Chapter 1160 - Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Novel:Sweet Adorable Wife, Please Kiss Slower!|Author:Food Shopkeeper|Genre:Romance
The strong hormonal scent enveloped her quickly. Her body softened. Thankfully, an arm slipped around her waist so that she wouldn’t fall.

This kiss lasted for a very long time.

“Did you miss me?” Lu Zhanbei’s voice was hoarse.

“Then did you miss me?”

Lu Zhanbei laughed lowly. “This is the answer.”

Lin Wanwan withdrew her hands, as if she was scalded. “Has Tianba eaten your moral intergrity? Oh, right, why did you participate in this show?”

“Did you think I would let my woman fall in love with another man?”

Even if it was a fake relationship, that wouldn’t do.

“Aren’t you afraid of revealing your identity?”

Although ordinary citizens couldn’t recognize Lu Zhanbei, some people in the entertainment circle had seen him before.

“They wouldn’t dare to.”

Lin Wanwan slapped away his caressing claws from her waist. “What’s up with that QQ car?”

Even if Lu Zhanbei wanted to put on a disguise, there wasn’t a need to do so to that extent.

“Mo Chen prepared it.”

When Lu Zhanbei got on the plane back to the country, he got Mo Chen to prepare a car for him. The more ordinary, the better. Who knew that Mo Chen would prepare such an antique for him?

Time was running out back then and he couldn’t change cars in time.

Lin Wanwan blinked. “I think that car suits you well.”


“Old but strong.”

As her words fell, Lu Zhanbei bit her lip, as if punishing her. His hands didn’t know their place and roamed around her body, igniting flames everywhere.

Both of them had been separated from each other for a month. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

“Shush. Keep quiet. There are cameras outside.”

Lin Wanwan bit her lower lip tightly. She wanted to push him away but didn’t have the strength.

Knock, knock, knock…

Just then, someone knocked on the door.

“Ms. Lin, are you in there? I noticed that there isn’t anyone in your room. Did something happen?”

Hearing the staff’s question, Lin Wanwan opened her mouth and nearly let out a moan.

She endured the tidal-like pleasure and raised her voice. “I’m in the washroom. Mr. Lu went out for a walk. Everything’s fine.”

“Oh, I’ll get going, then. If there’s anything, you can call me at any time.”


As the sound of footsteps drifted away, Lin Wanwan’s body trembled and she lay limp in Lu Zhanbei’s arms.


After pushing him away, Lin Wanwan wanted to head outside. However, Lu Zhanbei pulled her back.

“If you leave, what will I do?” His tone carried with it some grievances.

“Serves you right!” Lin Wanwan flung his hand away and left the washroom angrily.

Hearing the sound of water from the bathroom, Lin Wanwan snorted. Then, she closed her eyes and slept.

When Lu Zhanbei came out, half an hour had passed. Due to the presence of the cameras, he glanced at Lin Wanwan, then went to bed silently.

One night passed quietly. Lin Wanwan woke up early and was brushing her teeth when she saw Lu Zhanbei walk in from the corner of her eye. She didn’t conceal her gloating and asked, “Did you sleep well?”

Lu Zhanbei glanced at her. He walked behind her and held her slender waist.

Lin Wanwan was shocked. She quickly glanced at the cameraman walking around outside. When she realized that he wasn’t looking here, she pinched Lu Zhanbei’s waist forcefully.

“If you dare to mess around, I’ll castrate you!”

“Compensate me tonight.”


The moment Lu Zhanbei released her from his hands, the cameraman coincidentally looked over. How exciting.

After washing up, Lin Wanwan started to prepare breakfast.

This reality show focused mainly on displaying the true sides of celebrities’ private lives and their states of being in love.

In order to boost ratings, Lin Wanwan would act intimately with Lu Zhanbei from time to time. However, they didn’t take it too far.