Novel:Stop, Young Master Qi|Author:Mo Fei|Genre:Modern Romance
"Get in the car." Leng Qiu grabs her shoulder and mercilessly shoves her into the back of the car.

Chu Tian didn't even know when they drove the car and fell back on the soft chair. Although it didn't hurt, it was hot on her arm, and she didn't know how hard the woman used.


Rong Yan sat in the car as if nothing had happened, and smiled at her and asked, "take a seat for a while, and you will arrive soon." "Where do you want to take me?" Immediately sit up from the chair, want to push the door open, but the locks are locked, how can not push open. Chu Tian looked back and saw that Leng Qiu had been sitting in the driver's seat and started the car. Her heart sank immediately.

If these people didn't plan, they must be fake. Even the car is ready.

The military region does not allow external vehicles to drive in at will, but allows Yan to go in and out freely. In addition, several officers are talking about commander Zhao. It is impossible to say that there is no trade between them!

"What do you want to do?" She looked sideways at the man beside her, the other side's pondering smile, looking at it was disgusting.

"You will soon know."

Rong Yan, holding his chin on his back, looked at the scene of retrogression outside the window with great interest.

She questioned many times, and she was completely ignored. Chu Tian clenches her fist and calms down. She secretly touches her pocket and puts her mobile phone in it.

Squint at the man sitting next to him, fingers into his pocket without leaving traces, touch the cell phone's slightly cold screen. Think to take advantage of allow Yan not to pay attention to turn on mobile phone secretly contact Qi Han mo. But when she really untied the lock screen of the mobile phone, Rong Yan still did not have any response, Chu Tian was flustered and moved his hand away. After being cheated so many times, her intuition told her that Rong Yan didn't really don't know her little action,

but deliberately let it go. Who knows what kind of conspiracy will Rong Yan have after she finds Qi Hanmo?

"Here comes the boss."

The car finally stopped in front of the hotel.

It's the same hotel that Rong Yan arranged for her before.

"Go up, you know where the room is?" He took the lead in getting out of the car and stood beside her with a warm smile.

Chu Tian came down from the car with the cold feeling of numbness on her scalp. Take a look at him and walk into the hotel.

There are also waiters in the lobby of the hotel. Seeing these people, she hangs high and relaxes. After looking at them, Rong Yan and them followed, but this is a public place after all, and they can't do anything.

Chu Tian forced himself to calm down and said, "my brother has told me about my father. You come here to find us to settle accounts?"

"Why do you think so?" "Perhaps, I'm just here to relax," said Rong Yan

Relax? In Chu Tian's heart, who would believe this perfunctory reason? "I know everything about my father, so what do you want to do?"

"I don't want to do anything."

It is obvious that Rong Yan does not intend to tell the truth.

She stopped asking questions and went all the way to the hotel room on guard. It was the same as before, but the water cup on the table was cleaned up. She found a place at will to sit down and be wary of Rong Yan.

Cold autumn, who was following him, suddenly came forward and said a few words in Rong Yan's ear.

"Rong Yan chuckles," follow them, everything should be arranged

"I see, boss." Leng Qiu nodded his head and squinted at Chu Tian again. "What should this woman do?"

"That's it."

"That's it?" Leng Qiu can't understand his meaning, but when she sees Rong Yan's expression as old as before, she doesn't say much, "I'll go outside and watch."

While they were talking, Chu Tian hurriedly took out her mobile phone and sent Qi Hanmo a location address. When Rong Yan looked at her, her information had been sent and she quickly pretended to be playing with her mobile phone.

"Has the information been sent?" Rong Yan sat on the opposite side, looking at her eyes as if she could see through.

"I don't know what you're talking about." Chu Tian's breathing is slightly disordered. "I guess you brought me here. You must want me to ask Qi Hanmo for help. Let them come to me, right?"

"Almost, it's understandable." He raised his eyebrows. "But do you think it's that easy for me to think about it?"

"Of course not." Chu Tian tried to bear the anger, "but I also admit that I can't see what you are thinking. If you want me to send messages, I can send them. What about after? What do you want to do after that? " "I heard your father died when you were very young." The man opposite suddenly replied, "you should be four or five years old at that time. I was carried back by my adoptive father when I was four or five years old. When your father died, I was exactly fifteen years old, just about the same age as your brother. Originally, I should have told your brother about this, but Qi Hanmo was pressing hard, and I didn't have much time, so I'll have to deal with you. " As he said, he opened the drawer beside him and took out a black brocade box from it. "Your father did a lot of things in those days. I'm still impressed today. I shouldn't have come here, but if I think about it, it won't be solvedIt will be a problem in the future. "

"So, what do you want to do?"

After looking at him, Chu Tian takes out her mobile phone and sends a message to Qi Hanmo, telling him that Rong Yan may have other arrangements. If he plans to come here, he must be careful.

"What do I want to do?" Allow Yan to sing softly, open the black brocade box, take out a set of syringes from it, inject a bottle of unknown transparent liquid into the syringe, "I don't want to do anything, just want to ask you to help me."


Seeing the liquid in the syringe, her scalp was numb and she got up to leave.

But as soon as there was movement, the man on the opposite side strode up, grabbed her hand and plunged the needle into her arm in spite of her fierce reaction. Cold pillow with a burst of pain, the liquid inside was quickly injected into the body.

Chu Tian only has time to exclaim, and Rong Yan dials out the needle, "how are you feeling?"

"What did you get me?" She examined her arm in panic, only to see a tiny needle. The man in front of him smiled softly. "Didn't your brother tell you that? Because of your father's relationship, I had a bad experience. At that time, I could see the things in this syringe almost every day. This time, I'd like you to help me finish one thing, but you can rest assured that this thing will only torture people and not kill people. "

"You are such a madman!" Chu Tian strode forward to pick up the bottle containing the liquid, on which there was a note in English, none of which she could understand. Her strong sense of unease prompted her to take out her mobile phone and translate it with software. She soon knew that this bottle of medicine was medicine, but it was not often used. If the quantity was not right, it would lead to the addictive effect of patients.

"Don't worry, I have a good control of the quantity. I only need to inject once a day."

"What do you mean?"

Chu Tian wants to turn around and ask questions, but she just turns around and turns around. She falls on the sofa with a soft body. Try to stand up, but when it's dark, the feeling of dizziness is stronger.

It must be the drugs in the body!

"It's not interesting. You can sleep. You are my very important bargaining chip." Rong Yan helps her to take the medicine bottle in her hand, which is extremely gentle.

Chu Tian struggles for a few times and passes out in a coma. Rong Yan calls the waiter to help her to the bed. "Boss, here they are!" Leng Qiu walked in quickly. "We need to leave now. Commander Zhao is not credible at all. He promised to stop Qi Hanmo. He let people out in less than an hour. The current situation is not good for us. Let's go back first!"


Rong Yan takes the tissue and wipes it with his hand. "Let's arrange the car."

“…… OK. " I was surprised to see the man in front of me. I thought he would not leave so easily.

The car is parked in the underground parking lot of the hotel. Leng Qiu makes a phone call. The waiter helps them drive out of the parking lot and park at the gate.

Leng Qiu follows Rong Yan downstairs, paying close attention all the way, just opening the door to let him get on. Suddenly, several cross-country vehicles come from the road ahead, and several men in camouflage clothes come down from the car.

"Mr. Rong, we need your help in some matters. Please come with us." Xie Heng walked ahead.

"What is it?"

Rong Yan raises his hand and stops the cold autumn that wants to come forward. The smile on his face has not changed at all.

"Just now, commander Zhao was reported as having an improper transaction with the outside world. This matter seems to have something to do with Mr. Rong, so please come back with us. " He turned sideways, gesturing to allow Yan to get on.

It seems that they are worried about the other side's disbelief. A subordinate takes out the wanted warrant in his hand.

"Did you give up commander Zhao?" However, he did not expect that they would deal with it in this way.

"Please get in the car." Xie Heng urges again and again, with sharp eyes on the cold autumn waiting for an opportunity.

But fortunately, Rong Yan didn't plan to make trouble in the public. He explained that he would follow them to get on the bus.

"Hurry up to miss Chu!" Xie Heng whispered to his subordinates.

"I see."

The subordinates hurriedly went up and found Chu Tian in a coma on the bed. They immediately notified Xie Heng and called the doctor. After the doctor's diagnosis and treatment, it's not clear what's going on.


Xie Heng suddenly saw the person behind him, turned to one side and said seriously, "the doctor has checked Miss Chu. At present, I don't know why. I have to go to the hospital to check."

"I'll go."

"Captain, this can't be done!" Xie Heng was surprised. "Is commander Zhao really related to Rong Yan? There is no final decision yet. You can't go there."

"Grandpa will take care of it." Qi Hanmo did not pay attention to him, went to the bedside and looked at the woman lying on the bed. The snow-white bed made her complexion paler. The doctor frowned beside him. He didn't know how to deal with it. He saw Qi Hanmo coming. He stood up quickly. "Mr. Qi, I have done a preliminary examination for this young lady. She has no fever, and I can't see anything wrongI've been dealing with the coma in Jindi. I said hello to the hospital and now I'm going to take her to the hospital. "


Qi Hanmo stooped to pick up the man. The man in his arms was so light that he was surprised.

When she was sent to the hospital, the doctor quickly arranged a series of examinations for Chu Tian, and finally confirmed that her blood contained anesthetic ingredients, but this kind of anesthetic was very special, and the same brand could not be found in China. At the same time, news came from the military region. A subordinate of commander Zhao secretly explained that commander Zhao did come and go with Rong Yan some time ago. It was one of their plans to bring Qi Hanmo back for investigation. Several boxes of unidentified cash were found in commander Zhao's house.

Although commander Zhao denied it, his superiors decided to launch an investigation. During this period, commander Zhao was dismissed. Rong Yan was taken back to investigate the next day because he was not a native.

Xie Heng was in charge of escorting Rong Yan, and watched him get on the plane under the escort of several international police officers. He was worried, "is it not good to let Rong Yan go back in this way?"

"This is the decision of the superior. Besides, we have no right to deal with it." The comrades patted him on the shoulder and looked around. "By the way, didn't the captain come today?" "No, Miss Chu is leaving the hospital today. Doctors have figured out how to fix the ingredients of those anesthetics, but it will take days He sighed, "it's like an addiction. Miss Chu is in a coma most of the time. As soon as she wakes up, she feels sick and cold. If she doesn't get the same dose of anesthetics, she won't be able to slow down. But once injected, she will fall into a coma again and circulate all the time. "

"Let's go and have a look."

It's certain that Rong Yan has been arrived. Xie Heng and other people went to the hospital and met Qi Hanmo who was going to take Chu Tian out of the hospital. The luggage was packed. Chu Qi also helped. When they saw them coming, they said hello and chatted. Several people didn't know each other before, but Qi Hanmo had investigated Chu Tian's identity, and naturally knew what Chu Qi was doing. He didn't receive formal training like his father did, but Rong Hetian was not caught at that time. He would find their two brothers and sisters to settle accounts with them when he followed

. He could only take risks to deal with things well.

After knowing this, Qi Hanmo naturally helps, so they have a connection. Back to Qijia's villa, Chu Tian still felt dizzy all day. She felt sick when she woke up. Seeing the doctor inject sedative drugs to her, Qi Yingying also came to visit her. She said she didn't expect that she didn't

after just leaving for a while, Chu Tian was taken away.

She wanted to retort, but she didn't have the strength to speak at all. It was clear that Rong Yan had prepared them in the morning, and she could not prevent it.

"Well, I'm too lazy to talk about you!" Qi Yingying rolled her eyes. "Anyway, you should have a good rest. By the way, commander Zhao is still under investigation. It's hard for brother to have a few days off."

She said a few words and left.

Qi Hanmo can rest, she naturally knows.

After taking medicine, Chu tianqiang got up from bed and went to the garden. A few days ago, she could only lie on the hospital bed, and hadn't come out to bask in the sun for a long time.

"What happened?" Not long after sitting in the shade of the tree, she heard a familiar voice. When I opened my eyes, I saw Qi Hanmo walking along the path, draped the blanket in her hand on her knee, touched her hand, and found that it was not as cold as before, and the eyebrows were just stretched out, "sit for a while, and I will take you back."

"Good." She nodded, her voice hoarse. "When can I go to work?"

Qi Hanmo twisted his eyebrows, clearly did not like her to say these words, "wait until the body is better." "Well then." She pursed her lips. It was pointless to argue about these topics at this time. Qi Hanmo would not allow it. After a period of time in the company, she was also used to working life. Suddenly, she wanted to stay at home every day instead of being used to it.

The military region has taken over Chuqi 's information. She is naturally pleased to learn that her brother does not need to take any more risks. Yu Guang secretly looks at the man beside him, and the bright sunshine falls on his resolute face through the treetop. Chu Tian put out his hand to touch the dry back of his hand in the face of the heat in his throat, which attracted the attention of men. Seeing that he didn't push away, Chu Tian had the courage to hold him. "I want to go there and have a look."

There is a flowerpot, which is full of lotus flowers.

At this time, it's the season when the lotus is in full bloom. Looking at it, it's all pink lotus.

"Good." Qi Hanmo didn't let go of her hand and got up to pick her up.

Man's arm strength is big, can easily hold her up, that hand is still hand in hand with her. Chu Tian's face was slightly red, and he buried himself on his shoulder, with the familiar strong Yang breath on the tip of his nose.

It was because things had not been dealt with properly that Qi Hanmo restrained from contacting her too much. I heard a few days ago that Rong Yan was escorted back by the international police, and his adoptive father, Rong Hetian, was also detained.In the whole process, Rong Yan didn't intervene, let alone save people.

However, it has nothing to do with Chu Tian. She takes Qi Hanmo's shoulder and hands to support her. She kisses Qi Hanmo's face quickly. Then she lowers her head and dare not look at him.

After a few seconds, the man's hoarse voice just sounded on the top of his head, "don't move around, you will fall down."

"Good." The sun fell on them.