long distance.

This sword is the big men in Yanran mountain. They all think it's rather tricky. Suddenly, such a short distance, with Qin Huan's strength, could not be spared.

Jin Geng's eyes were calm, and he had a strong will. He knew he was right.

Kill Qin Huan and get the sword pill within one year. The head of the family is the thing in his bag.

How vast and magnificent the future is. Now he has only got a glimpse of it.

And this opportunity is the same generation of Tianjiao in front of him, who, at the cost of his own life, has made his way to the heaven.

At this time, Qin Huan pointed out a finger, and suddenly gently swung it. He scratched some tiny seemingly disordered traces. An unreal text appeared at the fingertip.At the next moment, between the lightning and the fire, his fingertips and the golden sword shadow meet, and the sound of "pa" is soft, and the unreal words are broken and dissipated.