Chapter 140 - Volume 2 Chapter 35 Finally Reunited

Novel:The End Of The World's Poisonous Mom And Monster Baby|Author:Lin Yuan Mu Yu|Genre:Action
Abe Jing Xue was stubborn and continued to fight for more than an hour. His powers have basically all been consumed. Not to mention the two people’s fighting intensity was particularly high. With a movement from Shao Qing, the broken place had begun to slowly heal. Then did she step forward.

At the moment, in the eyes of Abe Jing Xue, Shao Qing’s eyes seem to emit a silver-white light. It was very weak, but it can’t be ignored. Abe Jing Xue took a deep breath and pointed forward again. Then the silver-white python, like a living creature, smashed out.

Vines skyrocketed and wrapped the whole snake all at once. Naturally no one saw the black crack between the vines.

When the vines were twisting and twisting, the big snake became a piece of earth on the ground. Abe Jing Xue was stunned. He didn’t think that his python was unable to withstand a single blow.

At this juncture, a space crack appeared quietly behind him. Quickly cutting open a wound, then it disappeared.

If it was merely that, then it wouldn’t have been anything big but Abe Jing Xue could sense something was following the wound and drilling in. Within his body it began to spring to life.

Abe Jing Xue immediately let out cold sweat. All his strength was used to suppress the dodder in his body and Shao Qing came step by step closer.

Abe Jing Xue knew that he had lost. If he continued to move, he wouldn’t be able to suppress the dodder, then he would die. But since all his powers were used to suppress the dodder, how can he resist Shao Qing’s attack?

“I admit defeat.” Abe could suddenly feel that crazy growth instantly wither and retreat, nowhere to be found.

Shao Qing wiped the dust off her face. Skipping over Abe Jing Xue, she looked at Er Dai. Her eyes were gentle as she walked over.

Er Dai didn’t say anything, he just threw himself over, but there was a long chain that was locked around him. There was a cold flash in Shao Qing’s eyes. Not saying anything further, she used her palms to pour out the power of space and cut the chain directly.

Er Dai successfully jumped into her arms and did not want to leave. He had so many grievances and longings to tell Shao Qing, but he wasn’t able to properly express his feelings. He simply held onto Shao Qing tightly.

All this time, Shao Qing’s mood had been quite fidgety. But, at this moment, she could finally relax. Shao Qing hugged Er Dai and returned. She didn’t look at those island people at all. Naturally she did not notice the envy in Qiu Xiao Ai Zi’s eyes.

Yan Hanqing had been waiting for a long time. When they saw him they were very happy. After all, they were a team. Moreover Er Dai was also an important one. Now that Er Dai is back, that feeling of loss was gone.

To be honest, this battle was not as rejuvenating or stunning as the first few games. It also went on for a long time, but no one was sleepy. Everyone had wide-eyes, in fear of missing something.

Shao Qing had no reputation in Jing Du. Of course, that was before this battle. After today, she would definitely be included in the list of top masters in Jing Du. Shao Qing wasn’t a person who liked to show off in the limelight. When she returned to her seat, she told Cai Yingying: “We really have to leave this time. If we have a chance, we will see you again.”

Cai Yingying was also despairing and had given up hope now. She carefully compared each other and discovered no matter if it was appearance, strength or even with her dad’s help, she couldn’t compare to Shao Qing. But more importantly, Yan Qiyue never had eyes for her.

The sister also understood. She immediately suppressed the sadness in her heart, nodded, and even helped hold back her father who wanted to come over to talk to Shao Qing.

Shao Qing took her people and sneaked away. If they didn’t leave now, would they wait for the friendly competition to be over first and be surrounded by everyone?

Most of the superhumans who were present, especially those at the top of the mercenary groups, had a similar idea right now. Take Cai Yingying’s father for example. Shao Qing is a rank four superhuman. Even among rank 4’s she was a very strong kind of existence. If he could pull Shao Qing into his mercenary group, what’s the position of the deputy head? As long as Shao Qing was willing to stay, their mercenary group can join the big four and become the fifth mercenary group!

He was not the only ambitious one who wanted to win over Shao Qing. There must be countless numbers. If Shao Qing didn’t run immediately, she would be harassed every day.

Therefore, the intelligent Shao Qing took them directly out of Jing Du. Once those superhumans reacted and turned back, they would realize they have all gone.

Shao Qing was already outside of Jing Du at the moment. Bringing her group of companions, they were dashing out at full speed. Only when they were quite a ways from Jing Du did they stop.At the moment it was noon. Yan Hanqing took over Shao Qing’s role of cooking, leaving Shao Qing and Er Dai to sit together. Even Yan Qiyue unwillingly gave them space.

Er Dai was holding onto Shao Qing and refused to let go. He had been rubbing against Shao Qing. When Shao Qing tried to push him away, he would make a miserable expression. Helpless, Shao Qing simply held Er Dai in her arms.

According to reason, Er Dai was a zombie and his body will not change. Yet, Shao Qing felt that her family’s Er Dai had become thinner. When she held him, he seemed to be a lot pokier. She held his chin and carefully looked at him. The scar on his eye wasn’t very deep, but it was permanent. The scar seemed to be from being cut by some sharp object. Even the body of a zombie couldn’t eliminate its traces.

Shao Qing took a finger and rubbed it. The scar was not deep, but it was painful. Er Dai immediately put his face in front of Shao Qing. The meaning was very clear, he wanted a kiss! E/N lol

Shao Qing helplessly smiled and gently kissed the corner of Er Dai’s eye. “Is this okay? How old are you to still act spoiled? Oh yes, there are individuals to show you.” Se called Fu Jingmo over.

Fu Jingmo was very silent the entire way until Shao Qing shouted for him. Once Fu Jingmo saw Er Dai, his eyes were wet and he flew forward. Trying to hold Er Dai, Er Dai wiggled his butt and dug deeper into Shao Qing’s arms. So, Fu Jingmo was left hugging the air.

He didn’t feel embarrassed, just red-eyed and said: “Ah Shen, I’m your older brother. Don’t you know me?”

Er Dai curiously looked at him. His bright pair of eyes were confused. Finally they were too lazy to look any further. He stuffed his face into Shao Qing and rubbed against her.

Fu Jingmo could not help but feel lost. He fell to the ground and whispered, “How can it be like this? I am sure that he is my brother, but he doesn’t seem to know me…”

Shao Qing stood up and looked down at Fu Jingmo. Her expression unreadable, she asked: “I will ask you two questions. First, are you sure that Er Dai is your brother? Second, are you willing to give up everything for your brother?

“Everything?” Fu Jingmo gritted his teeth: “He is definitely my brother. At that time it was my fault for letting him down. I didn’t care for him and now I owe him. Now we have finally reunited, for my brother I can do anything!”

“Oh…” Shao Qing bent down: “You can do anything?”

Fu Jingmo nodded, looking at Shao Qing very seriously. Er Dai who was on Shao Qing’s body immediately extended his head and opened his mouth to reveal sharp fangs.

His eyes were dark red like blood. In a flash his face was sinister and dreadful. Not just brother, but even if his biological parents saw this scene, they would be scared witless.

The contrast between Er Dai and Shao Qing only highlighted his scary expression. A pure beautiful face beside a sinister expression with razor sharp fangs was extremely conflicting. When put together, it was beyond everyone’s expectations.
Fu Jing Mo was not afraid. He was extremely calm. Shao Qing touched Er Dai’s head and when she looked at Fu Jingmo, her eyes were only full of maliciousness: “It is okay to be eaten… ”

Fu Jingmo clenched his lower lip tightly, his voice was a little nervous and hoarse, but he was very firm: “If my younger brother needs it, it doesn’t matter.”

Er Dai slowly approached Fu Jingmo. Fu Jingmo could even feel his cold breath falling on his neck. That piece of skin immediately was covered with goosebumps.

Fu Jingmo clenched his teeth and didn’t move until Er Dai was almost attached on to him. Shao Qing then hugged Er Dai and faintly said: “Since you are his brother, now you know this massive secret. In that case, you are not able to run. You must remember, if you try to escape and tell someone what you saw today, before you can speak I will kill you.”

To prevent Fu Jingmo from revealing the secrets of Er Dai, Shao Qing even planted some dodder within Fu Jingmo. Even if he was Er Dai’s brother, one must guard their heart then would you leave a path for yourself.

After getting to know each other more she might really trust Fu Jing Mo. Only then will she abolish the seeds in his body.

Fu Jingmo did not say anything, he just stood up silently. Patting the dust off his body, he whispered: “Can I be with my brother at night? We haven’t seen each other for a long time, I want to be with him. I want us to be closer.”

Er Dai immediately hugged Shao Qing’s neck, his countenance was fierce when staring at Fu Jingmo. He did not like Fu Jingmo. Furthermore, he did not like Fu Jingmo wanting to separate him from Shao Qing.

As for that older brother and younger brother BS, is that something you can eat? He only needed Shao Qing. In fact, Er Dai was repelling Fu Jingmo. He doesn’t like him, and he hates having him close to Shao Qing.

Shao Qing comforted Er Dai. “Er Dai doesn’t recognize you right now. If you live together, Er Dai would become mad and you won’t be able to bear it. So let’s wait until Er Dai acknowledges you first.”

Fu Jingmo lowered his head in disappointment. As if she was carrying an octopus, Shao Qing carried Er Dai over to where Yan Hanqing was cooking. There was already a table with settings, and it was just waiting on the food.

Probably having left Shao Qing for too long, Er Dai was even more needy than before. He wished he was able to occupy Shao Qing at all times. His behavior provoked many people, especially Yan Qiyue.

If he hadn’t been suppressing his anger, he would have already rushed over to Shao Qing and occupied her other side.

Even though he was suppressing his anger, Yan Qiyue sat on the other side, looking angrily at the person beside Shao Qing.
Yan Qiyue actually had a personality defect. If it was allowed to continue to develop, he might be similar to those novels, and would be the story’s final boss. So Shao Qing actually stopped him from harming normal citizens.

But even though Yan Qiyue has now tied down his own character because of Shao Qing, he was still very extreme.

For example, looking at Shao Qing and Er Dai, he had already begun to consider two methods of dealing with this in his head. Either changing Shao Qing into a normal person, or finding a way to turn himself into something similar to Shao Qing.

In short, he looked at Er Dai and Shao Qing as the same kind so Er Dai was able to get so much care from Shao Qing. Yan Qiyue wanted to bite the sheet covers and cry for a while.

Since they found Er Dai, Shao Qing had not looked at him once! Er Dai was a big rival!

After appeasing Er Dai for a long time, she suddenly asked Yan Qiyue: “Can you find a way to make a zombie eat food?”
Her, Xiao Baozi, and Er Dai, had a physical structure similar to zombies. Xiao Baozi was a little better, he can absorb some foods like milk. While for Er Dai and her, whatever they ate was whatever they vomited out.

“I’ll try.” Yan Qiyue jumped in excitement for a second, and then became reserved: “Zombies draw their energy from nothing but flesh and crystals to maintain their life and advance. I will study more on mutated flesh and crystals to see if it can be made.”

Shao Qing nodded. By this time, Yan Hanqing had already finished cooking lunch. Fu Jingmo took the initiative to help put the dishes on the table. The group of people prepared to eat.

Fu Jingmo did not think about it before. After all, because Cai Yingying and others were around, Shao Qing had always been eating and then would spit it out afterwards. Now since there were no outsiders around, Shao Qing didn’t even eat.

The more he thought about it, the more Fu Jing Mo felt scared. Could Shao Qing also be a zombie? But even if a zombie was different, at most they would be like Er Dai with an IQ like a child and unable to talk.
If Shao Qing is also a zombie, it would be terrible!

Thinking like this, Fu Jingmo left this idea in the back of his head.

When they were eating, the group deliberated: “Are we going back to the S city survivor base first? Or should we go to Jiangbei to let them know we’re safe?”

“We can just send news to Jiangbei to report our safety. Let’s go back to S city. We haven’t been back in so long, it wouldn’t be good if someone occupied our space.” Gu Panpan bit on her chopsticks. She had encountered this with her brother. Once when they were out on a mission and were gone for more than half a month. When they came back they discovered their home was taken by someone else.

This kind of situation was common in the base. Usually a group of superhumans would go out together and after they returned, they would divide the spoils of the mission of those who died. Some people who had bad characters would even search their homes.

Taking their wives and daughters has also happened.

From this it can be seen that it is a wise choice to find a group of reliable teammates.

Although the base has silently accepted others searching through the homes of the deceased, even those who are still living and haven’t come back for a long time, their houses could also be searched.

If Shao Qing was not lucky, she might encounter this situation.

This is also why many superhuman squads would keep one person at home when they left on missions.

When Shao Qing left, she took away most of the important things, such as crystals. However, there were still a lot of food and provisions that were not brought out. If they were taken, then it would be infuriating.

When they arrived they were worried, but now that they were leaving their mood was naturally better. The group of people departed as if they were going on a scenic tour.

Occasionally they would go out to hunt some wild animals. At this time, animals without mutations were rare. After all, nature is a very cruel place. It was all about survival of the fittest, with the weak being eaten.

Animals that have not been mutated were eaten early on or were killed off by their natural enemies. Some survivors were also gradually eliminated because of their weak constitution.

What’s left now were almost all mutant animals. Mutating was a disaster for human beings, but for the animals it was a celebration.

Same level mutant animals can defeat zombies. Just looking at force, they can easily crush the same ranks. It was only human intelligence that was beyond the reach of animals. So when same rank superhumans and mutant animals fought to death, it was hard to determine the winner.

What was even more terrifying is that mutant animals evolve faster than humans.

Even the zombies evolved a little faster than humans.

There are three ways for superhumans to evolve. The first was to train. This was the slowest method. The second is to absorb crystals. This is the most common method. The third one…. is to absorb the special elemental crystals. This was the fastest method.

Crystals of the same element as the superhuman can bring the greatest progress. But human beings are always bound by morality. The worst case would be some people secretly killing off people of the same element, but that was rare.

Mutant animals and zombies can swallow their own kind without any scruples, so their evolution was quicker than humans.

There was a rumour that the highest ranked mutated animal has already appeared. It was ranked five. As for the zombies, there have been no rumours.