Chapter 375 - Cha Cha

Novel:The Queen of Everything|Author:Gu Mu Shuang|Genre:Action
If she frequently looked at financial magazines, she might not be unfamiliar with this man.

Zuo Shaoxin, who was regularly featured in financial magazines, was also one of the top richest people on the list.

At least among the public tycoons, he was considered both rich and handsome.

What was even more unbelievable was that he had a beautiful wife.

Even though the two of them had been married for decades, they were still in love. They were the talk of the upper class in the Imperial Capital.

The moment the man entered, the first thing he looked at was his wife. His wife was clearly in a bad mood, but he was soon drawn to Su Cha.

She just sat there indifferently. Her face was somewhat similar to his wife’s. Although it was not as beautiful as his wife’s younger self, it had an aura that was different from others’. It was filled with the faint charm of ancient times, and it gave off a feeling that was completely different from ordinary girls.

A strong aura.

The moment Zuo Shaoxin saw her, he felt that they were evenly matched.

It felt very threatening.

He could not imagine how it felt to be a girl.

Since he had already received the news before he came back, he knew who this girl was.


“Daddy, Daddy, you’re back!”

Zuo Zhici and Zuo Nanfan shouted excitedly when they saw Zuo Shaoxin coming back.

Zuo Zhici was more reserved.

Zuo Nanfan ran over happily.

Zuo Shaoxin picked up his son, who had rushed to him, and walked towards his wife, who had secretly wiped her eyes. “What’s the reason.”

His attention seemed to be on this wife.

Everyone who followed him saw Su Cha.

They found it strange, but they still cleverly turned around and walked to the other side.

Director Zuo probably had some family matters to attend to.

Ruan Yin looked at Zuo Shaoxin. Her eyes softened, but she could not hide her admiration for him. “Shaoxin, you are back.”

She seemed to be in a hurry to distract Zuo Shaoxin. She pulled his sleeve and pointed at Su Cha. “Look, this is our eldest daughter, Xiao Cha.”

Zuo Zhici rolled her eyes.

Su Cha: “…”

She did not allow her to call her Cha Cha just now, but she changed her pet name.

Zuo Shaoxin’s gaze landed on Su Cha.

Blood relationships were intriguing. Zuo Shaoxin had felt something different the moment he saw Su Cha. It was indescribable. Before he became alert and cautious, what he’d felt was an uncontrollable sense of familiarity.

His eyes darkened as he looked at Su Cha with interest. “Xiao Cha?”

Su Cha could feel the danger and pressure from Zuo Shaoxin’s gaze.

Zuo Shaoxin seemed to be evaluating her feelings. Su Cha disliked such observational instincts, and she realized that she also felt a strong hatred towards Zuo Shaoxin.

She could still control herself in front of Ruan Yin, but in front of Zuo Shaoxin, she could not control her surging emotions.

The feeling was overwhelming, and Su Cha’s heart tightened. Because she had to keep control of herself, her hands trembled slightly.

This feeling made Su Cha feel strange and uncomfortable.

Facing Zuo Shaoxin’s summon, she frowned slightly and did not say a word.

Her attitude was cold.

Zuo Zhici raised her eyebrows in surprise.