Chapter 1062 - The Last Big Gift (3)

Novel:Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive|Author:Gao Qing|Genre:Romance
Although Ruan Zeyan’s hidden guards could not withstand an attack by heavy weapons or concentrated firepower, they were very effective when it came to close combat and surprise attacks.

Wang Manpeng now knew that he had failed utterly. It would be impossible to get revenge or to walk out of this place.

However, he was not reconciled to his failure!

How could he be?

But even if he could get out, what could he do? The fact that he used the KSI in order to take care of his personal grudge could no longer be hidden. Today, the department that had just reached the country had already been destroyed by Ruan Zeyan. If he returned to the main department, those members of the terrorist organization wouldn’t let him go. So what if he’s the leader? His actions have already gone against the organization’s interests. He would still be punished.

It was just like how a country’s president will also one day be dismissed.

“Manpeng.” Ruan Qishan, who had been silent the entire time, finally opened his mouth to speak. He looked at Wang Manpeng, his expression complicated. “I feel like I need to tell you what happened in the past.”

“What else is there to say? Ruan Qishan, what else do you want to say?” Wang Manpeng irritably pulled at the bow tie around his neck, a strange red color appearing on his face.

Butler Zhong observed things from the side for a while and then said to Wang Manpeng, “The veins on your face have burst. I’m urging you not to become too excited.”

However, Butler Zhong knew that he might as well not have said anything.

Ruan Qishan looked at Wang Manpeng seriously. “I need to tell you something, and I need to tell you right now! I cannot let the guests who have come to attend my birthday banquet think that I, Ruan Qishan, am a disciple of a sanctimonious guy who betrays his friends! Also, I cannot allow you to keep misunderstanding me.”

Ruan Qishan walked over wanting to stand in front of Wang Manpeng but was stopped by Du Gang. “Chairman, it’s dangerous!”

“It’s fine. Isn’t everything under control?” Ruan Qishan said calmly to Du Gang and then looked at Wang Manpeng, whose eyes were full of hate.

“Manpeng, I know that you must really hate me and want to kill me.”

Wang Manpeng clenched his fists tightly, the bones in his palms cracking.

Ruan Qishan continued, “Your father and I were good friends. He was one of a small number of friends that I treated sincerely.”

“Stop being hypocritical, Ruan Qishan. So your sincerity means that you will cause your friend’s family to break apart and allow people to die? Don’t say that you were my father’s friend. You’re not suited!” Wang Manpeng shouted and made a move forward. Tao Dayu saw it and quickly went over to control Wang Manpeng.

In the past, Wang Manpeng had trained with Ruan Zeyan, and his martial art skills weren’t bad. Tao Dayu was quickly injured.

Du Gang looked at Big One and Small One. The brothers simultaneously went forward and only then were they able to control Wang Manpeng.

Ruan Qishan looked at the injured Tao Dayu. “Dayu, are you okay?”

Tao Dayu stood up and wiped away the blood at the corner of his mouth. “Master, I’m fine. I’m older and no longer useful!”

“Manpeng, calm down and let me finish!” Ruan Qishan made his voice louder. “I want to ask you, where did you find out about the things that happened in the past between your father and me?”

Wang Manpeng glared maliciously at Ruan Qishan. “Of course you don’t want me to know. You don’t want the entire world to know. However, don’t do things that you don’t want anyone to know about. My mother knew what kind of person you were and therefore, hid her suicide note behind the family photo.”

“You saw the suicide note that your mother left?” Ruan Qishan asked.

“That’s right!”