Chapter 1092 - My Precious Wife (18)

Novel:The Heir is Here: Quiet Down, School Prince!|Author:An Xiangnuan|Genre:Romance

Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

Ai Bao said awkwardly, “That… won’t be necessary…”

 “But I’m curious.” An Yibei wouldn’t budge.

 “Curiosity kills the cat!”

 “Fortunately, I’m a human being.”


 Ai Bao bit her lip. “Stop it…”

 “Hm?” An Yibei raised an eyebrow. “Are you telling me that you can gasp for other men, but not for me?”

 Those were such childish words that Ai Bao found it hard to believe that they came from An Yibei.

 She asked tentatively, “Are you jealous?”

 “Heh.” An Yibei smirked. “Why should I be? Who am I to get jealous?”

 … So, he was jealous.

 Wringing her hands together, Ai Bao said in grievance, “If you really want to listen, I…”

 Summoning up her courage, she picked up a folder, raised it high above her head, then banged it down on her head. She whimpered in pain.

 That indeed sounded like the gasps in the clip…

“That was how I did it…” Ai Bao sniffled.

 An Yibei was baffled. He scolded her after he realized what she had done. “Why did you smash your own head?! You’re already dumb enough as it is!”

 “… Am I supposed to smash yours instead?” Ai Bao asked in confusion. She stood on tiptoe and compared their heights. “But I don’t think I’m tall enough to do that…”

 An Yibei rubbed her head in resignation. “Did it hurt?”

 Ai Bao nodded affirmatively. “Yes!”

 He was welcome to try it himself!

 Sigh… Ai Bao, sometimes I don’t know what to do with you.” An Yibei sighed, which surprised Ai Bao.

 Mr. An, the great lawyer, actually sounded defeated!

 Teehee… She must be really good!

 “You’re so dumb that I feel bad picking on you,” said An Yibei earnestly.

 Ai Bao was speechless. She shouldn’t have expected any nice words from this sharp-tongued An Yibei in the first place.

An Yibei held her hand and said sympathetically, “Don’t work such jobs from now on.”

 “What?” Ai Bao was baffled.

 “Otherwise you’ll have to beat yourself up whenever you have a new job… We should all cherish our lives, you know.” There was a hint of laughter in his voice. “Especially… with a rare species like you.”

 “Since when am I a different species?”

 “Which kind of people do you think you’re most likely to find in this world? Smart ones, stupid ones, or those somewhere in between?”

 “The last group, of course.” Ai Bao pursed her lips.

 An Yibei chuckled. “Thus… you know.”

 Ai Bao didn’t know what to say.

 What did he mean by “thus”?

 Racking her brain, Ai Bao finally figured it out. An Yibei had just called her a rare species of stupid people!

 No personal attacks!


 It was still early when they got back home.

 Ai Bao went to take a bath, then shuffled out in An Yibei’s big slippers, rubbing her hair.

 “Pudding took my slippers away again…” she said in vexation. The big slippers scuffed the floor as she walked around.

 An Yibei was studying a recipe. He looked up at her and smiled. “Find yourself another pair.” He added unhurriedly after a pause, “Of course, I’d much prefer if you didn’t wear anything at all.”

 “Mr. An! You…!” Ai Bao was vexed. A streak of lightning flashed across the sky, followed by a clap of thunder. Before she knew it, she had thrown herself into An Yibei’s arms!

The big slippers flew off her feet halfway and the towel wrapped around her body fell to the floor.