Chapter 1766 - Silly Wife

Novel:Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife|Author:Phoenix Essence Sweet|Genre:Romance
Hearing someone knock on the door, Yun Bixue set down her chopsticks. “Who’s here so early in the morning?”

“Probably someone here to visit you and who brought food.”

“Oh, actually, I’m doing okay. There’s no need to visit me. If we were to start allowing visitations, more and more people would visit. I wish to be more low profile now.”

Yun Bixue’s main consideration was that Second Elder was in the imperial capital, and if something was made known to everyone, it was inevitable that he would find out too. This was actually unfavourable to them.

Clearly, it occurred to Xie Limo too. “Okay, “I’ll block them off for you.”


When Xie Limo went out, he saw many people forming a line, waiting to visit Yun Bixue.

Xie Limo rubbed his temples, feeling helpless. If all of them were to go in, even if one person were to say one sentence each, it would exhaust his wife.

“I appreciate everyone’s kind intentions. My wife is still resting, so I’m sorry she won’t be able to greet everyone.”

Those people understood that Xie Limo was disdaining the fact that there were so many of them. Hence, they wanted to leave the presents and go back.

But Xie Limo didn’t want to accept the presents either. However, if he refused them, these people wouldn’t be able to answer to whoever sent them here.

Xie Limo had no choice but to get someone to accept the presents first. After they left, Xie Limo let out a sigh, before going back into the ward.

He gazed at Yun Bixue, who was still sitting there, her food untouched. He frowned involuntarily. “Why aren’t you eating? The food has turned cold.”

“I wanted to eat with you!”

Xie Limo stroked her head. “Silly.”

Xie Limo understood this silly wife of his. Regardless of his constant reminders to take care of herself, she wouldn’t eat by herself first unless he wasn’t by her side.

Usually, regardless of how late it got, she would wait to eat with him at home.

“Limo, since the food has turned cold anyway, why don’t we go home?”

Xie Limo gazed at Yun Bixue with worry in his eyes. “I’m fine, I was just too anxious yesterday.”

Speaking of yesterday, Yun Bixue’s expression changed. She said, “Limo, you didn’t do anything to Second Elder, did you?”

She truly feared Xie Limo would kill Second Elder.

“Don’t worry. I did want to do something to him, but since my wife did not permit it, I spared his life.”

Yun Bixue said very seriously, “Limo, we need to consider the big picture. You shouldn’t act recklessly for my sake. If something were to happen to Second Elder in the imperial capital, regardless of what the others in the Xie Family Headquarters might think, the Elder’s Home won’t let this rest. Once they start interfering in Country A’s matters, you know better than me what the consequences are.”

Xie Limo held Yun Bixue’s hand and said, “Ah Xue, these aren’t things you need to worry about.”

“Limo, You must be the only one in power in Country A. If the Elder’s Home were to steal the credit just as we are about to succeed, your efforts would have gone to waste.”

“They don’t have that capability. Moreover, the rules set by the Xie family won’t allow that. They will only be slapping themselves in their own faces by doing that.”

Yun Bixue sighed. She wouldn’t be able to win in reasoning against Xie Limo, but knowing that he had heeded her words and did not kill Second Elder, her heart was put to ease.

What Yun Bixue didn’t know was, although Xie Limo had promised her he wouldn’t kill him, that didn’t mean he wouldn’t do something else to him.

Right now, Second Elder was trapped in the imperial capital. Because he had lost his passport and identity card, he couldn’t leave the country.

Moreover, Second Elder was also aware that he was being watched now. He had tried contacting the headquarters, and although he managed to do it, he only managed to contact unimportant people.