Chapter 374 - Zuo Shaoxin

Novel:The Queen of Everything|Author:Gu Mu Shuang|Genre:Action
Miss Su, who had just returned, did not seem interested in giving the Madam any face…

There were also servants waiting by the side. Seeing this, the butler called all the servants and left the hall, leaving space for these people who had not met in a long time.

“Be polite to my mother!”

As soon as Su Cha had spoken, Zuo Zhici had seemed about ready to go crazy. Her expression completely ruined her exquisite beauty.

Although she looked like Su Cha, she was different from Su Cha.

But she did not dare to do anything threatening.

Su Cha sneered, “Let me be clear, you were the one who asked me to come back. The matter has not even been clarified yet, so why are you in such a hurry to put on an act in front of me? Are you trying to showcase your deep-rooted relationship?”

Due to her conflict with Ruan Yin and Zuo Zhici’s strange attitude, Su Cha was not polite at all.

Hearing Su Cha’s words, Ruan Yin immediately felt that Su Cha was blaming her for abandoning her for so many years. Her heart felt as if it had been cut by a knife, and her eyes turned red. “Su Cha…”

Zuo Zhici was stunned by her mother’s reaction.

As far back as she could remember, her father had always hated it when her mother cried.

Her father doted on her mother to the core. And even if they were also doted on as their children, if they did something wrong to anger Ruan Yin, their father would not treat them nicely. Hence, Zuo Zhici never dared to hurt Ruan Yin’s heart.

But right after hearing Su Cha’s words, Ruan Yin’s eyes turned red. Zuo Zhici had a strange sense of schadenfreude for Su Cha, as well as a sense of pity for her mother.

She was glad that her father would soon return.

Su Cha: “…”

She pursed her lips. Women’s tears have always been powerful weapons, especially when they’re from such a beautiful woman.

It seemed that making her cry was a huge crime.

But Su Cha did not feel this way. She was full of impatience.

She felt that the sudden appearance of her family was like a farce.

Seeing Su Cha’s indifferent expression, Ruan Yin felt really uncomfortable.

She knew that it was her fault for leaving her daughter to an outsider’s care in the past. But now that Su Cha was home, she wanted to make it up to her. However, Su Cha’s behavior made her feel like getting close to her was impossible.

Zuo Nanfan could sense that something was wrong with the atmosphere. He grabbed his mother’s sleeve anxiously. “Mom, don’t cry…”

He pursed his lips and leaned against his mother, looking at his sister whom he liked.

She had clearly saved him, but why did his sister seem to treat his mother poorly?

Su Cha looked at the time. Seeing that Ruan Yin could not speak, Su Cha wanted to say that she was leaving, but a man’s deep and magnetic voice suddenly came from outside. “Why are you crying?”

The people in the hall looked over and saw a large group of people approaching.

All of them were dressed in suits and leather shoes. They were perfect elites. Although some of them were old, it did not ruin their exceptional aura of steadiness, especially the man in the lead. He was tall, handsome, and mature. He gave off the feeling that he was old, but there were no signs of age on his face. People would sometimes mistake his age.

He exuded a strong kind of aura that was often used to command people. It could not be ignored at first sight.