Chapter 1430 - Getting Along 4

Novel:The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu's Pampered Wife|Author:Bei Chuan Yun Shang Jin|Genre:Romance
Mu Lingshi silently listened to Gu Qiwu and did not say anything. She just quietly turned to look at the swing under the flower arch…

Gu Qiwu felt a little embarrassed when he realized that she remained silent. The moment he stopped speaking, the atmosphere became awkward.

When Ah Mo turned his head to look at Mu Lingshi, he could sense how isolated and cold she felt about the matter. He thought about it for a moment and said, “Thank you. Don’t worry. I’m quite familiar with City B, so I’ll take her out for a stroll.”

He only said this to avoid the awkwardness. Now that they had decided to move in together with Gu Qiwu, they would have to see each other all the time, so it would be bad if they had to live in such discomfort. Ah Mo was starting to have second thoughts as he thought about it.

Gu Qiwu nodded, but he stared at Mu Lingshi with a deep gaze before he said, “Tomorrow will be the Hui Gu Corporation annual shareholders’ meeting. Once you’re well-rested, you should introduce yourself and say hi to everybody. I ‘ll let Ah Yong sort out some information about the company’s senior management team for you so that you can get to know them a little better, which will help in the future employment process.”

“We’ll see. I’m still a little tired, so you don’t have to rush it. We’ll wait until we get used to this new environment first. I heard that Glory World Corporation had some disagreements with a company under the Hui Gu Corporation over some land acquisition problem at the film location. I think—”

“I’ve already ordered them to let things go. Don’t worry. We won’t cause our own people trouble. You should rest if you’re tired, but it’s still necessary to show up. After all, this matter is no longer a secret to the company, so it’ll do you good when you officiallyjoin the company. Ah Mo, what do you think?” Gu Qiwu asked as he turned his head and looked at Ah Mo who was beside him.

Ah Mo paused and subconsciously glanced at Mu Lingshi next to him. However, she did not seem to have much reaction, so he pondered for a while before he replied, “You can make the arrangements. Just let us know when and we’ll make our way there.”

Gu Qiwu nodded. “Okay, I’ll arrange for Ah Yong to come and pick you guys up.”

The warmth of the west sun pierced through the director’s office of Fuhua Real Estate in City Z.

When Xi Xiaye finished reviewing the last document in her hand, her secretary, Xiao Mei, also happened to walk in after knocking on the door.

“Director Xi, President Mu has asked someone to bring the gown over. He’ll be able to come to pick you up at about six, and it’s almost time now, so you need to hurry up and get ready.”

Xi Xiaye looked up and saw the gift box in Xiao Mei’s hand just as she expected. She nodded as she put down the pen in her hand and reached out to Xiao Mei. “Come, let me see. He always criticizes my taste and aesthetics. Now, let me see what he’s chosen this time.”

Xi Xiaye felt puzzled as she thought about it. Some time ago, she had her eyes on a dark purple halterneck dress with slits when she had gone shopping. It was perfect on her, but when she walked towards him and did a twirl, he had immediately criticized her and told her that she did not have the quality to pull off clothes like that. She might as well just wear a formal suit. At least, it would make her look more energetic!

She had been annoyed, then he had said that he would take care of all her outfits in the future. At that time, she had thought about it. If that meant she could stop worrying about her outfits in the future, why not?

Xiao Mei handed it over with a smile while helping Xi Xiaye open the box. A brilliant carnation red peeked through, revealing two bands of a V-shaped neckline. Although it was a simple gown, the color was very vibrant.

Xi Xiaye raised her eyebrows and could not help but glance at the gown. She had never tried this color before because she always thought she could not pull off such a bright shade. Was he trying to challenge her?

“Director Xi, this looks like it will be flattering. Go and try it on! It’s so nice that President Mu always prepares your outfits personally!”

The smile on Xiao Mei’s face seemed like she was teasing her, and Xi Xiaye rolled her eyes while her secretary tried to hold back her smile.

“You should go and change now since it’s almost time. I’ll just put your hair up in a bun later,” Xiao Mei urged.

Xi Xiaye glanced at the time on the table and finally had no choice but to get up. She took the dress and went to the lounge…

After a while, Xi Xiaye’s voice could be heard from inside, “Xiao Mei, come help me fasten the straps. Why do I feel like I’ve recently gained weight? It’s a little tight…”

Xiao Mei smiled, and just when she was about to walk in, she heard footsteps from behind, so she turned around. To her surprise, she saw Mu Yuchen walking in. He had obviously heard what Xi Xiaye said earlier.

“President Mu!” Xiao Mei greeted him respectfully.

Mu Yuchen nodded, but his gaze immediately fell on the slight opening of the lounge door.

“You can go out first. I’ll be here,” he ordered.

Xiao Mei smiled and nodded quickly. “Yes, President Mu!” she replied as she left the room.

Xi Xiaye had been waiting for a while, but she had not heard from Xiao Mei, so she tried to call her again. When she could vaguely hear the door opening behind her, she continued, “Quick, help me fasten these straps. Do you think Mister Mu really likes women with curves? Obviously, I have gained some weight around my stomach, but why is he still saying that I’m slim? I never realized he has such taste in women.

“By the way, have you heard the news? Since when were Miss Dong and Mister Mu classmates? Do you think she’s in good shape? She always has her head up and her chest forward whenever I see her. It makes me uncomfortable. I heard that she’s also going tonight. Do you think I should put her in her place? I want to let Mister Mu realize who he’s dealing with. Since when does he have such awful taste?”

The person behind Xi Xiaye began to tie the straps of her dress as she prattled on, but something felt wrong…

Xi Xiaye suddenly felt like something was odd, and she could faintly smell a familiar scent. She quickly turned around as she said, “Why aren’t you saying anything? Xiao…Ah!”

She exclaimed and gawked at the man who was behind her. Immediately, she lost her balance and stumbled to the side. “Why are you here!?”

“Silly!” both of them said at the same time and he quickly reached out to hold her and keep her from falling.

If he had been standing behind her all along, he must have heard everything she said just now!

Xi Xiaye was blushing from embarrassment, and she glared at him as she pounced on him and started hitting him.

“As*hole, you did this on purpose!”