Chapter 1628 - She's My Dearest Granddaughter III

“I’ll kill you later!”

Tian Ya did not have the time to kill Liu Yi because he was so worried about Feng Ruqing.

Nan Xian’s cold gaze had scared him just now, and he did not dare to follow them. If he had known that she was his granddaughter, Feng Ruqing…

Tian Ya walked away, leaving the banquet hall.


Feng Lianyi did not understand what was happening and quickly followed Tian Ya.

It was as if Tian Ya had eyes on his back, and the wind suddenly surged out like a wave in the sea, sending Feng Lianyi flying backward.

She was already seriously injured, and this made her cry out in pain. Her pale face was filled with puzzlement, not understanding what she had done wrong.

Suddenly, a gust of gentle wind blew.

Fu Chen was suddenly in front of Tian Ya, stopping him from leaving the banquet hall.

“You can’t go. State Preceptor will save Mother.”


Tian Ya stopped and looked at the little guy in front of him, shocked.

‘This guy… He’s not a little child anymore…

‘He looks like a ten years old boy…

‘Some asshole got my granddaughter pregnant at such a young age?

‘And… This little guy is a spirit herb! Is she being bullied by a spirit herb?’

“Hey, kid. Who are you? Get out of my way.”

Tian Ya had never been kind to boys…

“You can’t go there. You have to stay here!”

‘Father will save Mother.

‘Tian Ya must stay here!’

“Get out of my way!” Tian Ya’s voice was cold.

Fu Chen stubbornly refused to move. “You can’t go. Only he can save Mother. No one else can do anything about it.”

Tian Ya’s face darkened. He wanted to slap this little thing aside but did not do so as he remembered that this boy was his granddaughter’s son…

“Are you sure he can?” Tian Ya asked, uncertainly.

“Only he can do it!” Fu Chen assured.

That was because he was Nan Changfeng…

He was the Ninth Emperor’s lover.

Fu Chen had heard their story countless times but had never met him.

He was the only one who could save the Ninth Emperor!

Tian Ya stared at the little guy’s stubborn face. He was somewhat reluctant but eventually stepped back inside the banquet hall.


Liu Yi had finally climbed out of the hole in the wall. He once again spat a mouthful of blood. His body was a bit shaky as he walked toward Tian Ya and kneeled in front of him.

“General, I don’t understand… Please tell me if I’ve done something wrong! I’m willing to be punished, but Maiden Lianyi… She has never done anything wrong. She’s innocent.”

“Innocent? Hahaha!” Tian Ya laughed wildly. “Feng Lianqing, come here!”

Feng Lianqing was dumbfounded. ‘Why is Master calling for me?’

But he still obediently ran to Tian Ya’s side and replied respectfully, “Master, I’m here.”

“What has Feng Lianyi been doing in Wu Shang City these past few days?”

Tian Ya’s words caused Feng Lianyi to raise her head, panicked.

“Oh, I lost the little prince at that time, and he almost died because of that. Feng Lianyi blamed Feng Ruqing for this and… Almost caused trouble for her.”


Tian Ya lifted his hand and slapped Feng Lianqing’s handsome face, smacking him out of the way.