Chapter 688 - Xiao Lan’er, Are You Jealous?

They looked at the cold and aloof Feng Tianlan, then at the seductively charming and alluring Mei’er. Besides, it was no great secret. The two men vied for the chance to talk to Mei’er.

“Bailan Alliance has been looking for a woman. They searched high and low all over the whole continent and are on the verge of turning the entire continent upside down as they comb through the entire place.”

“For this reason, the Demon King has killed many people. Because of their incompetence, a month has passed, and yet, no one has actually managed to find anyone.”

Mei’er cast a glance at Feng Tianlan, then went on to ask, “What kind of person are you looking for? The person who has provoked the Bailan Alliance and is being hunted down by them, can’t be a woman, can it?”

“Being hunted down? Not really, I guess. What was said is that they are looking for someone by the name of Feng Tianlan, and anyone who can provide any information will receive a reward of ten thousand Spiritual Crystals.”

“Yes, there is a portrait being circulated, but it did not provide much clarification.”

Upon hearing what the two men had to say, Mei’er frowned and asked a few more questions, none of which provided her with useful information. These were merely ordinary people who knew too little.

“Thank you, young brothers. Let me pour you a glass of wine.” Mei’er flashed an enchanting smile and stood up. Striking a coquettish pose, she poured out some wine, picked up the wine glasses with her fingers, and gently flicked her wrist before placing them in front of the two young men. Then she was pulled back to her original seat by Feng Tianlan, who wore a cold expression on her face.

Mei’er looked at Feng Tianlan’s cold face and giggled as she said, “Xiao Lan’er, is this jealousy?”

Feng Tianlan lifted her eyes to look at the amorous Mei’er and frowned. She wanted to say something, but she did not know what to say. People had their own way of living. Mei’er had to have her own reasons for behaving the way she did.

“No. In the future, don’t let anyone take advantage of you. A girl has to protect herself well.” Feng Tianlan looked at the busty bosom that was rubbing against her once again and felt the corners of her mouth twitching. Silently, she began to channel her Ice Spiritual Force to freeze Mei’er’s chest.

Seriously, she had frozen her umpteen times and yet she had never once learned to behave herself.

Watching the serious look Feng Tianlan had when freezing her chest, Mei’er covered her mouth and smiled tenderly. She liked seeing Tianlan behaving like this, felt that she looked especially adorable like this. Compared to the times when she was cold and aloof, this was much more adorable.

Feng Tianlan finished her meal and went to He Lianhuang’s room. Upon entering, she saw that he was sitting on the bed, and when he saw her, his eyes visibly lit up as he called out, “Dai’er.”

He had clearly thought about not calling her Dai’er when he saw her, but when he really got to see her, he simply could not help it.

“I’m not Dai’er.” Feng Tianlan denied in a cold voice. Seeing how he could get off the bed, she said, “Since you are fine, then I’ll get going.”

“Wait.” He Lianhuang saw her turning around to leave and hurriedly shouted, “I’m sorry. I’ve mistaken you for someone else. Could you please not leave?”

Feng Tianlan’s body froze for the moment as she frowned, “I’m really not that someone called Dai’er.”

“I’m sorry. I just felt that the two of you looked so alike.” He Lianhuang looked at Feng Tianlan’s back and sincerely apologized.

She had to have her reasons for not acknowledging the fact that she knew him. So, he would pretend that he did not know her either.

Hearing He Lianhuang’s apology, Feng Tianlan frowned. In fact, when she was Dai’er, she would always bring him along with her when heading out for fun. And it was because he was a hostage, where his father was not by his side and his mother died early. She felt that they were in the same boat and sympathized him. That was how they had become friends.

He Lianhuang had to live with great prudence when he was in Dongshu Nation, so he was very careful with his words. Even though later when he had friends like her and Xi Jin, he still seemed to be very careful around her. At that time, Sister Lin often used to say he was her minion.

“Have your wounds healed?” Feng Tianlan asked coldly. After all, they used to be very good friends.

He Lianhuang nodded, then shook his head. He looked at her imploringly and said, “Can’t you stay? I want to talk to you.”

Feng Tianlan frowned. How on earth did he become an emperor with such an obsequious character?