Chapter 814 - Her Son?

Chen Jiahang brought another set of chopsticks and bowl, and then had Yanyan and the child out of nowhere each a bowl of rice.

Taking over the bowl of rice, Yuanyuan said to Chen Jiahang politely, “Thank you, uncle.”

(He Xiyan)…

Oh, the boy was not dumb. Just now, he simply didn’t want to answer her questions.

Chen Jiahang was also somewhat surprised. Thinking that the child was dumb, the same as him, he, however, hadn’t expected that he could speak.

Yuanyuan picked up the chopsticks and took a piece of corn into his bowl. Then he ate it himself. He was indeed a little hungry, because in the car, he had only eaten a little bread and some biscuits.

Seeing the child eating happily, He Xiyan then put more food into his bowl. Yuanyuan then finished them quickly.

After eating, he patted his belly, telling his mother that he was full.

He Xiyan looked at the child. Not knowing why, the more she looked at this child, the more she felt that the child was familiar and lovely, and looked very clever and cute as well. She even wished that she would have such a beautiful and clever child.

After dinner, Chen Jiahang went into the kitchen to do some cleaning up like washing dishes, pots and boiling water, while He Xiyan was there in the hall to accompany the child who paid a sudden visit.

He found that the child, after crying upon coming, did not make any trouble later, Instead, he was very clever. At this time, he unexpectedly took out a box of painting brushes and a picture book from his school bag, sitting quietly in the chair drawing something.

He Xiyan went over and stood behind him, watching him drawing one stroke after another. He did not draw very fast, even thinking for a while before every stroke. He Xiyan could see that the child took this work seriously.

About twenty minutes later, the figure in the picture became clear.

He Xiyan couldn’t help laughing out, because she found that what he was painting was her, not exactly the same. But one could judge from the general appearance.

“I am not so thin, little boy?” He Xiyan looked at herself in the painting. That slender waist and legs were not at all like her. She was now 65 kilograms anyway, who could be said to be a fat woman.

Stunned, Yuanyuan turned to look at He Xiyan, his bright eyes blinking several times. Finally, he reached out his hand and pointed to the woman in the painting, saying, “This is my mom.”

“Your mom?”


He Xiyan paused. Her head buzzed, as if it were smashed by a hammer.

She looked at Yuanyuan with great shock, her eyebrows locked firmly.

This child should say that the woman in the picture who resembled herself very much was his mother.

Was she his mother?

How could it be possible?

Yuanyuan came down from the chair. Under the light, his small white face suddenly turned red. He looked up at his mother. Seeing that her mother still could not recognize him, he pouted his small mouth wrongly and suddenly hugged He Xiyan’s leg tightly.

“Mom, mom, why don’t you remember Yuanyuan, why don’t you know me?”

Woo… Yuanyuan cried out again wrongly. Though he did not cry loudly, tears did keep flowing out of his eyes, soon wetting He Xiyan’s pants.

(He Xiyan)…

He Xiyan’s eyes were full of shock. Her brain having lost the ability to control her actions, she stood there motionless like a piece of wood. He gazed at the child in front of him with eyes open, the child who called her mom.

The child just said that his name was? Yuanyuan?

This was the Yuanyuan referred to by some Mr. Mo.

Was he her son? Their son?