Chapter 952 - There’s No Need to Apologize

A tear fell from his eye and landed on her neck.

She shrank back instinctively and tried her best to pull his hands that circled her waist off her.

“Let go, Ye Hao!” He Xiyan shouted angrily.

She couldn’t figure out what this man was trying to do. He was already a married man so why did he make a trip to see her in the middle of the night? She especially hated how he always tried to get all handsy with her.

Ye Hao’s arms tightened around the woman in his arms.

Thank goodness she was still alive.

Ye Hao was so overcome with emotions that he started crying again. He threw all caution to the wind, ignored the fact that he was married, and ignored her protests and objections.

“Yan Yan, thank goodness you’re still alive,” Ye Hao eked out through his tears.

He started to sob because he was so overcome with emotion and also because he was upset.

He Xiyan breathed in deeply in annoyance.

“Let me go first,” she said unhappily. She was extremely annoyed. She didn’t want them to harass her again and even if they were to meet, she would have preferred to meet in a public location and not at such a private place.

Ye Hao refused to let go. The familiar breaths at his ear slowly breathed some warmth into his cold heart. God, he had missed her so much over the past three years and constantly blamed himself for her ‘death’. He had been ravaged by the pain of losing her over the past three years.

He truly regretted how he had failed to make his marriage work and hated himself for marrying a woman like Han Xue.

“Ye Hao, let me go first. Whatever you have to say can wait; let me go,” He Xiyan said as she slammed her fist against the door.

She felt very upset and hated how this man always acted as he pleased.

“Yan Yan, I’m sorry,” Ye Hao said but he didn’t release her. His voice was a little hoarse because of how hard he cried.

His voice made her feel very uncomfortable.

She didn’t know how she should respond but his words upset her.

“Ye Hao, there’s no need for you to apologize. I don’t blame you; I didn’t blame you three years ago and three years later, I still don’t blame you,” she said softly. Then, she tugged hard at his hand.

She didn’t need to hear them apologize to her and this applied to both Mo Yixuan and this man who stood in front of her. The only reason he needed to apologize for was failing to care for Xi Xi which resulted in her being bullied by Han Xue.

She could not forgive him for that and this was why she was so determined to gain custody of her children. She didn’t want her child to grow up in a dysfunctional family and be bullied by her stepmother.

Ye Hao finally released his grip on her. However, he did not step back but instead, he examined her closely. This was his ex-wife and she was also the woman who he once swore to care for for the rest of his life.

“I’m sorry for failing to trust you three years ago. I’m also sorry for failing to treasure our marriage,” he apologized yet again.

However, there was no longer any use in apologizing because their marriage had ended the moment they were divorced. The only connection they shared right now was their daughter.

“Ye Hao, I really don’t blame you for what happened,” He Xiyan said. She didn’t know how to get through to him so she paused for a moment before she said, “It has been three years so I have already come to accept everything that happened in the past, whether they were happy or unhappy memories. This includes our past relationship and marriage. I’ve only returned to Ye City because Xi Xi, Yuan Yuan, and my sister live here. I’ve only returned because of my family here.”