Chapter 1283 - We are Old Acquaintances I

Novel:The Divine Physician's Overbearing Wife|Author:Xiao Qi Ye|Genre:Romance
Tan Shuangshuang froze. She clenched her fists tightly. She could not understand. After all, she had given this old man a grandchild. Why did the old man make things difficult for her in front of so many people?

If she was shamed, was that not also throwing the Mu family’s reputation away?

“Old Master, I just wish to see my child. My child is still so young. Can you bear to let him live without a mother from such a young age?” Tan Shuangshuang spoke with great sincerity as her tears glistened in her eyes, portraying the desire of a mother wishing to stay with her child.

She was sure that a family clan such as the Mu family would definitely not let the child live outside. As long as her child was still at the Mu family, the Mu family would not chase her out!

Indeed, after the people present heard Tan Shuangshuang’s words, they felt that her desire to be with her child was not wrong.

Her only wrongdoing was that she should not have stolen the Mu family’s property and left the residence.

“Old Master, I will not compromise the position of the young lady in the Mu family.” Tan Shuangshuang’s gaze was full of sincere pleading. “I just wish to watch my child grow up. I guarantee that I will not be like Chen Qingyan, causing all kinds of trouble. I beg you, let me stay. Please? Besides staying with the child, I have no other requests.”

From the beginning to the end, Old Master Mu wore a dark face. He looked at Tan Shuangshuang coldly.

The man before her did not show the benevolence he had when he was facing Feng Ruqing and Suyi. Even his gaze was chilling.

Tan Shuangshuang bit the bottom of her lip hard as she clenched her fists tightly. Seeing the old master’s hard gaze, she felt a little suffocated.

However, she understood that…

She needed to persist. Only by doing so could she have a life of luxury and riches–by relying on the Mu family.

If she knew that the Mu family could overcome the difficulties this time, she would not have run away back then. Perhaps if she had not run away, Old Master Mu would have seen her in a different light, and might even have pampered her like he pampered Suyi…

Just as Tan Shuangshuang was thinking all kinds of nonsense, a familiar voice suddenly spoke from inside Mu Residence.

It was so familiar that her body could not help but stiffen.

“You speak as if you could affect Suyi if you entered the Mu family.”

A slender figure walked out from the manor.

The young lady’s hair was fluttering in the wind and she looked extremely beautiful.

The corners of her lips were lifted slightly as her half-hearted smile turned and stopped at Tan Shuangshuang.

“Xiao Qing, why have you come out?” Old Master Mu saw Feng Ruqing coming out from the door and frowned. His voice was full of love. “Did you not say that you were weary and drowsy? You should rest well. How is it that you need to manage these matters? Which blind person has informed you of this? I will go and break her legs later on!”

Feng Ruqing looked at Tan Shuangshuang indifferently. “Tan Shuangshuang and I could be considered old acquaintances. Since she has come to our doorstep, I cannot pretend not to see it either.”

Seeing Feng Ruqing’s familiar face, Tan Shuangshuang’s heart clenched in pain.

She could not understand. Why was it that they were both women but the heavens seemed to care about Feng Ruqing so much more?

Firstly, Feng Ruqing had a father who loved her deeply. She was also a princess and had even managed to obtain the fancy of the state preceptor.

If that was all of it, then it was fine.

Who would have thought that the state preceptor would actually be someone from the Mu family of the reclusive world?

She had originally thought that with the Mu family’s identity, they would not be able to accept Feng Ruqing. It was indeed so, Mu Ling and Chen Qingyan did not like her.

However… the young lady and the master of the Mu family pampered her and loved her, putting her in the palm of their hands.

She refused to resign!

She refused to resign to the fact that all the good things belonged to Feng Ruqing!