Chapter 863 - A Disgusting Person Came To Disturb Their Mood Again!

Novel:Sweet Rustic Love: Four Brothers' Wife|Author:Nian Yishang|Genre:Historical
“Cripple Ye, where are your brothers? Quickly call them to get their asses out here for me!”

When Ye Ling and the few villagers heard her, they all looked over.

Ye Ling saw it was Grandma Ye and his face was filled with disgust.

Ye Ling didn’t get angry at being called a cripple because it was not worth it. This was something Liu Duo often taught him.

If the person was someone unimportant, there was no need to get angry no matter what they said. That was because if he got angry and harmed his body, he was the one who needed to suffer the hardship. It was not worth it!

“Why are you here? Our family doesn’t welcome you, so please leave!” Ye Ling showed a face of displeasure as he spoke to her.

Aunt Li heard the screaming and she came out of the kitchen. She saw it was someone she hadn’t seen in a long time, Grandma Ye. She spoke while she walked over.

“Since you already severed your relations a long time ago, don’t come here and act like a grandmother! Guard that filthy mouth of yours. If you shout again you better watch out for my whipping!”

She could not bear to see Grandma Ye insult Ye Ling. So what if there was something wrong with his legs?

Should he be called a cripple just because of that?

“Who the hell do you think you are?” Grandma Ye crossed her arms and rolled up her sleeves. She looked like she was about to fight with Aunt Li.

“You better stop trying to pretend you are the elder of this family. What right do you have to butt in when I am speaking to Cripple Ye? Scram somewhere else!”

The villagers in the yard were all watching the excitement and were in no rush to leave.

Liu Duo heard the commotion downstairs and she came out of her room and went over to the balcony to take a look below. When she saw it was Grandma Ye, she immediately frowned.

A disgusting person came to disturb their mood again!

At this time, Ye Yang came from the backyard and walked towards Ye Ling. His icy paralyzed face carried with it a calm composure that radiated power.

When the villagers saw this, they immediately went towards the corners to reduce their presence.

“Blockhead Ye, you came at the perfect time!”

Although Grandma Ye trembled slightly with fear, when she thought about the purpose of her visit, she spoke very imposingly. “Quickly hand over my Xuan Er’s medical fees. One hundred taels! Otherwise, don’t blame me when I curse that lowly wench shared wife of yours to give birth to a monster with no eyes!”

When she heard Liu Duo was pregnant, and that it was a rare pregnancy with more than one baby, she became extremely envious and was filled with hate!

She thought that since Liu Duo was pregnant, it should be easy to make trouble for Ye Yang and the others to make them pay for Ye Xuan’s medical fees.

Upon hearing her spit out such vile and disgusting words, Aunt Li immediately picked up a broom at the side and waved it towards her.

“You vile woman, I will break that mouth of yours!”

Although she had severed her relations, blood was something that could not change. How could she curse her unborn grandchildren like that?

Her conscience had really been eaten by a dog!

Ye Ling heard both of them and saw that she even held a broom. He went over to take a broom. Was he going to join Aunt Li in battle?

Ye Yang, however, shook his head at him and said, “You shouldn’t get angry!”

As he spoke, he took the broom in Ling’s hand and went towards Aunt Li and Grandma Ye in the yard. They had fought until they looked like they were merged together.

When he was close, Ye Yang said, “Aunt Li, step aside!”

He would no longer hold back this time!

His patience had already run out!

For so many years, as the eldest, he was quiet and was not willing to do anything that would cause people to gossip. This was mainly because he wanted Mo and Ling, who spent most of their time at home, to have a peaceful living environment.

After all, he and Ye Liu were rarely at home throughout the year and wouldn’t hear those words that would affect their moods.

“What? You want to beat up your grandmother?” Grandma Ye saw this and unconsciously took a step back.

In actuality, her heart trembled when she saw Ye Yang acting this way. However, she did not reduce her loftiness at all.

In her heart, she thought about how she would have to be in pain for a few days if his fists landed on her body.