Chapter 1420 - The Wedding Ceremony was Finally Completed II

Novel:The Divine Physician's Overbearing Wife|Author:Xiao Qi Ye|Genre:Romance
Those in the palace were stunned, perhaps not understanding why Hu Qing did not resist it.

But what seemed more surprising was, he had not even dodged, as if he had deliberately asked Nan Xian to kill him.

Everyone could see the cold smile in Hu Qing’s eyes as he fell to the ground.

Suddenly, his voice echoed through the palace causing everyone to stare at him with shock.

The crowd only saw a figure gradually scattered on top of the old man’s body.

It was a pale young man who was quite handsome, and his entire body was transparent, swaying in the breeze.

“Hahaha! Nan Changfeng, I want to thank you for helping me leave this old man’s body.” Hu Qing’s voice was gloomy, and he laughed out loud wildly. “I don’t have a body now, so you can’t do anything about it. When I find another body in the future, I will come back to settle the score with you. ”

He hated Jiu Luo’s body. He was actually relieved that now he had finally escaped from it.

He could not help but smiled proudly as he thought that these people would be shocked, angry, and looked helpless.

But when he looked up for a moment, he found that the man in front of him was still as calm as the wind.

Soon… The man looked up slightly, looking at the top of his head.

Hu Qing was visibly startled. The top of his head had been shrouded in shadow and was completely different from what he had expected.

He could not help but raise his head…

A huge pot was like a black cloud, completely enveloping his head.

For some reason, after seeing this huge pot, Hu Qing’s heart trembled. He suddenly had a bad feeling about it.

But before he could escape, the huge pot had already lifted the lid wide open. It then swallowed his entire soul in one gulp and slammed the lid back on.

“Let me out! You let me out!”

Hu Qing’s angry and anxious voice could be heard from inside the pot.

But no one paid any attention to him, and the entire palace was in silence.

Feng Ruqing raised his hand, and the huge pot instantly shrank, transforming into a bowl-sized form that landed in Feng Ruqing’s hand.

“Mother…” Little Qing Han took Feng Ruqing’s hand and said softly. “Is he dumb? Why would he seek his own death when Father obviously could not kill him?”

Even though the state preceptor’s strength had increased quite a bit, but… At most, he was only slightly stronger than Hu Qing, and it was still a bit difficult to kill him here.

But this Hu Qing was too anxious to leave this place, so he had deliberately sought death by crashing into Nan Xian’s sword.

He thought that when he was free from that body, Nan Xian would be unable to do anything to him.


Little Guoguo could swallow anything, a body, or even a soul.

So what he had done just now was like moving a stone just to smash his own feet.

Feng Ruqing stroked her chin and smiled. “Well, he might really be a little stupid to make that choice.”

Little Qing Han turned to look at the huge pot. Her mouth was slightly open, and her big eyes unblinking.

Somehow, Feng Ruqing actually saw a hint of drool… From the corner of Little Qing Han’s mouth.

“Qing Han, you can’t eat it.”

Feng Ruqing said solemnly, “This kind of thing will give you diarrhea if you eat it.”


Little Qing Han swallowed her saliva with a gulp, sensibly nodding. “I’ll listen to my mother.”

Feng Ruqing looked relieved. She raised her eyes and smiled gently as her gaze fell on Nan Xian…