Chapter 613 - Shen Yunya’s Meticulous Plan

Novel:The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness|Author:Wearing High Heels For You|Genre:Fantasy
After hearing those words, Feng Tianlan frowned. “Was it the state preceptor? What was the result?”

The crystal ball belonged to the state preceptor. She met the state preceptor when she was little, however, she didn’t have much memories of him. The only thing she knew was that he was a very famous state preceptor in Xuantian Continent.

“There wasn’t any news about the result. I found out from the Shen Family that Shen Yunya did all these to console Xi Jin, who was living a befuddled life.”

Si Mobai didn’t tell her that ever since Xi Jin returned and knew about Shen Qingdai’s death, he drank alcohol all day and night. He was so befuddled to the extent where he vomited blood and suffered from visceral bleeding. They nearly couldn’t save him. This led to Shen Yunya predicting whether Shen Qingdai was still alive.

It was obvious that he wouldn’t tell her all these because he was his rival!

“Even so, she was still doubtful, or else why would she come all the way to Guiyuan Continent and test me repeatedly.” She was afraid that her hatred towards Shen Yunya would cause suspicion.

Shen Yunya was a meticulous person. She wasn’t like Tu Xiupei.

“Did Xi Jin think of coming back to look for Tu Xiupei?” This was a crucial matter.

Si Mobai replied with an ‘uh-huh. “Although he wanted to look for her, it was obvious that he would rather believe in her than miss this chance.”

As the only path between the two continents was sealed off by him with a force field and guarded by the people of Bailan Alliance, Xi Jin couldn’t come over even if he wanted to.

“When were they engaged?”

Si Mobai frowned. He didn’t like the fact that she was caring so much about what happened to Xi Jin. “Three months after they returned. Their wedding day was set to be the twelfth of April next year.”

Since she was angry earlier, he decided to obey her wishes. There was no need for him to worry about Xi Jin. The person whom he should be careful of was the mysterious man.

Feng Tianlan raised her head and looked at him. “Mobai, if you don’t know me, would you believe what they said?”

“If I didn’t know you, why would the truth matter to me?” Si Mobai looked at her and said gently, “There are no ifs. I’ll stand by your side no matter what.”

Even if he and Xi Jin knew each other, he wasn’t someone whom he would care a lot about. Besides, this had nothing to do with him.

However, there were no ifs. She had become the person he cared a lot about ever since they met. He would stand by her side regardless of the truth.

Feng Tianlan nodded gently. She thought about the torture she went through for three days and three nights in her previous life. It was a nightmare. She couldn’t help but shiver in fear when she thought about it once again.

Si Mobai felt her fear. He then held her hand and pulled her into his arms gently. “Don’t be afraid. I’m here, and always will be.”

Feng Tianlan seemed to think of something. She then asked him immediately, “Oh right, when did they announce my death?”

“Ninth of April. The cause of death was due to terminal disease. The tenth was the day of mourning while the eleventh was the funeral. Xi Jin returned that night, however, he was too late. He couldn’t even see you one last time.”

After hearing these words, Feng Tianlan shivered abruptly. She couldn’t contain her fear. “Shen Yunya calculated everything. She had planned all this long ago.”

Si Mobai wrapped his arms around her stomach as he rested his chin on her shoulder. He tried to give her warmth and a sense of security. She was afraid and terrified. She was filled with hatred.

“I was drugged and locked in the dungeon on the ninth. I was killed by her on the twelfth.” Even though she spoke about her three day torture in a brief sentence, she still felt an intense fear.

Her face was skinned alive. Her kneecaps were shattered, and her eyes were dug out. She even went through bloodletting…