Chapter 132 - Transfer Student and Christmas [9]

132. Transfer Student and Christmas [9]

I assumed Seigan no Kamae, and studied the president’s soul dress,〈Aqua Queen〉.

(I saw it several times at the Sword King Festival, but it truly is a beautiful sword…)

A cloudless, serene blade.

A bold and delicate blade crest that makes you feel the strength of the core.

The sword was so attractive to the point where I could forget myself looking at it.

「Hey, don’t forget us! -〈Burst Clay〉!」

「I don’t want you to look down on us just because you won once, though…-〈Bind Psychic〉!」

Lilim-senpai and Ferris-senpai deployed their soul dress at the same time.

(〈Bind Psychic〉and〈Burst Clay〉)

I’ve seen their soul dress many times at the Sword King Festival, and most of all, I got a taste of it at the Thousand Blade Shadow Festival.

〈Burst Clay〉has the ability to produce explosive clay.

It is a pretty dull ability, but the power of the explosion is incredible.

I will need to be especially careful of Lilim-senpai’s movement.

Whereas,〈Bind Psychic〉 has a troublesome ability of being able to manipulate objects within sight.

It has a very high situational adaptability, but a weak output.

(I don’t have to worry about my body being manipulated, but…)

It will become troublesome if she interferes even slightly with my slashes.

I prioritize taking her down first.

(〈Burst Clay〉and〈Bind Psychic〉together is already troublesome enough, but…)

The president’s〈Aqua Queen〉will join them this time.

(This is… going to be a pretty tough fight.)

Taking on three of the leading swordsmen in Thousand Blade Academy at once.

To be honest, it’s a pretty crazy battle.

(I don’t want to fight if possible, but…)

It will not be easy to do so.

(It would be easy to escape if I use Dark Shadow, but…)

This “special preparation” that the event-loving president, who sacrificed participating in the Christmas Party to prepare, will all amount to nothing.

If that’s the case, I’m sure she’ll sulk and wouldn’t let go of it for a long time.

(In other words, the condition for me to “win” in the truest sense of the word is…)

To accept this hopelessly disadvantageous match of one vs three, and fall into some kind of “set-up” they’ve prepared, and break through from the front.

(Haa, how difficult… That’s a lot of work.)

When I sighed slightly,

「Fufu… I wonder if it is too much even for Allen-kun this time?」the president said, with a triumphant smile.

「No, I was just thinking… how difficult it is.」


She probably didn’t understand the meaning, as she tilted her head curiously.

「Sorry, I was just talking to myself. Leaving that aside, let’s get started.」

「Yeah, that’s what I want!」

「Fufufu, I am gonna roast you!」

「I am going to win no matter what this time, though…!」

Our gazes crossed.

(…Currently, the advantage of numbers lies with them.)

My sword is『one』, and the other side is『three』.

If I go on the defensive, the situation will gradually become poorer.

(First one to strike wins! I should go on the offensive right away!)

I clad jet black darkness on both legs and closed the distance with Ferris-senpai in one step.

At that moment,


Her face turned pale.

I had already stepped into the certain-kill distance with my sword raised overhead.

(Lilim-senpai who is good at close combat, the president who can fight in both long-distance and short-distance range, leaving them for afterwards… First of all, I should seize the initiative and strike Ferris-senpai whose core is long distance!)

Put power into both hands and unleash a downwards slash.

「Too fast!」

She instantly leaped to the left, rolling across the schoolyard. My downwards slash cut the air.


I caught Ferris-senpai’s movement with my eyes, and immediately circled around and captured her rear.

「Your reaction speed is strange, though…!」she exclaimed, as her face stiffened.

「HA!」I unleashed a diagonal slash.


The moment she crossed her hands in front and shut her eyes,

「Over here!」

「Like hell I’ll let you!」

The president and Lilim-senpai cut from behind at the same time.


I had no choice but to stop my attack, and defend with my sword horizontally.

Sword and sword collided, producing red sparks.

We fell into a locked-sword state, the president and Lilim-senpai cried, putting all their power into their sword.



But still,


In terms of simple physical strength, I came out far on top.


「No, way!」

The two, who were sent flying back, managed to calmly perform ukemi and landed safely.

While doing so, Ferris-senpai reorganized her posture, and joined with the president and Lilim-senpai.

I guess the first act can be considered a『draw』.

「Ferris, are you all right?」

「That was really close.」

「To be honest, I thought I was done for, though… I was saved thanks to you two.」

The girls, exchanging a few brief words, continued to talk while still focused on me.

「But to think both Lilim and I were pushed back even when working together.」

「More and more it doesn’t feel like fighting a human.」

「We definitely can’t win with our physical ability in a contest of strength.」

I planned my strategy by taking advantage of the time the president and senpais were analyzing me.

(First of all… I have to take down『one person』somehow.)

As the current exchange made clear, the disadvantage of『one-vs-three』is extraordinary.

(If this was at least『one-vs-two』, I should be able to manage somehow…)

It is not a good idea to prolong the match with a numbers disadvantage.

If I don’t defeat one person early on, it’s going to get harder and harder.

(For the time being… let’s raise one gear!)

I exhaled loudly.

「Dark Shadow!」

Jet black darkness gushed forth from my whole body, and ten huge darkness were produced.

「At last, you brought it out!」

「I watched it in the fight with the swordsmanship club, but still, what a tremendous pressure!」

「A tremendously evil power, unbefitting that gentle face, though…!」

The president and senpais, who saw the slowly swaying jet black darkness, gulped down their spit.

And then,

「Three vs one. We are overwhelmingly advantageous on numbers, but the other party is Allen-kun. Not an opponent we can beat easily! We’re going all out, Lilim, Ferris!」

「Yeah! After all, we can’t afford to lose even after teaming up as three!」

「Naturally! We also have our honour, though…!」

The three of them activated their soul dress ability at the same time.

「Aqua Garden!」

A gigantic mass of water appeared above the president’s head.

Her ability to manipulate any and all water that exists in this world.

Having complete control over that water, gives birth to infinite attack patterns.

「Burst Sword!」

Gray-brown clay covered Lilim-senpai’s blade.

The slightest impact, creates a directional explosion towards the enemy.

Her signature move.

「Psychic Thread!」

When Ferris senpai swung her sword, extremely thin threads made of spiritual power webbed across the air.

The large number of threads adhered to the swords of the swordsmanship club scattered in the schoolyard. More than a hundred swords danced in midair.

It’s going to be pretty troublesome when it swoops down all at once.

「Now, Allen-kun! The real battle starts from here on out!」

「If you take your senpais lightly, you’re going to get hurt, ok?」

「Now is the time for vindication of honor, though…!」

The president and senpais, each with their own soul dress, turned their gaze, burning with fighting spirit, at me.

「Yes, let’s settle this!」

Thus, the fierce fight between me and the president, and senpais, entered the climax.