Chapter 147 - Invitation and Demonkind [11]

Chapter 147. Invitation and Demonkind [11]

Unprecedented darkness swept through Ringard Palace. The thousands of naked blades directed at Ria and the others disappeared.

(…Thank you.)

I don’t know why that guy helped me, but…

(Anyway, with this, I can bring down Zerey without any hesitation!)

I focused my spiritual power into the True Black Sword and aimed at the guy who was floating in the sky.

「Shit!… So, you’re going to stand in my way huh, Zeon!」he roared hatefully, and immediately started to fly away.

At the same time, I spread out all the darkness I had.

It went beyond the Ringard Palace, and even encroached on the city of Orest.

「I-Impossible… What an output…!?」

Extremely cold, extremely dark, extremely evil darkness of his

Zerey involuntarily gulped seeing it.

「You crossed the line.」


He attacked Ria and everyone twice.

I can never forgive that!

「It’s over… Zerey!」

As I raised the Black Sword high in the sky, the darkness beaming from the sword dyed the blue sky jet-black.


He desperately tried to escape – even foaming at his mouth.

As his battered wings flapped, he flew further from Ringard Palace.

I unleashed the ultimate attack, aimed at Zerey.

「Sixth Sword – Dark Roar!」

Swinging down the Black Sword, I fired a slash so enormous that it cast a huge shadow on the ground.

The next moment,


A hatred filled wail echoed, and the man, who turned into a ”black lump”, fell into the forest on the outskirts of Orest.

(…But, he’s really strong.)

Even after that attack, Zerey was still moving slightly.

(As expected of a『Demon』, I guess…)

A tenacious body, tremendous resilience, and fearsome endurance – certainly his basic abilities were far beyond us humans.

(But, with that damage, even if I ignore him a little, he wouldn’t get far…)

The safety of Tenshi-sama and everyone else is the top priority now.

Thus, after splendidly defeating the demon, Zerey Grazario, I started to move to lift the『curse』 cast on everyone.


『–Oi, shitty brat. Go deliver the final blow right away! Even if it was a small fry, it’s still a『Demon』. It’s vitality cannot be compared to humans. If you dally around here, he’ll escape, you fool…』

That guy’s displeased voice echoed in my head.

「I’m sorry, but wait a minute. I can only go after Zerey after the『curse』cast on everyone is lifted.」

Some senior Holy Knights have already begun to convulse, not being able to bear the pain of the curse.

If I leave it as is, they might lose their life at any moment.

『–Who cares what happens to those scum! If that demon escapes, you will be in danger… Don’t you even get that… Aa?』

「I know. Even so… I can worry about me later. First of all, I’ll cure everyone.」

It doesn’t take long to treat everyone.

Ten minutes should be enough.

(I don’t have much time… Let’s hurry…)

For the time being, I moved towards Tenshi-sama, who seemed to be in the weakest state.

Then, a strange『monologue』echoed in my head.

『Your damn naive, stubborness is exactly like that guy…』

「…『That guy』?」

『…Nothing, forget it.』

What a rare, evasive answer.

『Anyway, don’t let that demon escape… No matter what!』

「Aa, I know.」

If I fail to capture Zerey, this country will literally turn into hell.

That alone must be stopped at all cost.

「Well then, for Tenshi-sama… it was around her chest, right?」

Then, I erased the dark red pattern that had emerged on the bodies of Tenshi-sama and everyone else, lifting the curse of Zerey.

A few minutes later.

「Fuu… finally.」

Having lifted the curse cast on everyone, I finally took a breath of relief.

(But, no one’s waking up…)

Perhaps the damage caused by the curse had been too great, seeing as how no one was waking up.

(I hope everyone was healed properly…)

As I was feeling a little anxious,


Ria, the first person whose curse was lifted, woke up slowly.

It seems that the treatment was successful.

「Ria, thank goodness! Is your body all right?」

「…Body? …!? Oh, right! That demon!?」

She looked around in a hurry, just as she remembered everything.

Looking at her moving around energetically, there seems to be no problem with the body.

「It’s okay. I’ve already beaten Zerey.」

「N-No way… A monster which uses such a fearsome ability… on your own!?」

「Aa. I did have some trouble, though.」

「T-That’s Allen for you…」Ria whispered, with a hint of shock.「So, where’s Zerey? Did you perhaps… erase him without a trace?」she asked, while looking around unsettled.

「Of course I wouldn’t go that far. He tried to escape by flying, so I shot him down with Dark Roar.」

「I-I see… So, that prideful demon was so overwhelmed that he ran away with his tail tucked between his legs…」

「Zerey fell into a nearby forest, so I am about to go capture him. Will you protect Tenshi-sama and everyone while I’m away?」

Tenshi-sama is the ruler of the Ringard Imperial Kingdom.

I can’t leave her unprotected while she’s unconscious.

「Yes, of course, I don’t mind. But, be careful, okay? The other party is the demon race which is shrouded in mystery. If you sense even a slight danger, don’t be reckless and come back right away, okay?」

「Aa, thank you.」

After lifting the curse of Tenshi-sama and everyone else, I headed to the nearby forest to capture Zerey, who was shot down.