Chapter 862 - Quickly Work Hard To Earn More Money!

Novel:Sweet Rustic Love: Four Brothers' Wife|Author:Nian Yishang|Genre:Historical
Dongfang Ming came out from the Wansheng Building and headed towards the city gate…

Dongfang Ming passed through the city gates and headed towards a desolate forest.

There were overgrown shrubs all over the forest. However, there was a perfectly kept small road.

There was a small pool at the end of the road. Dongfang Ming was familiar with the road and when he reached the pool, he went to wash his face. He then walked towards a shaded area next to a big rock. He leaped and easily went up on the rock.

He stood on top and looked far away, whispering, Are you well? Did you think of me, your business partner?

Whenever he felt irritated in his heart, Dongfang Ming would come here for a while. Sometimes, he would stay here for a few hours.


Liu Duo suddenly let out a loud sneeze while she was speaking to Ye Ling.

“Who is cursing me?” Liu Duo muttered as she rubbed her pretty nose that didn’t sneeze out any mucus.

“Duo Er, it is probably someone who is thinking about you and not cursing you.” Ye Ling smiled.

“Is it?” Liu Duo half-believed and half-doubted what he said.

It was still raining when they were having their meal but the sky suddenly turned clear for some reason.

Upon seeing this, Ye Liu and the others drove the bullock-cart out.

Liu Duo initially wanted to ask them not to go but Ye Liu said something about how there would be another mouth to feed in the family, so how could he get lazy? Instead, he should quickly work hard to earn more money!

There were also villagers who came to sell their tomatoes one after another. Each of them glanced at Liu Duo with smiles like blooming flowers. Moreover, the expression in their eyes was like they were looking at something rare.

In response, Liu Duo felt a bit awkward and asked with a smile, “Why are you guys looking at me with such a smile?”

“Ye Liushi, I heard you are pregnant?” One of the villagers smiled. “And there is more than one baby in your tummy, right?”


When Liu Duo heard what he said, she frowned ever so slightly. She felt slightly displeased with Doctor Li in her heart.

How could he simply tell others about her situation?

Ye Ling, on the other hand, didn’t feel there was a problem. He smiled proudly. “That’s right.”

He wasn’t showing off and it was purely because he was happy.

Right now, all those who talked bad about his wife received a slap in the face!

“May I ask, who told you this?” Liu Duo smiled and asked.

“Your Aunt Ye told me.” The villager spoke truthfully.

When Ye Liu had told her back then, Aunt Ye was so excited she almost couldn’t close her mouth.

However, when she thought about those who slandered Liu Duo by saying she was barren, she became so angry that she talked loudly about this with her family members in her house’s yard.

And so, her neighbors heard her and the news kept spreading mouth to mouth. Not long after, almost the entire village knew about this!

Aunt Ye?

The corner of Liu Duo’s mouth raised up. She never would’ve thought Aunt Ye was also a gossipy person.

“Ling, I am heading back upstairs. I want to rest for a while.”

Liu Duo did not like their gazes at all. It wasn’t like she was some kind of exotic item or an animal that had never been seen before!

“Okay. Then be careful when you are going upstairs. If you want to have some fruit, I’ve already placed a few on your table.”

“I know.”

After Liu Duo finished speaking, Liu Duo went upstairs as if she was escaping.

When the villagers saw Liu Duo leave, they didn’t hold back and kept on repeatedly asking Ye Ling questions.

“How many babies are there in your wife’s belly?”

“Are they boys or girls?”

Ye Ling heard them and frowned, especially at the second question. He did not want to answer that question at all!

Just as he was about to say he didn’t know, an unexpected guest passed through the yard door.