Chapter 1276

Novel:The president tried to trick me|Author:Su Zhishui|Genre:Romance

Between his words, he quietly shifted the focus of the matter to brother Wei.

Previously, Xiao Lan had been bullied by brother Wei and she had left. Brother Wei could be considered a person with a previous record. Now that Yu Yang had said this, old Jin could not help but fall into deep thought.

Ju Jingwei, this kid, was indeed a little lecherous.

Xiao Lan had also been here for quite a long time. Old Jin had always been very satisfied. If it wasn’t for Ju Jingwei… …

Sigh, forget it, it’s all in the past.

Just Sir just come when also said, must look for a clever girl to take care of Madam.

It is not so easy to recruit people outside. It would be best if Yu Yang could introduce someone he knows.

Two people say, have already looked for a circle in the upstairs Ju Jing Wei also came down.

Xia Jinqi is hiding in the locked room, of course he can’t find her.

Finally can only be discouraged to touch the head, a face of surprise back to the front of Lao Jin, muttered, “is really strange, how can not find people? ”

If he couldn’t find him, it meant that there was no problem with the Bei Bei that Yu Yang had brought over.

Yu Yang glanced at him and snorted coldly. “I told you that Bei Bei had already left. ”

With that, he turned back to look at Old Jin. “I still have some matters to attend to, so I’ll go down first. ”

Old Jin nodded and glared at Ju Jingwei as well. “You go down as well. This matter ends here. ”

Brother Wei continued to rub his head. After being reprimanded, his face was a little Pale, but he didn’t dare to say anything else. He could only take the lead and go downstairs.

Yu Yang had no reason to stay any longer and could only follow him slowly.

However, when he left, he turned around and looked behind him. Old Jin had actually walked towards the mysterious woman’s room… …

He had just passed the first hurdle, and he was immediately plunged into a crisis!

How could he have forgotten? Old Jin also knew the password In the past, every time Xiao Lan went in to give that mysterious woman a massage, old Jin would open the door… …

Looking at the situation in front of him, could it be that old Jin wanted to personally go and check?

That Xia Jinqi… …

Yu Yang’s heart skipped a beat, and his footsteps stopped.

He was hesitating. Should he bend over and Stop Old Jin?

In just a moment, brother Wei suddenly turned back to look at him and shouted, “what are you looking at? Why aren’t you leaving? ! ”

“…”Yu Yang had no choice but to follow.

If Xia Jinqi was smart enough, she should be able to hide for a while.

But if he rushed up now, it would be the same as confessing without a fight, silently putting Xia Jinqi in danger.

Yu Yang clenched his hands that hung by his side tightly. He could only continue to walk down the stairs.

When the footsteps of the two gradually faded away, old Jin used his palm print and password to unlock Bi Yue’s room.

He went in to take a look, but didn’t find a second person. Only then did he leave with satisfaction.

After closing the door again, he walked to the door of the next room.

As usual, he entered the password.

At this moment, Xia Jinqi’s heart, who was hiding behind the door, had already stopped.

She moved to the side and leaned against the wall by the door. She took a deep breath, waiting for the moment the door was opened. If she was discovered, she would knock out the person who came in with one palm and then wait for an opportunity to leave!

Fortunately, there was no absolute sound insulation in this room. She had heard the conversation between Yu Yang and Lao Jin clearly!

“CLICK! ” The door was opened with a sound.

Xia Jinqi held her breath and quietly raised her hand knife.

Lao Jin first took a glance at the young master who was still perfectly fine soaking in the liquid. He sighed silently and his heart finally relaxed. Then, he took his left foot and stepped into the room.