Chapter 566 - You Can Try

Novel:The Bumpy Road of Marriage: The Ex-Wife Is Expecting|Author:Bean Ding Ding|Genre:Romance
Shui Anluo gently patted the irritated little darling and looked at Wei Yuanyuan once again.

“Miss Wei, is your name written on the emporium? Or are you saying that it’s clearly stated that we’re not allowed in here?” Shui Anluo questioned indifferently. Her voice, however, had a hint of chill.

“There should be a plaque everywhere for a woman who would even hurt her own father. It should say this: Dogs and Shui Anluo are not allowed in.” Wei Yuanyuan was relying on the fact that the old man she had married was someone with status in ‘A’ City so she has the guts to make an enemy of Shui Anluo.

Qiao Yaruan’s expression immediately turned ugly.

“Are you still not moving?” Wei Yuanyuan loudly asked.

“Who dares to move?” As the bodyguards tugged on the bags in Qiao Yaruan’s hands, Shui Anluo immediately spoke up in a cold voice.

Qiao Yaruan shook and she looked up at Shui Anluo as if she never thought that her friend would say such a thing.

When the bodyguards heard Shui Anluo, they paused.

“Wei Yuanyuan, who gave you the gall to touch my things?” Shui Anluo’s voice grew icy.

“Shui Anluo, this is my territory, what are you spewing out here?” Wei Yuanyuan replied, stepping forward to fight.

Shui Anluo grabbed her wrist with one hand as her eyes turned cold. “Wei Yuanyuan, know your place. Leave immediately before I get angry.”

“Heh, what are you, Shui Anluo? Aren’t you just a whore who climbed into someone else’s bed? Sl*t.” Wei Yuanyuan cursed loudly. “What’re you standing around for? Get this woman!”


The little darling was startled by Wei Yuanyuan’s loud voice and burst into tears. Qiao Yaruan put the little darling in Shui Anluo’s arms then threw the bags in her hand out of the way. “Stay back, Luoluo.”

Shui Anluo shrugged as she held her bawling son and took a step back. Qiao Yaruan has a black belt in Taekwondo so there was no need for her to be afraid of the two bodyguards.

Qiao Yaruan held her fist and slapped it. “Wanna fight? Come on.”

Wei Yuanyuan could not help but take a step back, letting the two bodyguards step forth.

Qiao Yaruan’s skills may be pretty good but she was still a woman at the end of the day. Besides, the two bodyguards looked like professionals at first glance so Qiao Yaruan soon found herself on the losing end. Shui Anluo frowned and wanted to step forward but Wei Yuanyuan stood in her way.

“Shui Anluo, keep looking, keep looking.” Wei Yuanyuan jeered complacently.

Shui Anluo ignored her. She saw the two men hit Qiao Yaruan several times and her expression turned ugly. “Wei Yuanyuan, who do you think can still protect you after you’ve hurt us?”

“I really don’t believe that Chu Ningyi would be willing to make an enemy out of my husband for your sake,” Wei Yuanyuan replied, ignorant of the situation.

“Wei Yuanyuan, remember the things you’ve said.” Shui Anluo said and looked over at Qiao Yaruan. She saw that Qiao Yaruan has been kicked onto the ground in a moment of unconsciousness. A murderous light flashed in Shui Anluo’s eyes and she suddenly grabbed Wei Yuanyuan’s wrist.


Wei Yuanyuan screamed as if she could not stand the pain on her wrist.

“Tell them to stop or I guarantee that you won’t be able to survive this,” Shui Anluo threatened, increasing the force in her grip.

Wei Yuanyuan twitched but did not believe her. “You’d have the guts to kill?”

“You can try,” Shui Anluo muttered into her ear, carrying a sense of evil.

Wei Yuanyuan’s entire body began to fill with an unknown agony and her lips trembled uncontrollably.

“I, I…”