Chapter 611 - I Don’t Want Anyone But Mobai

Novel:The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness|Author:Wearing High Heels For You|Genre:Fantasy
When Si Mobai felt her gentle and cautious response, his anger dissipated slightly. His forceful kiss slowly became gentle.

“Uh…” Luo Yunzhu was standing at the door. She had witnessed everything that happened in the house and was instantly dumbfounded.

Feng Tianlan was sitting on the chair with her head leaning backwards while Si Mobai bent down to kiss her. She couldn’t help but ask, “Tianlan, isn’t your neck tired?”

This was an act of high difficulty. How could they kiss in such a position?

After their kiss and the perfect atmosphere were ruined by Luo Yunzhu, Si Mobai raised his head and looked at her coldly.

“I didn’t see anything. Continue what you were doing,” said Luo Yunzhu, who ran away in fear after seeing his gaze. It was too scary. It seemed like she had said those words out loud without realizing.

Ah! One shouldn’t look at such an inappropriate scene!

This was her first time seeing such a highly difficult kiss, therefore she stared slightly longer. Would His Highness hate her because of that?

Feng Tianlan’s head was still leaning backwards as she looked at Si Mobai’s cold expression. She then spoke softly, “My neck hurts.” It really hurt!

Si Mobai looked at her neck being supported by the chair. It must have knocked against the chair when they were kissing earlier. Therefore, he helped her up and massaged her neck gently.

“Pfft!” Feng Tianlan took a deep breath. “I think I sprained my neck. Be gentle.”

She sprained her neck from kissing. Great!

After hearing those words, Si Mobai’s expression became colder. He should have pulled her up and kissed her directly. Why must he kiss her like that? Now that her neck was sprained, she must be in pain.

“Mobai.” Just as Feng Tianlan was about to turn around, she was stopped by Si Mobai who said, “Don’t move.”

After hearing that unfeeling voice which seemed to still care about her neck, Feng Tianlan asked cautiously, “Are you angry?”

Si Mobai didn’t reply. He just continued massaging her neck softly.

“Is it because of that Brother Fe…” Before Feng Tianlan could even finish what she was saying, she felt an intense pain in her neck which made her take another deep breath. “Ouch!”

Si Mobai didn’t say another word. His extremely handsome face was so frigid right now, as if it was covered by a layer of frost. The atmosphere seemed to have become colder as well.

With such an attitude, he was without a doubt, angry and jealous. And it was much more serious than ever.

Since the scary Demon King was angry, let’s try cheering him up.

“Brother Bai?”

Si Mobai’s face became more sullen as he exerted more strength with his hands.

“Brother Mo?”

He didn’t say anything, but his face turned even more sullen.

“Brother Mobai?”

He didn’t say a word. His face was as black as charcoal right now. He exerted more strength with his hands.

Feng Tianlan suddenly raised her voice after seeing him not reply. She then turned around and said to him angrily, “Si Mobai!”

She stopped trying to cheer him up. His temper was getting worse!

Si Mobai looked at her and asked faintly, “How many brothers do you want?”

“…” After hearing these words that were full of grievance and jealousy, Feng Tianlan’s anger dissipated instantly. She then raised her head and answered seriously, “I don’t want any. I just want Mobai.”

Si Mobai lowered his head and looked at her. His dark face had eased up quite a lot. However, his face still remained cold as he thought about what she had mumbled earlier.

“I’ve dreamt about that Feng…”

Before Feng Tianlan could finish what she was saying, the atmosphere that was finally getting friendly turned cold once again. The calm face in front of her turned sullen once again.

“Mobai,” said Feng Tianlan, who stood up immediately after seeing him turn around and leave. Why did he have such a bad temper?