Chapter 999 - Especially Her (5)

Novel:Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive|Author:Gao Qing|Genre:Romance
At this time, in Ruan Qishan’s room, Mdm Ruan and Wang Yazhi were anxiously waiting for Ruan Qishan.

Seeing Ruan Qishan return, Mdm Ruan immediately anxiously asked, “How was it? Did my grandson say everything? Is the Ling girl really…”

Mdm Ruan didn’t complete her sentence, but she and Wang Yazhi both knew what she meant.

Wang Yazhi’s eyes were red, and she tearfully looked at Ruan Qishan.

Ruan Qishan sighed and said, “Don’t be anxious. Let me slowly tell you about it.”

“How can we not be anxious, and how can you slowly tell us!” Mdm Ruan’s face was strict. “Tell us quickly.”

“Okay, okay…..”

Knowing that these two women were anxious, Ruan Qishan told Mdm Ruan and Wang Yazhi exactly what Ruan Zeyan had told him.

After hearing it, the two were shocked.

“So it was like that. Like I said, my grandson wouldn’t spend the night in the study without reason and on such a day,” Mdm Ruan said in shock.

“My god…..My Yaya is so pitiful…..How scared she must have been at that time….” As expected, Wang Yazhi was crying. “Yaya, who normally cannot even kill a fish, was forced to….”

Mdm Ruan heavily sighed and said, “Since it is like this, then I can relax. However, you must remind your son that keeping a distance doesn’t mean indifference. Just look at his performance today…..That guy’s EQ is usually quite high, why is he so stupid this time? Just don’t hurt the Ling girl’s heart!”

Ruan Qishan nodded and said, “Yes, I’ve already told him. He knows.”

Since it wasn’t the situation that she was the most worried about, Mdm Ruan was relieved, and she returned to her room to sleep.

Ruan Qishan consoled Wang Yazhi for a while before shutting off the lights and going to bed.

In the large study, Du Gang stood there, deeply worried and sick at heart. “Boss, why didn’t you tell the Chairman the truth just then? Then, the elders in the house would have some defense against the fake.”

Ruan Zeyan shook his head and said, “Before we identify the other party’s identity as well as whether Ling Tianya is safe, there cannot be any slip-ups. Do you think that my father came to ask himself? He probably has to explain to my grandmother and my mother when he returns. If they know my suspicious and have set up defenses in the hearts, then there would be holes when they do things, especially my mother.”

Du Gang nodded his head in understanding and said, “Exactly, it is best to hide it from the elders.”

Ever since Du Gang agreed with Ruan Zeyan’s point and believed that the current Ling Tianya was a fake, his brain suddenly became clear. Just as they found Mike through the hidden guard’s satellite system, then police station coincidentally received a report and also successfully surrounded Mike and the others that were in the van.

Everything was so coincidental as if they purposely let the police find Mike and the purposely sent the fake young miss into the mansions.

To be so familiar with the Ruan Family’s hidden guard’s inner system as well as the way the hidden guards did things, in addition to the incident with the powder that Big One spoke of last time.

There was only one person who could do something like that….

Du Gang looked at Ruan Zeyan. Since he could even think of this, the boss definitely also thought of this.

Ruan Zeyan’s forehead was tightly locked, his carved chin was tense, and his cold eye looked at the documents on his desk, unblinking.

Du Gang followed Ruan Zeyan’s gaze, on that stack of paper, a name was furiously written.

Wang Manpeng….