Chapter 1137 - The Business Partner Has Arrived (9)

Cheng Chen decided to dine at Ming Xuan in the afternoon. Since there were only two of them, he didn’t reserve a private suite, but instead set to dine in the common area near the windows.

Like the gentleman he was, Cheng Chen pulled out a seat for Ling Tianya. As she took a seat, she mentioned, “I remember, my first visit here since my return was when I was coerced by Gu Zhiqian, when I misunderstood that he was controlling Zhang Ke. I was so worried about Zhang Ke, so I just got in Gu Zhiqian’s car. In actuality, Zhang Ke couldn’t make it in time only because another car was in her way.”

At the mention of Zhang Ke, Ling Tianya’s expression darkened.

“What are your plans regarding your relationship with Zhang Ke from here on out?” Cheng Chen asked.

Zhang Ke had previously visited Zhiya Entertainment to look for Cheng Chen in hopes of meeting Ling Tianya. Zhang Ke asked for Cheng Chen to help aid in restoring her friendship with Ling Tianya.

But Cheng Chen rejected her requests. He felt that it wasn’t right for him to intervene; it was something concerning only Ling Tianya and Zhang Ke, after all.

“I can tell you still care for Zhang Ke, don’t you?” Cheng Chen questioned.

“I mean, through the years, she was indeed of great help. In fact, without her, I wouldn’t have escaped unscathed this time either,” Ling Tianya stated impassively. “It’s just that, there’s just something I can’t seem to get over. I don’t understand how the main characters of TV dramas seem to be able to forgive those that betrayed them easily. Because I don’t think I would be able to do that.”

“Then again, you don’t actually hate Zhang Ke, do you?” Cheng Chen questioned again.

“I don’t.” Ling Tianya nodded. “The emotions I’m experiencing now feel weird. Maybe after some time, I will be relieved of such feelings.”

Cheng Chen decided to push no further, as he understood how Ling Tianya felt. She was someone that had built up a lot of walls, which was all due to the unfortunate experiences she had been through in her life. With so many walls up, it was difficult for her to believe and place her trust in others.

And when she placed her trust in one, she would let all her walls down.

Once she realized that the trust was misplaced, it would be hard for her to forgive and forget.

In fact, she was the one who was suffering the most, since she was the one in turmoil with herself.

“Tianya, take it easy. Don’t overthink things, you’re just putting yourself in a tough spot.” Cheng Chen offered his advice heartedly.

“I know; I’m just trying to adjust to everything.”

Just as their conversation came to a pause, Ling Tianya’s phone rang. It was Xu Cheng. Once Ling Tianya picked up her phone, she was immediately bombarded with Xu Cheng’s rage, asking her where she went, and why she didn’t bring her along to lunch.

“My cousin, you’re now an employee of Zhiya Entertainment. When have you seen an employee dining with the President and a shareholder of said company?” Discussing about Zhang Ke had already put Ling Tianya in a foul mood. She no longer had the energy nor patience to deal with Xu Cheng.

“Then what do I do!” Xu Cheng asked begrudgingly.

“Your colleagues from the HR department should’ve informed you where the company’s cafeteria is; you’ll be able to have your lunch there. The food served in Zhiya Entertainment’s cafeteria is pretty tasty, premium and even served buffet style. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.”

Once she finished what was on her mind, Ling Tianya hung up.

“This cousin of Ruan Zeyan sure is an interesting one. She’s already contacting you to ask how her lunch will be dealt with. Does that mean you’ll be managing her transport to and from work next?” Cheng Chen mocked.

Actually, according to Xu Cheng’s logic, she would’ve expected as such. Since Ling Tianya brought her into the company, she should be in charge of everything related to her.

But of course, Ling Tianya wasn’t going to follow her wishes. She only promised her a job and brought her into Zhiya Entertainment. But how she was going to go about her working life was entirely up to Xu Cheng herself.