Chapter 1733 - Li-Su Style Parenting

Novel:The 99th Divorce|Author:Wan Lili|Genre:Drama
Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Su Qianci already found it hard to bear with that kind of incident, even though she only experienced it once.

 If it happened again, she would probably go mad.

 “It will never happen again.” Li Sicheng spoke indisputably as he held his wife’s hand. “Let’s go. Let’s head inside.”

 Li Jinnan watched from the side. His emotions felt slightly complicated.

 Li Sicheng and Su Qianci had experienced great difficulties before they managed to be with each other.

 Li Jinnan was well aware of the hurdles they experienced.

 Only the parties involved knew exactly how difficult it had been for them.

 The guests came and went. Many of them spotted the three children. Their eyes all shone as they pinched one child and hugged another.

 Initially, the two boys were willing to cooperate with them, but they quickly slipped away after it happened more than three times.

 Toward the end, even Li Jianyue could not put up with it anymore. She pouted her lips as she clung onto her parents’ arms, unwilling to go out.

 Throughout the process, Li Sicheng did not stop the guests. When he noticed her behavior, his lips curled up slightly. He slowly said, “If you are reluctant, you should learn to turn it down. Daddy and Mommy cannot help you with this all the time. Do you know what to do the next time you experience such a situation?”

 Li Jianyue’s little lips pouted even harder. She replied, “Humph! Those uncles and aunties are not considerate of us at all. Although we are kids, our cheeks hurt too.”

 “Nobody will be considerate of you. If you do not reject others, they will only think that silence means consent. At times like this, you should tell them to not to pinch you because you do not like it .”

 Li Jianyue stopped talking. She clutched onto the red table cloth with her tiny hands and rubbed it incessantly as she pouted her lips and hung her head low. At one glance, it was obvious that she was dejected.

 Su Qianci rubbed her daughter’s tiny head. She grabbed the fruit juice that Li Sicheng had poured for her earlier on. “Ersu, do you want to drink some juice?”


 Li Jianyue’s eyes instantly brightened as she accepted the drink with both hands.

 Li Jianqian had sought refuge with Li Mosen for a long time. They only dared to come out after they had hidden for more than 10 minutes.

 They quickly shuffled over to Li Jianyue.

 Li Jianyue became unhappier when she saw them walk over. She gulped down her juice and yelled, “Brother is a big baddie! You left me here and fled! Brother Mosen is also a big baddie!”

 Li Jianqian replied with a straight face, “Well, you did not want to leave, so you are the only one who will be taken advantage of. Since we are not stupid, we obviously left.”

 Li Mosen nudged Li Jianqian and said, “It’s my fault. I will take you along next time.”

 Li Jianyue placed the glass of fruit juice down and snorted, “There will not be a next time. Next time, I will turn down these annoying uncles and aunties and stop them from pinching my face.”

 She did not mince with her words, which made it rather awkward for the people who had pinched the children’s cheeks earlier on.

 Li Mosen tugged her and said, “Don’t speak so loudly.”

 “Why not?” Li Jianyue was puzzled.

 Li Jianqian quickly found himself a chair and sat down before he picked up on the conversation. He calmly said, “We should not raise a ruckus in the public space.”

 “Oh.” When Li Jianyue saw this, she quickly shuffled over and sat down beside Li Jianqian.

 She propped her tiny, pudgy hands on the table and yelled, “Brother Mosen, come quickly and sit here!”

 Li Mosen walked over when he heard her voice, but Li Jianyue was no longer looking at him. Instead, she looked over at Li Jianqian and asked, “Brother, is it fun in the Capital? Are Grandpa and Grandma fun?”

 “It is fun in the Capital, but Grandpa and Grandma are not ‘things’ that we can have fun with.”